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Apr 2015
Condemned To My Own Hell ©

Tied down by chains
Shackled by my pain
Voices driving me insane
They keep calling my name
Tormented by my shame
Forced to bleed out
I scream and shout
Choking on my tears
Feeding off my fear
I'm all alone here
Condemned To My Own Hell
Images of the past
Flash in my mind so fast
Even thou they don't last
The memories are unsurpassed
I beg to be free
Someone rescue me
Codemned To My Own Hell
Broken and bleeding
Tormented and pleading
But they keep feeding
Off my pain
It is their gain
They **** and drain
Driving me insane
Condemned To My Own Hell
My body wrapped in wire
Burning my flesh like fire
My hell is their desire
My pain is their supplier
Shackled here by a Liar
Condemned To My Own Hell
Forced to live a lie
Tormented by his unspoken goodbye
Wishing I could die
Don't let him see me cry
He feeds off my Pain
My misery is his gain
Condemned To The Hell He Created.
Written by
Artemia  United States
(United States)   
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