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Oct 2020 · 142
Love is
Marvellous Oct 2020
Love is a feeling that cannot be explained
Love is a thing that can't fade
For as long as it is true
Love is magical
Love is forgiving
Love is infinity
Oct 2020 · 104
Marvellous Oct 2020
Mirror mirror on my wall
Who is the loneliest of them all
I search far and wide for the loneliest
And I find many but none as lonely
As you my lady
Shattered is your soul
Broken is your heart
You search for love
But cannot seem to find it
You search for the light
But you cannot seem to hold on to it
You have given in to the darkness
The darkness that hides your pain
The darkness that keeps your secrets
The darkness that's always there
Unlike the light you seek
The mirror on my wall
Has spoken I'm the loneliest of them all
Oct 2020 · 185
Marvellous Oct 2020
Love is such a strange thing
In love we sometimes win
And sometimes we lose
Love makes the powerful weak
In the name of love
Kings give up everything
Love makes us feel weird and different
Love is a blessing
Especially if it's true love
But only a few are fortunate
Enough to experience this
Wonderful feeling
Oct 2020 · 38
I Promise
Marvellous Oct 2020
Some poets promise the world
Some promise the moon and the stars
Some promise you riches
Some promise eternity
But I promise to be honest with you
To be patient with you
To love you even if you hate me
To forgive you
To give you endless chances
To give you friendship
Because I know I can't give you
The moon,stars,eternity ,and the world
That's way too unrealistic
But I can  give you the more
Realistic things that no one will
Promise you

— The End —