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Nov 2014
Stormy seas,
Oh misty isle,
Enchanted with the dreams of all.
The time has come,
For us to leave;
No escape from the inevitable.

Thicket of gold,
The land of plenty,
Filled with the souls of man.
Bring home the lost,
The frail and ill;
The sickness that surrounds us all.

Rocky high,
Oh sacred mount,
Condemned to the stars and sky.
Show us your power,
Your never ending strength;
May our hands hold all we find.

Majestic wood,
Oh great forest,
Connected to all but itself.
Let loose your wisdom,
And open our hearts;
Say goodbye to all you know.

Oh Great spirit,
The one we seek,
Master of us all for now.
Set back your clock,
And negate old times;
Let the light come and find us all.
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