Having a ticket in your hand
to travel all over the world
is absolutely useless
if you do not have a passport!

Having all of the money
you could ever possibly want
is absolutely useless
if your health
does not match your wealth -
if your life is going to be cut short!

Having what you want
does not necessarily mean
that you have everything
that you need!

Having what you need
along with having what you want
is the only possible way
that you can succeed!

Lady R.F ©2017

We've always got
that "one more fight" left
deep down inside of us,

We have to keep trying
until we cannot try anymore -
it will either make us
or break us!

By Lady R.F ©2017

She loved him so much
because he was her solace,

Their relationship was beautiful,
it was flawless.

He was her shadow
and her guiding light,

He was her moonlight
on every dark, scary night.

He was her boulder,
looking over the water's edge,

More than just a rock,
he kept her from falling off
many a dangerous cliff's ledge.

Because he was her armour,
her heavy-duty shield,

Nothing ever got to her -
there wasn't a weapon he didn't wield.

He put out raging fires,
he made everything alright,

He had an answer for everything,
there was no battle
he wasn't prepared to fight.

He was the serene calm
after an exhausting day,

He was her rainbow,
he made everything okay.

Because he loved her
for all that she truly was,

Because he always did
what a real man always does.

She adored him,
she always reached for his hand,

What happened to change that...
she will never understand -
never will she truly understand!

By Lady R F ©2017

It holds hands with inner pain.

Knowledge of over-knowing
Causes the soul exhausting,
Excruciating strain.

A blissful state of freedom,
Away from mental-stress and anxiety.

Nothing much can touch us,
Our own thoughts and opinions
Are our first priority.

What people think of us
Does not exist.

Being unaware of situations
That are going on around us;
A wish that many people
Have on their list.

By Lady R.F ©2017

Sometimes I wonder... "Is it better to be oblivious and unaware? Is knowing too much destroying our inner peace?"
Just a serious thought that I already know the answer to - I'm just thinking out-loud.
Oblivion doesn't work! ... But knowing this doesn't make us not want it at times.

In life, there are usually
more than two-sides
to every story - but they are only accompaniments
to the two main dishes
that were ordered first up.

One must always make certain
of who the chef responsible
for cooking up the storm is,
and one must beware
of who the waiter or waitress is,
who is serving it up!

By Lady R.F 2017

Silly thought that entered my head.
Not a poem, just a thought!

When I was just a little girl
I wanted so much for my life
to resemble a beautiful secret garden,

I'm aware that this may sound
crazy and bizzare - if it does,
then please do beg my pardon.

A secret garden in the woods
with such beauty hidden deep within,

Full of secret pathways and passages
that only special people would know about,
fitted with padlocked gates - so not to let
any bad people in.

Pretty little flowers
in vivid colours
that please the heart and soul -
seen through the eyes of everyone,

Butterflies dancing above pristine hills -
with hedges making mazes;
for a touch of fun.

Crimson tree-tops and rose bushes
in every beautiful colour
ever created,

A place that is so unique - from it,
no soul could stand to be seperated.

Ineffable in its beauty,
like a magnet souls are attracted,

This secret garden,
like a heavenly day dream,
in a daze -
from it, you cannot be distracted.

Whether there was a blue sky,
or dark clouds, as a daily rooftop,

Love and happiness
would be nonstop.

A place where loved ones
always felt safe and secure,

Never wanting to find
the secret garden's door.

They'd always be free
to be themselves,

A wish
That we all have for ourselves.

When I was just a little girl
I wanted so much for my life
to resemble a beautiful secret garden,

Now I'm all grown up,
and still trying
to bring this aspiration to life;
this vision, is one,
I am never, ever discarding,

I really still want my life
to be just like a beautiful secret garden,

And if this sounds crazy or bizzare...
then, please do beg my pardon!

By Lady R.F ©2017

When good turns into bad,
Life is going to become terribly sad.

When day turns into night,
The sun dies - it can no longer
Shine bright.

When night turns into day,
Don't expect the moonlight to stick around
And light your path's way!

When right becomes wrong,
You must try to stay strong!

When wrong turns into right,
Try to switch-on your inner-strength -
Hopefully, it will be your guiding light.

When hope turns into fear,
Remind yourself that God is near.

When fear takes hold of hope,
You're only human...
Cut the *!#
!# bloody rope!

By Lady R.F ©2017

Sorry - excuse the beep,
I'm only human!
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