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Artemia Apr 2015
You said I was the blame
"Your all the same"
You said "But I loved you"
"I loved you too"
You said "You left me"
"You set me free"
You said "You never wanted to stay"
"You pushed me away"
You said "We grew apart"
"You broke my heart"
You said "Goodbye"
You said "I will never leave you"
"You left me cold and blue"
You said "I promise"
"Be honest"
You said "Forever"
"You meant never"
You said "You deserved it"
"Please quit."
You said "I'm better off"
"****- off"
You said "I never lied"
"I cried. Was it pride or ego?"
You said "I was mad"
"I was the best you ever had"
You told me lies
And even thou you made me cry
I have never lied to you.
Artemia Apr 2015
It's such a magical night
The moon is shining bright
Im hoping that wherever you are
You are wishing upon the same star
And as the sky
Opened up and started to cry
So did I
I wished you were here
But sadly you disappeared
I long to feel your embrace
Your fingertips softly on my face
I close my eyes
My broken heart cries
This pain never dies
I start to reminisce
Memories of a past life
Dreams of being your Wife
All washed away with the rain
Leaving me with so much pain
My heart starts to break again
Dreams shattered
Pieces of me scattered
On the floor
My whole body feels sore
I feel so numb
Is this what I've become
A broken shell
Living my own hell
I start to dwell
On the past
Memories that go by so fast
I wish I could make them last
I open my eyes
And speak a soft goodbye
Spoken only into the night sky
And as I walk away
I hear her say
"Don't let the past weigh you down. Turn your frown into a smile."
Artemia Apr 2015
Condemned To My Own Hell ©

Tied down by chains
Shackled by my pain
Voices driving me insane
They keep calling my name
Tormented by my shame
Forced to bleed out
I scream and shout
Choking on my tears
Feeding off my fear
I'm all alone here
Condemned To My Own Hell
Images of the past
Flash in my mind so fast
Even thou they don't last
The memories are unsurpassed
I beg to be free
Someone rescue me
Codemned To My Own Hell
Broken and bleeding
Tormented and pleading
But they keep feeding
Off my pain
It is their gain
They **** and drain
Driving me insane
Condemned To My Own Hell
My body wrapped in wire
Burning my flesh like fire
My hell is their desire
My pain is their supplier
Shackled here by a Liar
Condemned To My Own Hell
Forced to live a lie
Tormented by his unspoken goodbye
Wishing I could die
Don't let him see me cry
He feeds off my Pain
My misery is his gain
Condemned To The Hell He Created.
Artemia Apr 2015
Tears stain my cheek
I can barely speak
I feel so terribly weak
Pain lasts a Month, Year, Week
I cry myself to sleep
Who is she?
How is she better than me?
They walk by me hand in hand
I can barely stand
The pain increases
My heart is in pieces
Will the pain ever cease?
Will I ever find peace?
I feel so hollow
Hard to swallow
I scream out in vain
The image of them in my brain
Of him kissing her lips
His hands on her hips
It grips me
By the heart
Tearing me apart
Piece by Piece
The pain it starts to increase
Again this pain starts
Is this the feeling of a broken heart?
Feb. 28th 2014
Artemia Apr 2015
Why did you break my heart?
Why did you rip me apart?
All I ever did was love you
Now I feel so alone and blue
My heart will never mend
The pain it will never end
Your words cut through me
Why can't you see?
You've hurt me so much
Just a touch
And I'll break
You drove a stake
Into my chest
Buried deep between my breast
I was too obsessed
My feelings you possessed
Buried deep under my skin
Scratching and burning me within
You were my favorite sin
I hope one day
You feel this way
So maybe you could understand
Why I keep thinking you had it all planned
How could I be so blind
I knew somehow you would leave me behind
Your all the same
You played your game
Now I'm the blame
Isn't it a shame?
Was it ego? Or Fame?
You lit the flame
Now watch me burn
Until karma says "Its your turn."
Feb. 28th 2014
Artemia Apr 2015
My heart was wrapped like barbed wire
By the hands of a cold hearted liar
Burning my skin like fire
Tormented because of my desire
For Him
Words cut through me like a blade
Slowly I start to fade
I felt so betrayed
Tears stung my eyes
Haunted by his lies
His fake disguise
I cry for the Man I use to love
I felt deprived
But somehow, I have survived
A time when
All felt so cold and dead
Of tears in anguish I shed
My aching heart bled
My eyes were bloodshot and red
His poisonous words sang in my head
Over and Over again
I can still feel the pain
******* tears like the rain
The terrible pain within my heart

Feb. 28th 2014
Artemia Apr 2015
If you love him, It's a trap
You better run and don't look back
He'll take you and break you
He says he loves you, But his love is fake.
You're not the only one
He plays with hearts for fun
Once he destroys you, He's done.
He'll rip your heart from your chest
Leave you alone to clean up his mess
Breaking hearts is what he does best
Once he has you entangled in his web of lies
No one will hear you when you scream and cry
He'll rip your apart and leave you wondering why
All alone with your pain, Wishing you could die
You're nothing special to him
Watch him break you limb to limb
When hes done with you, He'll leave
Forget about you, And you still grieve
He'll deceive you
If you do not heed this warning, you will end up like me
A lifeless, hollow, empty shell of what I use to be.
Feb. 28th 2014
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