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Nov 2020
You are an enigma to me
Yet I know you
Complex, mysterious, kind
Yet always elusive
To me
Close to me
You hold yourself apart from me
But never do depart
I try to to get through your tall wall
Then, then, and only then
I know
You are like me
And this will always be
Are you real? Do you feel? Yes
And it causes me distress
How can it not?
When I am without?
A casual word, laughter in the day,
Wise words that you say
Complete me
You hold me at bay
Bringing me closer to you
Frustrating my longings too
I submit
I quit
And bring it up again
I beat my hands upon your chest
Yelling in my heart don't quit me again
Leaving me
Then holding me
Touching me
Teasing me
Do you not know how crazy you make me?
Am I paying for the sins made against thee?
I give you my all
And meet your wall
That protects me
In circles of heights that I cannot fly
Oh, my love, my love, darling dove
Where goes thy heart in the midst of we?
When shall we ever truly meet?
Even though I trust you
I tremble
Even though you love me
I wonder
Will I ever kiss you?
Will you ever hold my hand?
Will I, who I am, haunting you
You are calm
You are in control
This, I know
But you have my heart, you have my soul.
Please, my darling, my love, my star, Β don't ever go
Written by
Gina  55/F/Florida
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