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Grace Apr 4
"You're not stressed, just bored."
Maybe. Maybe she is bored,
hence her crying in her room alone,
hence her panic attacks hiding in the closet,
hence her tired eyes glimmering with tears,
She is probably just bored.
How can you say that, how can you say that without caring if you break her self esteem, without regret fracturing your heart? How can you say that when you feel the heaviness of her chest as she enters the room, sitting there against the chair with her pale complexion and that look of defeat in her eyes? What kind of person thinks that boredom can destroy a little girl like that?
She is not bored, I promise you.
It is much worse.
She is breaking.
And you just added a crack to her spine,
dismissing her heart like it was nothing.
She is not nothing. She is my everything, but she thinks that she is nothing because you said that she was bored and that the monster in her chest, feeding on her blood supply was a butterfly instead.
How can you say that?
Don’t make a spider web
to become trapped in it yourself.

Shell ✨🐚
Many build a life and at the end they don’t feel free anymore. Priorities are vey important. Don’t lose yourself along the way.
Grace Apr 4
"I would've," she said.
"- but they were busy with someone else."
Drowning in six feet of water
isn't better than drowning in twenty feet of water.
Your troubles aren't invalid.
Call for a lifeguard and they'll come and help you to shore.
Grace Apr 4
We don't share the same smile
but I smile when you do.
I'm set on forever...
forever with you.
Your eyes give me butterflies
Grace Apr 3
Kindness is so simple.
But simplicity is so forgotten.
It's a pity that it's so rare.
Grace Apr 3
True freedom is letting go.
not forgetting, not losing meaning. just letting go
Stay true to your inner child
The only one you’ll die with.

Shell ✨🐚
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