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Lost Indeed Apr 2021
You know, life hasn't been kind.
And now I am too tired to try.
To lay in bed and slip into your eyes.
To remember the taste of lips and cry.
Live enough to realize that I wanna die.
o l
Lost Indeed Apr 2021
I am in love with a girl.
And she smells like Sunday.
Lost Indeed Feb 2021
She walked and chaos followed.
Her eyes were cold as a lonely night.
The smile would calm a child.
And her heart full of hate.

She spoke words that I did know.
About places that I couldn't go.
She dreamed about people that I never met.
In nightmares she begged to forget.
Lost Indeed Feb 2021
Your eyes are like neon lights.
And your heart is like Cold Brew.
Your soul eats me alive.
And your lips hide the truth.

It is too late now and I cannot escape.
Our lives are intertwined.
And this is my fate.

I must be crazy to think.
That in some dimension above.
Reality will never sink.
And I'm going to leave this cannibal Love.
Lost Indeed Feb 2021
Why did you call me?
I was free from the shackles of your love.
I was happy with my loneliness.
What now?
What can I do?
I'm once again cursed.
Drowned by my own dreams and hurt by my own memories.
Lost Indeed Dec 2020
In the end we are all ghosts
Of lost dreams
And broken memories
We are echos of a person that did not live
We forget to exist
Trying to survive
Too bad that the demons are at the door
Lost Indeed Sep 2020
Is it raining?
Or is just my eyes?
Is the ground Closer?
Or is just my face in it?
Is it all dull?
Or I am just broken?
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