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Austin Sep 2
It seems like it’s been forever now
Since our paths were intertwined
And we’re still not together somehow
That’s the fleeting role I was assigned

Date after date I watched the light fade
As your thorns dig deeper into my side
I’d never do without, as you conveyed
To a never ending treasure, you, my guide

In the end all I found was fool’s gold
At least it’s still, never ending
Austin Sep 1
Our eyes meet in a flurry of emotion
They intermingle in the space between
And run fierce like a current in the ocean
The inauguration cordial and clean

Speckled, amber cheeks and bashful smile
Your happiness radiates through me
To reassure me this warmth is worthwhile
To let our hearts be weightless and free

Our intentions coalesce without a word
Despite our silence, everything was heard
Austin Aug 31
The odds always against him
Push forward
He could be our way out
Do whatever it takes
Discouraged by many
Trudge through it
Estranged from all
Stay focused
Deprived of love
Hold it together
“Where is everybody?”
He’ll find happiness later
“How did I end up here?”
They promise it will get better
“Why did things end up this way?”
Apathy swarms his disoriented mind
“I... am meaningless”
Would anybody be surprised?

— The End —