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Mdieaj Dec 2018
With every breath I can feel your essence
It showers over me like fresh summer rain
Hitting the sidewalk and floating back into the air as steamy humidity
Making it difficult to catch my breath
It feels like you're stealing my life
Oh my how I want it to be yours
Let me live eternally in your soul
Mdieaj Nov 2018
Let's climb together
Up this mango tree
Let's rest at the top together
Just you and me
Next stop is the rainforest
Where we can climb the heights of the Kapok Tree
And wrestle the Red-Tailed Boa
Just you and me
Let's go to the wilderness of Alaska
Where we can both be misunderstood together
Have a talk with Sasquatch
Who can share his secrets
On how to fool the world
Let's climb together
#rainforest #climb #imagine
Mdieaj Nov 2018
Patiently waiting
To see what unfolds
Though my heart seems to know
This story and how it goes
The tale this time seems a little different
I am watching with my eyes half opened half closed
Like a beautiful sunrise that blinds you
yet comforts you with it's warmth
Your essence is like a crash of waves
But it seems to wash away my fears
I can't swim but I'm ready to dive in
I can't breathe but I'm ready to inhale
I'm hoping you won't be disappointed
As my scars unveil
There are no waves big enough to erase the remnance of pain
But you are the big one I've been waiting for
Mdieaj Nov 2018
I love you
You take away the pain
You see me when I've always been invisible
You believe in me when doubts are all I see
You ignite my soul with inspiration
You kiss me with positive hope
You love me
Mdieaj Nov 2018
Do you ever wonder about me
Do I look like you
Am I tough like you
or weak like the you that you pretend not to be
Do you ever wonder about me
Do I laugh like you
Love the smell of rain like you
or cry alone like you
Do you wonder
Like I do
Mdieaj Nov 2018
Pulses though my veins
Coating my every breath
The memories of yesterday
Creeping in like thoughts of death
The smell of burnt aluminum
Fills the air
The flick of a lighter
Faintly I hear
I'm hungry
But I'm not sure you care
I'll just sit in my corner
avoiding my fear
Every word I think I can say
Is never enough
to cut through the smoke
Thinking I can run away
But it is never enough to cope
Even tomorrows do not promise love
I don't know who you really are
I hold my hands to the lord above
But even he can't save my heart
#veins #heart #motherslove
Mdieaj Nov 2018
It is
It is
It is
It isn't
Or is it
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