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 Sep 2017 Lost
The Spider
Brother and sister running across the yard.
"*****, *****!" They're shouting.
Reaching me, jumping on me, hugging me, laughing.
I wake up; snap out of it.
Was this a daydream or a memory?*
Im not really sure what's reality or what idealism is anymore.
 Mar 2017 Lost
Luna Craft
 Mar 2017 Lost
Luna Craft
Go to them,
Tell them everything you love about them,
and if they allow it, grasp to them as if they were life itself
I kind of feel sad today.
Doctor says I have depression, and well...I believe him.
My dad thinks its just for attention
attention, uh?
I always feel ******.
It's an everyday part of my life now.
See, today someone stole my laptop charger at school,
and my project got stolen, too.
I've never cut in my life.
I've never done drugs.
I've drank a few times, but who hasn't?
I think I'm suicidal.
But I can't wrap my head around death.
It scares me.
So instead of dying,
I tear myself to pieces wishing for it to come,
but never speeding up the process
I feel ******.
I said that before.
Like, I follow a Shepard.
I'm a little lamb
but my blood seeps through my white wool.
Until eventually,
this little lamb is killed.
I'm sorry.
I ramble
I never make sense.
And they wonder why I am suicidal.
Last night,
there was a party.
Instead of going,
I bounced a tennis ball back and forth against my wall.
fun, right?
I hate the world,
but I'm scared to leave it.
Doctors don't help,
mothers don't help
Friends don't help
being single sure as hell doesn't help
I just feel ******.
 Jun 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
I broke your heart
And I am sorry.
I hope this apology
Doesn't fall short.

I know some days
are extremely hard
our hug fell apart
before it even formed.

I am sorry, its my fault
You've given my days magic
And I returned in tragic,
And I can't fix things.

When you sing, your voice-
is soul moving and beautiful,
completely acoustical,
And I miss hearing it.

Don't blame yourself,
You are still beautiful
And that is indisputable
So please stop blaming yourself.
 Jun 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
Upon a hill hopped a rabbit,
Little to knowledge of talking
He eventually picked up the habit
And finally learnt how to speak.

His first words were to a cat,
'Miss, might I say you're beautiful?'
He asked looking for a little chat.
'It's fine by me' replied with slight purrs.

'Do you mind if i sit next to you?'
Asking once again to the purring cat,
'I just want more orange, less blue'
The rabbit said with a little sigh.

'I know some don't carrot all-
And it hurts my little feelings
Because though I'm not tall
I have a heart as big as my chest'

The rabbit looked in her direction
'You sure have a large meowth' cat said,
'You sure have perfect complexion'
The rabbit replied with cocksure glee.

'You've got to be kitten me' cat snickered
Cats eyes gleamed under the light of beauty
'At least I'm not a hare in your burger' rabbit bickered-
Back and forth till their smiles shone bright.

'May I say one more thing?' bunny asked
'Yes purr sure you may' cat replied.
'No star can leave a light like your cast-
Because you are the brightest and most beautiful
star to ever lived on this Earth'.

**1837–1901 Rosoideae
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
To you, who have made me the better man I am today
To you, the girl who made my heart move and sway
To you, the rose with petals of pure beauty and sweetness
To you , The angel that has met my heart with kindness
To you who truly cares about me
I am grateful I had the chance to get to know you
To allow you to be a huge part of my life
to the point that you are now pivotal.
I have not gone a day without thinking of what I would do
Without you by my side.

I love you sweety
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
I want to love you the way I love the stars. I want to stare at you with pure admiration, inspired to think about the future and let the moonlight dance a little on my skin. I want to love you in a way that I'll be afraid to blink because I fear with a single blink I would see your beautiful face and in another blink I would see your back as you walk away. I want to love like I would be afraid to go on without you. I want you to be my breath of air, my drink of water, my means of life and my everything. I want to love you to the point that I would crumble if you were to let go of your grip, I would shatter and break. I want you to be the adhesive that holds me together while at the same time I will hold you together. I want you to feel your hugs with the sun's rays, I want to feel your kisses with the sea water drifting along the winds, I want to feel your happiness from everywhere that I walk and I want to see your smile twinkle with the stars of the night.
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
 May 2016 Lost
Star Gazer
Her voice
Did not sound good
It sounded like music
And music was meant
To make your heart race
To make you forget things
While at the same time
Remind you of the past
And help you live in the future.

Her eyes
Were not beautiful
They were like the sunrise
and the sunsets
set on making you feel
a warm glow
and a shine at new beginnings
as well as beautiful endings.
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