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Gina Aug 21
Anguish sleeps in the lake of my heart
Bound in forgetfulness and crowned in thorns
pricked and torn by my lover's scorn
Anguish sleeps.
Wake up!
Wake up!
Turn not too deep
For love only comes for those who weep
Lakes drown in slumber far too deep
When sorrow dies and falls asleep
Gina Aug 11
I will be independent
I will not allow this
I will get out
I will fly!

I will
Readers, my cafe has quadrupled in sales in the last month, my home is almost paid off and I'm opening another cafe.  This poem is a triumphant trumpet at the end of an ordeal.  I have increased my stamina working out two hours every day, and enjoyed a life changing transformation.  I encourage everyone here to be your own Ninja.  Shrug off your haters and embrace your destiny.
Gina Jul 25
Her children know his evil
She won't hide it
She's a *****
I love you
She says
To Him
To them
For the roof over their head,
food, cable, internet and bread

She's driving to work
Praying Jesus will stop him
from ****** her daughters
and killing her dead
wondering what caught her
getting ahead
The plight of desperation.

This poem is not about me, personally.  I wrote it after a documentary I watched some time ago.  I know it's a severe subject.  Unfortunately it is true for too many.
Gina Jul 7
Let's pretend we really care about each other
Let's pretend.
Manage the sheer veneer enough to fool me
So I can hope you love me.
Gina Jul 7
I realize now no one cares what I care about.
The closest people to me become infuriated if I don't give them what they want.

The ones I love have moved on without me, except for peripheral vision. They have their own lives.

Joanne and Christel, my sisters, no longer long for me....yet the younger tries.

My children love long distance; they're in the deep end of their lives.

Thank you God that you love me.  Or I would **** myself.

I am useful as a product. Not as a person.

I am my best friend.
My life is complicated today. My home is being renovated for plumbing repairs... the insurance company will pay for the hotel after I pay for them first...I'm opening a Cafe in two days with a business partner 9 years younger than me (emphasis on younger)... and my 5 year relationship with my significant other is unraveling.

My clarity is still.  My mind is calm.  My spirit is free.  I am me.
Gina Jun 22
What we could have been
Who we should have been
Where we would have been
You and Me
We would have seen
Love lost
Gina Jun 22
My chains hold me here to see you, keeping me from running away
The list of all that needs to be done goes on for eternity
Death is real.
Death of laughter.
Death of fear.
Death of hope.
Death of me.
I cease to exist, choking, laughing.
Please let me say "Good Bye"
Dear God, let me fly
Far, far away
Let me slip far away.
Too much responsibility is choking the life,  literally,  right out of me.
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