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Leaetta May Jun 18
green and full.
lovely in thorniness of pink blossoms.
Not to be out done
lift their faces to the sky.
Leaetta May Apr 20
Dawn is here
the sky lightens
winds from the heavens
move earth's trees
geese fly calling
fresh day fresh air
new day new hope
I had to go and see my Doctor
For I was feeling rather dõwn
He took one look and said to me
You need to go out on The town.

He asked are you a heavy drinker
And do you drink alot of wine
I said whisky is my tipple
My preference every time.

He asked if I drink it often
I replied every single night
He laughed and said don't worry
That's perfectly alright.

He asked me what's my favourite blend
I said the Scottish highland malt
That's what they recommended
So the drinkings not my fault.

He asked do you eat much greasy food
Now that's something I can't deny
He suggested cooking frozen chips
They take less time to fry.

I asked Doctor what's your verdict
Is there anything you can do
He replied go out and have some fun
We are humans and our years are few.

So i am glad that I saw my Doctor
Now I am happy and I'm pleased
So go and see your Doctor
He will put your mind at ease.
I have a blood presure check tommorow
If my blood pressure is the same as last month
It will be a blood test.this poem is my way of dealing
With going to the Doctors.The sad news is my imaginary Doctor
Has taken early retirement, I don't no why.
all monsters and adrenaline now
mad rush to inhale speed
lest life not deliver

yet in bygone days
when dames beguiled
soft curls and porcelain skin

or polished ebony
an ancient fire stirred
in embers aflame

men knew chivalry
their gender sure
dames held a different power

liquid eyes and innocent air
where no words were needed
to touch dreams' *******
Inspired by Christopher Victor Russon's nostalgic poem 'Those Talking Pictures'
Leaetta May Mar 7
the week end far off
when I sit in sloth
in the meantime I grind
and fast forward the time
when my feet can be up
and slow down with a cup
of tisane like Poirot
at that time I'll know
the meaning of slow
in the meantime I grind
this joe so fine
dailylife tired  libations tea coffee
Leaetta May Mar 7
Black crow feathers found
Under the huge walnut trees
playground for squirrels
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