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Michael Humbert Jun 2016
They're hidden away,
Forbidden sunsets, handholds
These pictures still hurt
Looked at a few photos I haven't seen in a year or two
Michael Humbert Mar 2016
I would rather be alone than make you unhappy again
Michael Humbert Feb 2016
Entitled to be untitled, blank forgotten gravestone, smooth marble untainted with dates and memories

Escape unscathed, no scratches, no scars,
No doubts or hopes or doors left ajar

Clean, empty, pure desistance, an insistence to embrace the nothing inside us all
Michael Humbert Feb 2016
I apologize as I dry her eyes
And I know that I'll never be enough for her
Two pieces from different puzzles
And I'm still puzzled how I ever found her
Incongruent, I ******* blew it
And I'm still trying to make sense of it all
I laugh, there's no number to call
And she's gone as I continue to fall
Michael Humbert Feb 2016
It still kills me to see your name in print
Michael Humbert Feb 2016
I stared at the sunset, fading, shedding its radiant tears smeared across the sky, purple, blue pastels
And counted the seconds I had left to hold your hand
I see you in everyone else's grief
And I never really stopped to think what "You're dead to me" really feels like
Not malicious, no, just an unmarked tombstone in my head I visit on occasion to pay respects and remember a beautiful mistake
Michael Humbert Jan 2016
All he knew was that kissing her just felt right
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