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Apr 2021
I am in misery
I am in misery
I am in misery
I am alone
I am alone
I am in misery
I can not take it too much longer
I am alone.
I am in misery
I am alone
I am unloved
But I am "loved"
With love that is an idea of me
I am a fraud
I am selfish
I am caring because it moves me to care
Because I care
No one truly knows me
No one is moved to know me
God help me.
I am a mystery
No one desires to solve me
But I know I'm not a mystery
To me
I am alone
I don't have anyone matching me
I don't have anyone to talk to
No where is safe
Every where there are knives
Stabbing me
I am pierced
My soul is in agony
Oh God!
I don't know what to do
I'm going to die
But I can't
I won't hurt the ones I love
No one understands
No one
Not one
And I depended on myself to be loving
And I failed
I failed
I am wrong. I am a misfit
I am tortured and stuck in in-between land
Jane Austin and
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
look at my walls
underneath wall papered
hydrangeas torn and flawed
I thought I was someone else then who I was
I am a fraud
A hypocrite
Without character
Someone under a light facing the mirror
I am the death of me
A thousand blankets I need
To hide from this cruel world
To hide me from me.
I am in misery.
Written by
Gina  55/F/Florida
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