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Liberty May 2021
I find myself
In war
And again
And again.
Why is it always the tough road?
The chaos.
The off road path.
That most do not find
The least bit appetising.
The road less travelled.
The road mostly travelled –
Barefoot and bleeding

Yet I have peace
All understanding

Dead tired,
I am alive.
Liberty May 2021
There is a great love
It surrounds my entire being
and permeates my every cell.
It exists in my thoughts
and lives in my soul.
We are one this great love
and I.
This love speaks in peace.
The silent voice of tranquility.

Lead me love, guide the way.

Pull me by the strings of my heart and
Play a melody that my soul sings along with.

This love,
I don't deserve.

It is by mercy,
it is by grace.

How great is this love,
the love that lives in me.

— The End —