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  Nov 2023 Lilyani Plaza
Ana Ehlana
i loved & lost
gave all including my best
but i was just cheating myself
thinking i had the best of our lives

I’ve tried convincing my heart
that we have everything we needed
we can fight our past mistakes
& throw the dirt into the lake

maybe all that we really should do
is to cut this thing through
live in our own lives
stop trying to fix this whole mess

& maybe in time to come
we can put all our demons to rest
embrace each other as soul mates
and live a life full of happiness
Lilyani Plaza Aug 2020
Stormy night whom
whales and screams.
Tell me your story’s
and sing to me.
With your tapping
knocks at my window
I waken to your
roaring drums.
To take me to your
Kingdom of light.
With destruction comes
beauty for without
You there is no
Hope of light.
Lilyani Plaza Aug 2020
Hello little girl i've come to say hello again,
I've seen the little smiles and laughs you’ve been letting out,
So I've  come back to sing my rhyming words to bring you back to reality.
You see my child my rhymes are good and will always be true.
You see my child life is cruel, evil and twisted just like you.
My rhymes I sing to you will make you strong and will show you the light of reality.
The rhyming words I sing to you, you'll grow to love and smile to.
For when you smile you have reached reality with the truth of yourself and what you are sweet child.
Now this might be cruel just a little, but you'll grow and be happy to the rhymes of what you are.
Lilyani Plaza Aug 2020
The lullaby you play is soft and sweet, you play the soothing rhymes of joy to me.
till one day I lost you to the rain, Now you don’t  play the same tune to me. Poor Lullaby box won’t you find your musical voice again and stop letting yourself become more broken?
The song gets worse every day and I’m afraid it’ll stop singing it’s rhymes to me, the toy has grown broken and now I’ve left it for the trash for not everything lasts.
The rhyming tune is back but not in a box, but in my head.
Lullaby box please come and sing again it seems as if you only let out a slight whisper that only I can hear.
Lullaby box why do you tell me to do these things why do you now sing the screaming pitches of pain through my head, please stop it hurts I can’t breath I promise not to trust no more and to leave the world for the song you sing is always the tune I dance my way to.
lullaby box I’m afraid you brought me close to the end and soon the song must end and now I now see that I am nothing to this world and the tune I would sing meant nothing to the ones around me
Lilyani Plaza Aug 2020
Your a never ending motion whom resurrectes yourself to my mind, every step every thoughts every movement Made all comes back to you. Tell me now how can I be what you want.
How can I be better.... I ask of you to see me for me and beg of you not to turn every piece of me into what you desire.
My body my mind my thoughts, are not yours to decide.
Now tell me is my *** too flat for you. Is my stomach to fat for you or am I too skinny now... does my bones showing bother you? does my bust being too small really matter to you? Does my looks and color really have a say on who I am or what I could be.
Will the world really stop and look to give their whispers of mean opinions of me.
Why does my body have anything to do with you? Why does my movements have  anything to do with you? I’m not trying to be irrational with my words or questions I’m simply trying to understand... why ?
Why does the one person I want and expect to tell me I’m fine the way I am tell me the opposite while the others who are supposedly claimed to laugh and stare and talk of me in a manner no one deserves...DONT!
Please I beg of you, help me understand your ways.
Lilyani Plaza Aug 2020
Opening new chapters and revealing new strengths only to find a weakness to diminish any ending of the chapters that’ll come.
The chapters are uncountable and the beginnings are unthinkable as for the endings are extinct, for there is a never ending cycle of disappointments and evil that don’t stop to allow the good to outweigh the bad.
These chapters are never ending hurricanes with a slight light trying to shine down through this chaotic reckless world.
Every thought every movement is jotted down into this never ending cycle of memories, it almost seems as if god gave up on me and handed my book into the devil's hands to punish me for the sins I’ve done and the never ending outlook of evil I would see.
I now see that my chapters are full of never ending storms of the negatives I see and dead of all the positives I fail to find, but who can find any positives in pitch black darkness.
For now my story lays in the dark with the chapters never finding an ending for its a continuous battle of evil against evil.

— The End —