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 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
...And I love you more than I do myself.
I love you with a heart that lives deep in the shadows
Where only your light could fetch it out of the barren wastelands.
It was your love that has shown me light
It was your love that I longed for
It was your love that I will die for.
It was you.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
They say it takes an eternity to learn of love
Another eternity to comprehend what it is
And another eternity to be able to cherish it.
With you I found love in a second
Which leaves me all eternity to
love you and to cherish you.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
We go to sleep knowing that we are loved
By those who we love
We go to sleep knowing that we are enough
For our prince and princesses.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
The wind whispers its song in my ears
Like the leaves of a cherry blossom
Gently touching against my face.

The light comforts the place of your hands
Like the soft feel of rose petals
With the alluring scent residue.

The warmth seeps into my mind
Where the thoughts of you
are properly propagated,

The love I feel in my heart
Is nurtured by the beautiful
portrait that is you.
To someone special
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
[The three words]
like a child loves to play
but difficult to display
I hold back all my words
So they go unheard.
You are as delicate as a rose
And with the whiff of a nose
You give off an alluring aroma
That pushes my mind into a coma
For with your presence
I lose sight over all my questions
And all the answers
Found it's way
To where I found you.
you are one
Awesome girl.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
I want to hold you
Whisper in your ears
That 'It'll be ok'.

I want to hold you
Whisper in your ears
That 'you're amazing'.

I want to hold you
Whisper in your ears
'Please don't give up'.


If Chinese Whispers
Have taught me anything
All the things I whisper
Will change upon
Entering your eardrums,
Soon 'it'll be ok', will be
'it'll never be ok',
'You're amazing' turns to
'you're nothing', and
'please don't give up',
turns to 'just give up',
But know that no matter
What you hear,
I will always be whispering
Into your ears
'I'm here for you'
and I'll always hold you.
~Please believe me when I tell you that you truly are amazing, that you are beautiful, that you are pretty, that you are kind, caring, warm, make me smile, that you do really wear a pretty smile, that you are fun, that you light up the night like stars.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
You are the kindest girl I have met.
Your smile shines brighter than any stars
And if I could I would give you a million roses
And each one would definitely worth it.
You are coated in a petal of sweetness
And though every rose stands
You are a rose that stands out.
Pretty petals of a perfect pretty rose
is a metaphor that doesn't cover enough.
Your sense of humour is fantastic,
The things you say aren't sarcastic
It's humourous and adorable.
You are a precious little rose.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
How do you write about a person whereby words don't exist to describe
Someone who pulls at your heartstrings and makes you feel alive.
I met this beautiful person and I have not had any regrets
Nor will I reach a time I'll ever come to suddenly forget
The dearest and sweetest girl who has made smiles light across my face.
Messages from this gorgeous girl stabilises my world and makes things in place.
She asks me 'Can I trust you?' and though 'yes' was the answer my heart yearned
I have come to learn in my life that trust is not something that is given but earned,
So though I am not a liar, nor a spider creating a web of deceit I set out to earn her trust
The resultant is that I have allowed her to get to trust me , in a way much fairer and just,
But I know with absolute certainty is that I promise to never hurt her
And I can not fathom the people who ever allow it to occur.
She is a remarkable, beautiful, kind , friendly there are more words I haven't known
But I hope that one day , the rhythm my heart beats to when I think of her, can be shown,
Not just in my words but in all the things I am willing to do for a soul as precious
As a rose standing in a world, I want to perform complete loving gestures
Not with the requirement that she returns the love
But simply because seeing her beautiful smile is enough.

She is, in one succinct word  - indescribable
And what I have just described to you ,
Is a minuscule spot of ink on a magnificent masterpiece
With a clear expression of care and kindness that never ceases.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
The sky and the sun have been acquainted for long,
Yet they bicker, fight and sometimes don't get along
But when nights inevitable vanish and stars gone
They stood by each others side as the sun in the sky.
Now one day the sky had the courage to speak his mind
The correct syntax and metaphors of what he could find
He said 'Sometimes, I love that you give me my colour,
That you show me all the hidden beauty to discover,
And you have always been like my lover'.

The sun beamed a radiant ray into the vast sky,
Eviscerating the clouds that kept the beautiful sky hidden,
Though the love between the sun and the sky is forbidden
So although their hearts and storms beat to the same rhythm
They were never meant to stay together with one another
So the sun, the sky, the warmth carried empty title of lovers.
 Apr 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
I'm tired
 Apr 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
I'm tired of living my life on the lines that people speak
I have lived half my life on lines that people drew
Now I judge my own mind wishing that I knew
That sometimes you don't have to fit in with the popular.

I'm tired of being pigeonholed into a category
I have seen the imprisonment of my own personality
Where the only existing escape goes against normality
And society has become a flock of wardens.

I'm tired of colouring in between the lines
Or slaying dragons to rescue the damsel in distress
And though the dawn rises to a new end, I must confess
That keeping in between the lines, keeps me safe.

*I am not dead, but nor am I living...
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