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Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Did it hurt,
When you fell
When the earth opened up
And took you in

Did it hurt
As your hand left the knife
As you watched him slip away
And ended his life

Did it even hurt
You looked him in the eyes and lie
Told him you'd stay
While you packed and left anyway

Did you feel anything
When you broke his cord
Cut his rhythm, stopped him mid melody
When you left him an orchestra of broken synergy
Did it hurt your black heart
When I wrote him a new symphony
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Ink stain upon milk white heart
Tender touches tore it apart
Sharp, shocking pain
Crimson blade embedded within
It sort of feels like that
When the blade pierced the back

On shaking knees,
A daring escape
Blood splattered path leaves a trail
Further and further, closer it seems
Final step, broken body on bending knees
Strike quickly
I'll smile through the pain
Tell me you love me
Just before you **** me again

No, don't do anything
Let free my blood
Let me have it my way
Let me die in love
Let me be free
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Who am I? What am I to be?
Work day in, day out, its rough
Future so uncertain often times I fail to see
Even through the hardest of days, I remain tough

Everyday nine to five, trying to build  life
climbing the ladder, one foot over another
others quest to find husband and wife
Is this  worth it, why even bother?

Inhale positivity, is that some brewed tea
Dear miserable fight, why have you chosen I?
Exhale negativity, all this breathing is making  me hungry
Would it be okay to curl up and die?

Nothing beats a failure than a trial she would say
Sorry Nana, maybe I'm just meant to succeed another way.

Soeka laborde Apr 2018
So strange, how thou love to be alone
Silent roars bellows,
echo's on in solitude
And so whispers the silend cackles
of knowledge's tone
Drift on the winds of melody,
sets the mood
Harps of silent tears bellows a symphony
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Why didn't they run away
Every fiber of their being
Screaming to jump the gun
Their hearts, racing for miles
The heavens, spun at their smiles
The earth, shook at their embrace
The universe sounded an alarm
Blinded by each other,
Eyes that wouldn't see
Took a gamble, place a bet
And lost...
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
How'd you get so cold?
Your skin burn
Your hands I can no longer hold
Constant chill running through your bones

Why'd you get so distant
The light in your eyes died
Your spark no longer dance
Disrupted your melody
Scattered my rhythm

What turned your heart so dark
Blew out my fire
Every time I lit a spark
Ate my light with your shadow
Without warning, without a chance to fight

When did you get so weak
The eyes looking back at me
Are not mine
The hands reaching for you
I do not remember
The black flames creeping through my being
I've once tried keeping at bay
Have I surrendered?
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Love should be loud
Like thunder across that gray black skies
Love should be wide
Vast as the sea and time
Love should be strong
Like the arms that holds strong when falling into the void

Love should be sweet
Like the water of life trickling from thirsty lips
Love should be divine
A blessing bestowed
Love should be pure
An innocent heart from an untainted source

Love should be true
No smoke and mirrors
A reflection of the inner you
Love should be honest
A sacred bond
An unbroken promise

Love should be kind
A gentle smile, a piece of mind
Love should be firm
A steady hand to guide when the tides come along
Love should be a healer
Mending pieces too small for the eyes to see

Love should be boundless
Transcending all boundaries
Untamed unshackled, unrelenting
A thriving flower amidst choas ridden plains
Love should be loved
When all else fails
The heart is worth more than the Holy Grail
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