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They stole a word
from a poem I wrote
the meaning
leaving just a note
“We’re sorry for the damage,
we hope you don’t mind
we’ve just taken a lend
of a word from a line”
They left no name
no number to call
Just a few words
and that was all
Then just the other day
I read on the news
a poem became famous
for a word that was used
that made the world weep
over their lies and their theft
critics hailed it
‘the true and only’
‘honest poem’
in the world left
Life is an experience that ultimately teaches you that you didn't have to mess around with it like you did.
 6d Grace
"je t'aime à la folie,"

that's what you told me;
and honestly

it's stuck with me,
tell me it is just platonic
or else
I might develop

that shouldn't be
for you
Kanna, I forgot my tiredness and disdain for life when I saw your rediant face.
Kanna= my divine friend
They built a lighthouse,
to warn the ships.
The ships transported the sea.
You professed your love,
with living lips.
Your lips spoke words that buried me.

Tanker ships containing water,
run aground upon the sand.
A human being becomes a monster,
by another human's hand.

The future dies within.
The past is always evaporating.

As the tanker rusts,
so I also must,
until we are but two derelict husks,
filled with nothing but regret.

Once, here was the sea,
voluminous and wet!
Once, I was me,
until the day we met.
Love is a difficult thing to keep
The hill you must climb is very steep
The hardship, the work, the pain, the tears
All for love’s presence near
To take away all mourning
All sadness, but beware there will be no warning
When love decides to leave you alone
Then you will have known
What it feels like to be heartbroken
There are dangers to keeping one’s heart open
Beware of love
For it may be a hopeful dove
Or a crushing hand
That sweeps all fears
Quite near
To where your raw emotions dwell
Where you’re put into a spell
Of everlasting loneliness
Of never ending harmonious
Screeching and biting
Crashing and fighting
Over the last shreds of love
That fly away like doves…
you became a home when i couldnt find one.
you became a friend when i had none.
you became a parents when mine left.
you became a mentor when I had no one to guide me.
No no....
your unrequited love..
that isn't poetry.
he brushed back my hair
and the wind did too
as we drove through southern California
and I felt something new
the heavy was lifted
my smile upturned
as the star in the sky
even smiled
as it burned
it smiled for us
a couple of fools
just some kids on the run
disregarding the rules
but instead of this trip
I have created for you
I'll just lay here in bed
and pretend it is true
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