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Mooseman55 Sep 2014
The things I write will no more be remembered then my footprints on the beach; slowly being washed away by the waves of time. But this matters not for I wish to leave behind something more permanent. To change the lives of others and inspire them in all they do. To push people to commit good deeds, and have faith in humanity. To put faith in themselves, and all they can accomplish.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Where has time gone,
What do I do,
How did this happen,
How did I lose you.
Is this right,
Or is it wrong.
Should I love you still,
Or end this love song.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
So wonderful it is,
Oh the bliss you feel.
On top of the world,
It's all so surreal.
The descent you see,
That is my foe.
I think I'll stay high,
And keep this glow.
Don't bring me down,
For I will not fall.
I'm here for good,
That is all.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Weekend philosophers,
We search for what's right,
We open our mouths,
Letting words take flight.
They blow where they will,
The wind guilds our soul.
We are free from all,
Only truth takes hold.
Weekend philosophers,
Ideas so distant.
Yet we reach for them,
All so persistent.
So bring on the world,
Let life take it's course.
For I am prepared,
No time for remorse.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Tears fall down,
Making puddles so deep.
I'm afraid I might drown in my sorrow.
But what do you care,
You left me for them,
It'll be all over tomorrow.
So I lay here and think,
Where did I go wrong,
Why can't I just fit in.
All I do is worry,
And fall apart,
My life is one big sin.
So let's end it all,
Just make it stop,
I really don't want this now.
I'm sick of this world,
And all it's games,
I've taken all I will allow.
Goodbye cold grace,
You've left me cold,
I should have seen this coming.
I must move on,
My time has come,
It's time that I stop running.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Who am I but the one in the back,
No to need notice me.
You lead the chants and cheers,
And do not see.
For why bother with us,
We are but lesser.
For you are so popular,
And we are the down dressers.
You own the crowd,
They all love you.
I awkwardly stand,
And keep out of view.
Who am I but the one in the back,
No to need notice me.
If I left no one would care,
And I think you'd agree.
It's all fun for you,
I see you smile so bight.
I hold tears inside,
I don't belong tonight.
But who am I kidding,
I've never fit before.
So why did I think tonight,
Would have had something different in store.
Mooseman55 Sep 2014
Things are always so much better when you love life!
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