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Nov 2019 · 150
"Perfection In Time"
Kenny Whiting Nov 2019
I often sit and think about,
   the way things used to be;
And I'd NEVER trade one second
   of our time, just You and Me!

Still I think 'bout those times I prayed,
   just to ask my Lord above;
If He'd really just forgotten'
    That He'd not made my true love!

He had granted many others,
   not to fill my one request;
Did in love He pass me over,
   or's He giving me a test?

Well, He answered rather different,
   than I pictured it would be;
'Twas no big bright light from Heaven,
   and the Angels didn't sing!

Still I knew it in an instant,
   'cause it wasn't hard to tell;
He had MORE than formed perfection,
   when your beauty I beheld!

Now I know what REALLY happened,
   God had taken extra time;
When He made your perfect body,
   'cause He had ME on His mind!
After meeting my gorgeous wife, my One True Love for the first time w years ago at the age of 40, I often wished God had let us meet much earlier in life, only to realize neither one of us were the way we are now...PERFECT for each other!
Sep 2018 · 271
"Jealous of Heaven"
Kenny Whiting Sep 2018
I'm jealous and I'm crushed inside,
   God's taken you away;
Few words describe the pain I feel,
   how lost I am today.

I'm jealous of those pearly gates,
   to know you're just beyond;
'Tis more than I can take right now,
   to think you're really gone.

I'm jealous of those streets of gold,
   you'll stroll on everyday;
I'd visit you there if I could,
   one chance, I'd come to stay.

I'm jealous of the angels there,
   with you right by their side;
My time with you cut far too short,
   real peace I've been denied.

I'm jealous of your happiness,
   you've finally been set free,
So crushed inside, I'm lost for words,
   you're happy without me!
This life is short, so many people have loved ones that have left this earth for a better place. Everyone grieves differently with a myriad of different emotions. Live and love today like its your may be...
Jun 2018 · 395
"The One"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2018
A lady made from toughest strand,
   yet gentle as they come;
She's more than all my hopes and dreams,
   she might just be "the one".

She's daffodils and butter cups,
   she's such a gorgeous girl;
A lie would be she's just my love,
   when really she's my world.

The hottest flame you've ever seen,
   shear lightning strike on land;
You'd face a fury few will know,
   if messing with her man.

She makes me feel like ne'er before,
   I'm happy as can be;
In fact to tell you all the truth,
   she's EVERYTHING to me.
Very few people in life find the one God made just for them, most settle for less, but when you do, if you do, cherish them and let them know how blessed you are! Life is too short. Live and love today like it's your could be.
Mar 2018 · 223
"Daddy's Gift"
Kenny Whiting Mar 2018
A precious gift sent straight to me,
   from Heaven's gates above;
Perfection formed in tiny hands,
   held daddy's heart with love.

Amazingly phenomenal,
   and perfect all in one;
She's always there within my heart,
   when every day is done.

She's growing up, yes FAR too fast,
   yet still she holds my world;
Not one could fill a heart so full,
   but daddy's little girl.

She knows for sure this one small thing,
   all though we've been apart;
My princess and my angel,
   still holds her daddy's heart.
No matter how old they get, those precious young'uns still hold their daddy's heart!
Mar 2018 · 429
" Broken Angels"
Kenny Whiting Mar 2018
So many people hide true hurt,
   they're broken down today;
Crushed from life, so hurt inside,
   secrets full of just heartache.

You've seen them too, they're all around,
   folded wings that used to fly;
Shattered dreams of days gone by,
   broken halos past their shine.

Don't cast your stones, but take some time,
   to show them that you care;
Each  life so precious, truth be known,
   it could be you right there.

So lend a hand to help them up,
   take time for them today;
To brush off life and stand again,
   unfurl wings to fly away.
As you walk through life today, take the time to look around and see those whom are broken and hurting. It could be YOU right where they are so take a moment to lend a hand or even a kind word of encouragement.... life is too precious to waste.
Mar 2018 · 228
"Peace and Perfection"
Kenny Whiting Mar 2018
She's gorgeous yet much more than that,
   she's got a precious mind;
A love that spans to ends of earth,
    one words could n'ere define.

She's got it all, bright smile, good looks,
   a heart that draws you in;
Each time I lay my eyes on her,
   I fall in love again.

She's like a wave on ocean sand,
   a breeze of springtime air;
A flowing river through the trees,
   true peace you'll not compare.

She's perfect not for everyone,
   But give it time, you'll see;
A fit that only God could make,
   she's perfect just for me!
God created someone specifically for YOU. The day will come when you find that person. Then you will realize what perfect peace is about...
Feb 2018 · 413
"Heaven Right Here"
Kenny Whiting Feb 2018
I've heard it said there's streets of gold,
   big set pearly gates;
Huge mountains capped with diamond tops,
   this earth would five star rate.

The beauty there, tranquility,
   the peace and happiness;
A dream I've dreamt for many years,
   'Til day I realized this:

It's peaceful bliss, I'm sure it is,
   what Heaven's meant to be;
But here on earth my gorgeous love,
   is close to that for me.

She's special, no, she's more than that,
   no clue how much she's worth;
But in my heart she's one small piece,
   of Heaven here on earth.

She's found a way to mend this heart,
   once broken from life's harm;
Since finding her, to hold her close,
   is Heaven in my arms.
The beauty of true love spans far beyond the depth of any words formed by mortal man. Revel in the beauty of it, live and love each day like its your last...
Feb 2018 · 242
"Exuding Love"
Kenny Whiting Feb 2018
This beauty of a girl I know,
   will wow you with her smile;
Yet beyond that, she's SO much more,
   she'll go that extra mile.

She's sweet as honey, pure as gold,
   small hint of sassy flare;
A friend to me like no one else,
   with heart you'll not compare.

She's strong in will, yet soft at heart,
   she's made it on her own;
Yet makes the rarest gem on earth,
   look like a mass of stone.

She's gentle, pure with peace of mind,
   she's got a hold on me;
This once thought shattered heart of mine,
   now whole as one could be.

Now if you see her walk your way,
   you bet you'll feel it too;
Exuding love with just her smile,
   she'll get a grip on you.
Feb 2018 · 313
"Just In Case"
Kenny Whiting Feb 2018
I never say enough each day,
   or tell you all the time;
The truth about just what you've done,
   to give me peace of mind.

So baby doll, it's time you heard,
   in case you've never knew;
My heart has found forever home,
   since finding home in you.

You've broke the binds and mended now,
   this once so shattered heart;
You focused on the smallest things,
   to set our love apart.

So this I say, my precious gem,
   in case you didn't know;
You stole my heart to make it yours,
   a long long time ago!
Have you taken the time lately to thank her for loving you the way she does? If not, take time today to make it clear.
Jan 2018 · 180
"Crazy Love"
Kenny Whiting Jan 2018
She may not be just what YOU think,
   the perfect girl should be;
But hear me out, my gorgeous girl,
   is perfect just for ME.

You'll never find more gentle love,
   she loves me from her heart;
This type of love, '**** other things,
   what sets my girl apart.

She's stronger than a full grown ox,
   at least in her own mind;
But mess with me, you'll find out quick,
    she'll put you back in line.

Oh sure there's other folks who think,
   she's crazy as can be;
In fact, they're right, she truly is,
   she's CRAZY over ME!!
Happiness is finding that one you can laugh with and love unconditionally! Cherish each moment of your time together today because tomorrow is not promised to any of us!
Jan 2018 · 157
"Complex Love"
Kenny Whiting Jan 2018
She's gorgeous, yet far more than that,
   she's fallen hard for me;
The one that stole my heart away,
   she's all the air I breathe.

She's perfect in her own sweet way,
   just like an angel's dream;
If you could stand right where I'm at,
   you'd see just what I mean.

She's simple in a complex way,
   my sunshine through each night;
She turns my world all upside down,
   yet makes it seem just right.

She's gentle like a drop of rain,
   yet fierce as thunderous roar;
She fights to see each battle won,
   true victor in life's war.

She's soft at heart but strong at will,
   perfection at its best;
A dream come true for me to love,
   each moment I've got left!
True love is unbelievably  simple yet, incredibly complex. Live and love each and every day as it's your last. Hold on to each specific characteristic of her love!
Nov 2017 · 165
"Little Angel"
Kenny Whiting Nov 2017
Not once a one of us had ever thought,
   that day would be your last;
Or dreamed we'd have to say goodbye,
   far many years too fast.

You came into our life one day,
   few later, you were gone;
Each one of us still grieving now,
   but yet still moving on.

It's harder than we thought it'd be,
   if only we'd have known;
Our Father needed you today,
   His Angel, Home sweet Home.

You've got the best of teachers now,
   to learn your ABC's;
A playground made of purest gold,
   beside that Crystal Sea.

We're happy, yet we're crushed inside,
   still missin' you down here;
We're jealous yet we know you're blessed,
   you'll never shed one tear!

So as we're meeting here today,
   another year gone by;
We're proud of you no matter what,
   we KNOW you're soaring high.

We miss you each and every day,
   by now I'm sure you know;
That Heaven gained OUR precious gem,
   when Heaven gained YOUR soul!
I wrote this for  friend of mine who lost her 9 month old granddaughter.
Nov 2017 · 194
"Little Angel"
Kenny Whiting Nov 2017
Not once a one of us had ever thought,
   that day would be your last;
Or dreamed we'd have to say goodbye,
   far many years too fast.

You came into our life one day,
   few later, you were gone;
Each one of us still grieving now,
   but yet still moving on.

It's harder than we thought it'd be,
   if only we'd have known;
Our Father needed you today,
   His Angel, Home sweet Home.

You've got the best of teachers now,
   to learn your ABC's;
A playground made of purest gold,
   beside that Crystal Sea.

We're happy, yet we're crushed inside,
   still missin' you down here;
We're jealous yet we know you're blessed,
   you'll never shed one tear!

So as we're meeting here today,
   another year gone by;
We're proud of you no matter what,
   we KNOW you're soaring high.

We miss you each and every day,
   by know I'm sure you know;
That Heaven gained OUR precious gem,
   when Heaven gained YOUR soul!
Nov 2017 · 372
"One More Moment"
Kenny Whiting Nov 2017
I've got a thing or two to say,
   oh sure, I'm shedding tears;
This life is harder than it was before,
   without you with me here.

Now when the nightfall closes round,
    without you by my side;
The peace I had just holdin you,
   has turned to pain each night.

I know you didn't walk away,
   when Heaven took you Home;
Yet being here without my friend,
   has left me all alone.

So now I'll  let you guide my way,
   with you I'll make it through;
Cause every thought of you I have's...
   one moment spent with you.
Nov 2017 · 128
"Just Beautiful"
Kenny Whiting Nov 2017
I take the time to tell you now,
   about this girl I know;
Rare precious gem, bright diamond type,
   her beauty all aglow.

Her heart so big, its spilling out,
   to spread around her love;
With any soul who may be down,
   soft word or gentle hug.

Her gorgeous smile will steal your heart,
   those eyes, oh goodness man;
The closest thing to angel eyes,
   this side of Glory Land!

She's special, yes, she's sent from God,
   His present from above;
If ever once you meet this girl,
   you too will fall in love!
Some times in life we come across a truly special person. When that day comes,cherish it!
Real loving people are becoming more rare! Hold onto them!!
Nov 2017 · 204
"Truest Beauty"
Kenny Whiting Nov 2017
Her beauty's  worth ten thousand words,
   so far beyond skin deep;
So beautiful both out and in,
   just take a glimpse, you'll see.

She'll stand by you when no one will,
    best friend one man could have;
She'll share her smile at any time,
    and love you when you're mad.

She'll steal your heart with just a glimpse,
    connect with just a smile;
Don't think you'll once just get away,
   you'll feel it for awhile!

So when you see her walking by,
   or pass her once today;
Be ready now, I'm warnin' you,
   she'll take your breath away!!
True beauty is FAR beyond just an outward facade! It is infectious at just a glimpse. When you come to know someone who changes your day, your life, with just a smile, no words can describe!
Oct 2017 · 299
"Masterpiece of Beauty"
Kenny Whiting Oct 2017
My eyes behold a masterpiece, 
   each time I see your face;
My mind goes numb, with thoughts of you,
    my heart picks up its pace.

So beautiful you are to me,
   quite gorgeous out and in;
Since every time you cross my mind,
   I fall for you again.

Magnificient and magical, 
   an angel you must be;
You're Heaven sent by God Himself,
   a gift from Him to me!

So when you think some other way,
   or feel a twinge of doubt;
Remember this, my angel eyes,
   your beauty screams out loud.

You're beautiful, magnificient,
   more like a masterpiece;
A perfect blend of gorgeous face
   and precious inner peace.
When you come to know a gorgeous person, you realize beauty is truly NOT skin deep. The truest beauty is an inner peace and affection beyond words! Let someone know today how beautiful they are!!
Oct 2017 · 172
"Scene of Love"
Kenny Whiting Oct 2017
If I could paint a picture now,
   depicting what love is;
A portrait cloaked in silent views,
   would look a bit like this:

With softest tones I'd paint a beach,
   with golden tinted sand;
Depicting how He formed ALL things,
   with sculptor's driven hands.

Now take a look, I'm sure you'll see,
     small diamonds top the waves;
As crescent moon lights up the sky,
   to mark an end to day.

The stars break out in awesome glow,
    cool breeze wafts ore' the land;
And with each step we take in life,
   our footprints marks the sand.

This masterpiece of our true love,
   would be of ocean scene;
Depicting what it's all about,
   this love 'twixt you and me.
Aug 2017 · 241
"Dreams Surpassed"
Kenny Whiting Aug 2017
I've dreamed a dream for many years,
   I've begged My Lord above;
To find it in His Master plan,
   for me to find true love.

The one that He had made for me,
   so perfect in His sight;
That angel I have dreamt about,
   to bring me pure delight.

And then one day my dreams came true,
   He more than answered prayer;
He far surpassed my every dream,
   He gave me YOU, my dear!

Now that I've found my one true love,
   it feels much more than right;
As I now see, not only His,
   you're perfect in MY sight!
You have dreamed your whole life about meeting that perfect one for you, but it's not until that day comes that you truly realize what perfection and true love is all about!
Aug 2017 · 290
"Perfection for Me"
Kenny Whiting Aug 2017
My Lord and God I come to you,
   I'm down on bended knee;
To thank you for this girl you made
   formed perfectly for me.

You took Your time with me in mind,
   to make her oh so right;
A masterpiece of earthly love,
   pure gorgeous in my sight.

No soul on earth could love me more,
   no question I'm her man;
A precious gift You sent to me,
   perfection by Your Hands.

She may not be what others think,
   the perfect girl would be;
But thanks to You she's more than just
   a perfect fit for me!
Have you ever taken the time to thank God for his masterpiece of love? He formed that special person with you in mind. Treat her like she is a gift from Heaven...she is!
Jul 2017 · 260
"Life Long Love"
Kenny Whiting Jul 2017
I don't know what to say right now,
   I'm fumbling for the words;
To tell you all you mean to me,
   your love makes words absurd.

There's not a word yet known to man,
   describing how it feels;
Much more than good, far more than best,
   a feeling so unreal.

It's taken time to feel this way,
   since really finding love;
I never thought I'd find you girl,
   my angel from above.

Now holding on to what we have,
   a love that most won't know;
I'm sticking by your side each day,
   to never let you go.

So when at times you stumble down,
    I'll help you to your feet;
'Cause when it counts, no, anytime,
   in life it's you and me!
Jul 2017 · 303
"Scars of the Heart"
Kenny Whiting Jul 2017
No words could ever once describe,
   just what I'm going through;
Unbearable, despicable,
    this pain of losing you.

You've been a part of more than life,
   my one and only love;
Now looking down on me today
   from Heaven's gates above.

Although I miss you more right now,
   than ever once before;
I know we'll meet again real soon,
   just inside Heaven's door.

But as for now I'll bear the pain,
   of scars inside my heart;
An emptiness that can't be filled,
   so long as we're apart.
The pain of losing someone you love can only minimally be suppressed by the knowledge that you will see them again one day.
Jul 2017 · 231
"Simplistic View Of Glory"
Kenny Whiting Jul 2017
Dear Lord, I come to you right now,
   I'm down on bended knee;
To see if we can barter up a deal,
   a trade 'twixt You and me.

I heard you're building me a Home,
   a mansion in the skies;
A harp and crown to call my own,
   no sooner than I die.

Well heres the deal, I'll never feel,
   real comfy in those digs,
So if I can, I'll spill the beans,
   'bout my dream place to live.

I'd start with just a smidge 'o land,
   tucked yonder in the hills;
A cabin with a front porch swing,
   no reoccurring bills.

I'll trade majestic gates of pearl,
   and shiny streets of gold;
For picket fence with squeaky gates,
   and worn out muddy road.

I'd take a hat and guitar pick,
   no harp or crown for me;
A big 'ole oak with hammock swung,
   now that would glory be.

Now this I ask in Heaven's name,
   I leave it in Your hands;
It's You who made me who I am,
   a simple country man!
I still enjoy writing about Heaven. God made us each individually with individual taste and imaginations. This is a view into what I would dream of Heaven being...this would be Glory for me!
Jul 2017 · 357
"Still Amazed by You"
Kenny Whiting Jul 2017
It's been too long since moment when,
   I said those precious words;
To think I don't still love you girl,
   now that's more like absurd.

I'm not the best at being all,
   the perfect man should be;
But faithful, true, forever strong,
   now that would be more me.

I may not tell you everyday,
   just everything you mean,
But girl I say for once and all,
   you're everything I've dreamed.

So if there's once you question us -
   in fact, just anytime;
Just ask me then, I'll tell you this,
    to give you peace mind:

My precious girl, I love you more,
   than ANY words can say;
You've changed my world, with just your love,
   by you I'm still amazed!
We get caught up in the rat race of life and often times forget to let that special person in our life know how much they mean to us. Live and love them to the fullest and take the time to not only tell them but SHOW them everything they are to you so they never have a doubt
Jul 2017 · 215
"Happily Home"
Kenny Whiting Jul 2017
You've left me here all by myself,
    to find a way to grieve;
It shreds my heart to think right now,
   you're happy without me.

I feel at times like nothings real,
   so hard to just move on;
Each breathe I take is crushing me,
   so heartbroke and alone.

I know you're happy Home sweet Home,
   just strollin' Heaven's shore;
But living here without you now,
   breeds pain I can't ignore.

I'm sorry that I feel this way,
   as sad as one can be;
Still tryin' to deal with one small thing-
   you're happy without me.
When a loved one passes away, the grieving process is different for everyone. Knowing they are gone to a better place of no pain or sorrow makes it easier for some to accept, whereas others silently deal with the difficulty of realizing that while they are hurting and lonely their loved one is happier and more free than ever.
Jul 2017 · 203
"Proud Love"
Kenny Whiting Jul 2017
I tell you this my truest love,
   if ever comes one time;
You question this 'ole heart of mine,
    or have no peace of mind -

Remember this, I'm sayin' now,
   I'm still your biggest fan;
The one that's got your back today,
   who's proud to be your man.

I'll hold you close till end of time,
   I'll breathe for you each day;
Hold tightly to this love we have,
   to take your fears away.

I'm here right now, I'll never leave,
   you're ALL I'll ever need;
Not many once could find true love,
   like love 'twixt you and me!
Guys, do you remind her often how much she means to you, how no one on earth could take her place? Be proud to stand by that beauty God has blessed you with and take every opportunity to make sure she knows how proud you are!!
Jun 2017 · 240
"Love Repair"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2017
It's time in life we live today,
   we take a bit of pause;
To reminisce the days gone past,
   the pain we may have caused.

We all took roads or different paths,
   few narrow, far more broad;
But chose to find our way through life,
   by traveling road we trod.

We've left a trail of shattered hearts,
   of loved ones in our wake;
The bitter taste of self defeat,
   from choices that we make.

So every day from here on out,
  let's change the way we've lived;
To find ourselves, if just once more,
   remembering only this:

There's young ones needing us today,
    they're hurting oh so bad;
To know they mean the most to you,
   to know you love them dad!
So take a moment every day,
   to let them know you care;
Can't change the past mistakes you made,
   but love you can repair.
As we made our way through life the choices we made and paths we took, right or wrong, ALL affected each precious one that loves us. As I did and so many others, we hurt those jewels whether we meant to or not. One of the greatest things about love is that we CAN repair it, we can mend relationships, and I for one am going to!
Jun 2017 · 271
"Proud Son"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2017
I tell you 'bout this man I know,
   the strongest man on earth;
The richest man to live this life,
   his stock in Heaven's worth.

He lives his life to be the man,
   My God would have him be;
To stand for Christ and preach His Word,
    to sinners just like me.

He's not real tall, soft spoken sort,
   and yes, he lacks some hair;
But stands his ground when other's won't,
    so try him if you dare!

He stands for right to battle wrong,
   the Bible is his sword;
A superhero some may say,
   though I say he's much more.

He's good to mom, a loyal spouse,
   best friend one soul could have;
A Christian man, a Godly man,
   this man I call my dad!
On this father's day 2017, so many people have posted how great their father is. There are many great father's out there. I want to wish Happy Father's Day to all, but one in particular, my father, Ed Whiting. He is not only the truest example of what a father should be, the most dedicated man to my mother, Carol French Whiting, but as well is the epitome of a Godly man! Thank you for all that you are dad!
Jun 2017 · 508
"Our Golden Vows"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2017
In the Bible it is written,
   among the "Thees" and "Thows";
Just what I promised you,
   in these our wedding vows.

I promised you forever,
   is how long you'd feel my love;
No matter what the struggle,
   ever come to push or shove.

I promised you I'd stand by you,
   from then 'til Heaven calls;
I'd hold you tight and comfort you,
   to never let you fall.

I promised you I'd hold your hand,
   all through life's weary way;
I'd guide you and protect you,
   grow closer day by day.

I promised to defend you,
   to stand up for my bride;
To make you first within my life,
   and put all else aside.

I promised you I'd be the man,
   My God would have me be;
I'd show you kindness in our life,
   our marriage I would lead.

I promised you I'd comfort you,
   forever keep you safe;
To wrap you up with loving arms,
   my arms your sacred place.

With those few vows I said to you,
   forever was my goal;
And here we are still so in love,
   since 50 years ago!
Just 50 short years ago my dad and mom, Ed Whiting and Carol French Whiting, made a solemn vow to each other in matrimony. I can't begin to express the love they have for each other and the extent they both exhibit it to each other as well as everyone around.
They are truly two beautiful lovebirds as well by far the best parents any man woman or child could be blessed with having! HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!! I love you!
   I wrote this poem today with the commitment and dedication I have witnessed in their lives on a daily basis...
Jun 2017 · 375
"Gorgeous Perfection"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2017
My gorgeous love feels bad at times,
   she doesn't know my thoughts,
She sees me on my worst of days,
    when everything seems naught.

She does her best to make each day,
  feel better by the night;
To make the bad just go away,
   and make my world alright.

She's hard at times on only one,
   the beauty that I love;
To think she's not the better half,
    absurd, just look at us!
She may not be the angel,
   that she thinks she oughta be;
But truth be known she's close enough,
   to perfect just for me.
You never know how perfect someone is until you truly fall in love...even the smallest idiosyncrasies become a part of who you are as a couple. Hold on to the small things, the laughter, the special way you hug, whatever it may be that y'all do different than most couples...those little things make memories.
Jun 2017 · 364
"Gem of Love"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2017
The words "true love" can mean so much,
   if loving that right girl;
She'll turn your nights to sunny days,
   and rock your whole wide world.

Her love is like vast rolling hills,
   grass blowing in the breeze;
The scent of springtime wafting in,
   to set your mind at ease.

Her strength is like a lightning bolt,
   loud crash, a thunderous roar;
Sheer power behind the mighty seas,
   an anchor cast on shore.

Her beauty's so magnificent,
   huge mountains capped with snow;
As sun's horizon meets the land;
   a sunset's peaceful glow.

Her touch, a soft and tender touch,
   a drop of gentle rain;
It brings such joy into my heart,
   her touch can ease fierce pain.

Her heart's so full of tenderness,
   each beat confirms her love;
A precious package sent to me,
   from Heavenly Father above.

So now you see how rich I am,
   in love I've got the world;
Since finding her I have it ALL-
   my gem, my gorgeous girl.
Guys, if someone asked you today to describe your girl, not physical attributes but her as a whole, what would you say? I believe if you really put your mind to it you would surprise not only yourself but her as well!
Jun 2017 · 222
"Awaiting Splendor"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2017
This lonesome earth is not my home,
   I'm just wanderin' through;
I'm waiting for my chariot ride,
   to home beyond the blue.

There's just a few more roads to cross,
   A few more wars to fight;
There's but one moment left on earth,
   until I take that flight.

What glorious moment that will be,
   He'll come with outstretched hand;
To lead us to a glorious place,
   our Home in Beulah Land!

With sudden splendor He'll arrive,
   His Angels gathered 'round;
We'll know that moment when it comes,
   hear Heaven's trumpets sound.

I'm now so ready for that day,
   to see My Saviour arrive;
Could be this morning, noon and night,
   we'll break through yonder skies.

I hope your ready when He comes,
   to take us Home sweet Home;
You've trusted in God's saving grace,
On Heaven's shores you'll roam.

We can't imagine what glory will be,
   what splendor there awaits;
When on that day we'll walk and run,
   through Heaven's Pearly Gates!
Jun 2017 · 266
"Living My Dream"
Kenny Whiting Jun 2017
I've heard it said, but now I feel,
   a heartfelt love so true;
A bigger love than some will find,
   this love 'twixt me and you.

It's made of deeds, no more just words,
   It comes straight from the heart;
To happen once in each our lives,
   and truly leaves it's mark.

It's up to us to make it last,
   to never let it die;
To set ablaze and fan the flames,
   without a reason why.

To feel this way could only mean,
   in life but just one thing;
You're all I'll want or ever need,
   since now I live my dreams!
May 2017 · 379
"My Anchor"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
I pray My God in Heaven,
  please be with me here today;
Please protect me, guide and keep me,
   as life's storms now come my way!

Please be with me till they pass me,
   when the thunder sounds no more;
Or just take me home to Heaven,
   let me walk that golden shore!

When the darkness often tempts me,
   to at times just hide my face;
As life's storms so fierce around me,
   rest in God, My Hiding Place!

For I feel My God is with me,
   as I go to him in prayer;
He has always be my anchor,
   when I need Him, He is there!

Yes, He's silenced Satan's whispers...
   "there's no hope in life at all";
'Cause My Lord himself has caught me,
   any time before I fall!

Now I'm sure that God is with me,
   and tomorrow sun WILL rise;
For I know He holds my future,
   just beyond those stormy skies!
Those days when everything looks bleak and it seems the storms of life are going to overtake you, rest in the peace knowing that The Master of the Universe is and always will be in control!
May 2017 · 194
"Forgiving Love"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
This world is not my home,
    I'm justa 'passin through;
I'll live with God one day,
   and pray that so will you.

He's got a place for me,
    a mansion in the sky;
A home that's all my own,
   the very day I die.

Such beauty I will see,
   streets made of purest gold;
Behind those gates of pearl,
   my loved one's there to hold.

No more we'll feel life's pain,
   nor shed but one more tear;
This time on earth won't count,
   one day or one more year.

He's paid the price for us,
   forgiven by His blood;
So live for Him today,
   surrounded by His Love.
May 2017 · 146
"Soldiers to Saints"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
Let's stop today to say a prayer,
    get down on bended knee;
To thank Our Lord for all the one's,
    who died so we'd be free.

They gave their lives to fight for us,
   fought battles in each war;
To see we'd all be free to walk,
    this land from shore to shore.

Each husband, wife or daughter,
   each son or just a friend;
Gave all in heat of battle,
   our country to defend.

So say a prayer for those who served,
    who answered beckon call;
They died to let our freedom ring,
    those saints each gave their all!
May 2017 · 343
"Brave Elite"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
They've given all as war raged on,
   they gave their best each day;
They fought to free each one of us,
   to see 'ole glory wave!

They stood so strong, so proud and tall,
   our freedom to defend;
That son or daughter, mom or dad,
   that husband, wife, or friend!

Though young or old, some rich or poor,
   each answered beckon call;
They fought to let our freedom ring,
   each soldier gave their all!

The ones that fell, who now have passed,
   who paid the bigger price;
Left loved ones here with broken hearts,
   still lost in silent cries!

Then ones still here, so many ways
  the war has left it's mark;
With scars and shattered dreams they have,
   so many broken hearts!

I take the time to pen these words,
   to stand up to my feet,
Saluting every one who've fought,
   the few, OUR BRAVE ELITE!!
Take the time today to say a prayer for all those whom have lived and died defending this great nation!
May 2017 · 785
"Omnipotent King"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
I tell you now, My God is King;
   the Ruler of all seas;
Almighty and Omnipotent;
   My Lord, The Prince of Peace.

He's with me on the mountaintop,
   or on the valley floor;
He's with me when I'm lost at sea,
   or resting on the shore.

He's seen me through the worst of times,
   He caught me when I fell;
He changed my life with just one touch,
   by breaking devil's spell.

He broke the chains that bound my life,
   thus setting my soul free;
So much more than My Lord and King,
   He's more than life to me!
May 2017 · 189
"Queen of My Heart"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
Please let me take one moment now,
   to tell you 'bout my girl;
She's sweeter than pure honeycomb,
    more precious than a pearl.

She came to me sent straight from God,
   to teach me 'bout real love;
A present that My God sent down,
   from Heaven's gates above.

I'm proud I found my one true love,
   yet still so overwhelmed;
So blessed to call her all my own,
   gift from Angelic realms.

She fills me full of hope in life,
   means more than everything;
She's bound my heart with chains of love;
   my love, my gorgeous queen.
What happened to the past days when a couple treated each other like royalty? They truly respected each other and the man treated his lady like the real Queen she is...
May 2017 · 242
"My Everything"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
I love you girl, I know that now,
   you've won my heart indeed;
You make me smile when other's can't,
    you mean this much to me...

You're wild fire that burns inside,
   to set my heart ablaze;
A sunbeams ray that sheds pure light,
   on each my darkest days.

You're buttercups and daffodils,
    the color in my life;
A *** of gold at rainbows end,
   my comfort after strife.

You're fresh cut grass caught in the wind,
    a breathe of springtime breeze;
The a' la mode' that tops me off,
   to make my life complete.

So when you feel you're not enough,
   I hope with this you'll see;
You're all of this and so much more,
    you're EVERYTHING to me!
Anybody can say "I love you", but not everyone can go into detail as to what that person and their love really means
May 2017 · 548
"Wings of Love"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
There's times in life we're just not sure,
   which way is best to go;
Those times when life seems far to hard,
    in life we're dealt a blow

We may not see the light to come,
   the end seems far away;
Life really seems not worth it now,
   to wake up one more day.

I know it's hard, I've been there too,
   where dying would bring peace;
Where not one thing could make me smile,
   no help the pain could ease.

Just hear me out, I've got some news,
   I finally found the way,
To stand up strong, to live again,
   to face another day.

I gave it all to God Himself,
   let Jesus fight my war;
And that He did, He fought for me,
   this war and many more!

Now every day I give Him thanks,
   for guidance from above;
For keeping me so safe from harm,
   wrapped in His Wings of Love.
Every day each one of us fight personal battles. We try our best to handle them ourselves while keeping a positive facade. We get deeper and deeper in agony and despair by holding the pain in... Don't try to do it yourself, open up, tell a Friend... He is more than capable of handling all our problems!
May 2017 · 1.6k
"My Mother Dear"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
A mother's love is not just love,
   it's more than that you see;
It's closer to agape love,
   my mother's love to me.

She never failed to wrap me up,
   when ere I felt some pain;
To make the bad turn into good,
   her hugs were all the same.

She picked me up those times I fell,
   brushed off that dirt of life;
She stood by me no matter what,
   for me she'd stand and fight.

I'll always be her baby boy,
   from birth all through my years;
My friend, my hero, queen of hearts,
   my mother oh so dear!
I know everyone says their mom is the best, but if you actually could meet my mother then you would see it my way...I DEFINITELY have the sweetest, most supportive, and phenomenally loving mother absolutely ANY man, woman or child could be blessed to call their mom! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, but most importantly to the beautiful lady I am proud to call MY mom .... Carol Whiting. I love you mother!!
May 2017 · 558
"Thanks to Calvary "
Kenny Whiting May 2017
In life I've fell so many times,
   to many different things;
I'd took a path down darkened road,
   no glint of hope or dreams.

I lived for self, a lonesome place,
   to be all my own man;
Til' Jesus found this broken soul,
   then took me by the hand.

He said "Don't fret, I've paid the price,
   Your sins they're all forgiven;
I've got a place to call your own,
   a Home all yours in Heaven."

He paid in blood for all my sins,
   to give me this new life;
To see the road I'd missed before,
   called living my life right.
I may have lived my life all wrong,
   in sin He must abhor;
Yet glory be to Calvary,
   I don't live there anymore!
We all need His forgiveness!
May 2017 · 1.2k
"True Meaning of Love"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
Let's take the word "love"
  and study it close;
The most famous word
  in life I suppose!

It's taken for granted
  by most all of us;
It's said as an ending
  as we bicker and fuss!

We throw it to family
  as we walk out the door;
So misused by all-
  by rich and by poor!

We feel it has meaning,
  if used every day;
No matter how spoken,
  a word that we say!

I pray that you see it
  before it's too late;
Love is more than a word
  to throw at your mate!

It's not just a noun
  to be casually thrown,
It's FAR more than that
  when its physically shown!

There's one HUGE example
  how to show others love;
It's found in My God's Word,
  from Heaven above!

God sent His Son Jesus
  to die on a tree;
He bled on Mt. Calvary,
  to set us all free!

He hung on the cross
  for our sins to erase;
To save all our souls
  from the judgment we face.

God showed us the meaning
  of love on that day:
To sacrifice wholly
  ourselves all the way!

You see, He came down,
  from Heaven above;
To show us Himself-
  true meaning of love!!
What does the word "love" mean to you? Is it just a word that you tell people to make them feel good? Is it a word to let certain people know they mean more to you than other people? Or is "love" not just a word to be said, but more importantly a word to be shown ?
May 2017 · 294
"Angel in My Arms"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
Right now I found what I've not had,
    just since I found my place;
It's holding her so close to me,
   to see my angel's face.

You see, she's saved me many times,
   once heartbroke and alone;
She's mended now that broken heart,
   to soften heart of stone.

She means much more than most to me,
   my angel from above;
A package sent from God Himself,
    for only me to love.

Now when it comes a long days end,
   to keep her safe from harm;
I wrap her up and reap the joy
   of Heaven in my arms!
May 2017 · 216
"Winner's Dream"
Kenny Whiting May 2017
Some try so hard to do their best,
   some others just give in;
It's up to you to make the choice,
   to fall or fight to win!

We all have stumbled down at times,
   crushed loved ones in our wake;
They all deserve a better man,
   your life, the prize at stake!

There's family, friends and loved ones 'round,
   who'd die for you today;
For once to see you turn around,
   to head the other way!

They love their friend, their son or dad,
   they want what's best for you;
To step it up, to beat the odds,
   as only YOU can do!

Don't put it off, not one more day,
   to show them who you are;
Just fight to win the war ahead,
   keep reaching for the stars!

Now live each moment like your last,
   tomorrow may not come;
Yet dream a dream so big for now
   to conquer number One!
In life, we all have our own struggles. Some big, some small, but they all are  part of life we must face! We must each focus on the prize ahead to make it through whatever those struggles may be!
I pray these words will be a blessing and encouragement to all who take the time to read them...
Apr 2017 · 191
"Power of a Friend"
Kenny Whiting Apr 2017
You feel at times you can't do right,
   no matter how you try;
Your broken heart so crushed it hurts,
    you're lost in silent cries

You fear the worst is yet to come,
   you struggle back the tears;
To end it all, but die alone,
   the worst of all your fears

It seems right now the pain won't stop,
   you'll never reach the end;
No joy no peace not now at all,
   no one to call your friend

The day has drug on far too long,
   but here's a bit of news;
I'm here right now, to share my strength,
   my heart will see you through

I know its been a lonesome road,
   you've traveled on so long;
But brighter days are just ahead,
   those darkened days all gone

Don't give up now, you must go on,
   My heart is here for you;
To be your friend, to build you up,
   to show what love can do!
As we get caught up in the rat race of life, we overlook so many people who are hurting, broken, or alone. People just like you and me who have gone through unimaginable trials, people who just need a kind word, a hug, a listening ear, people who just need a friend to care. Take the time to be one of these things for someone may be the one in need tomorrow!
Apr 2017 · 253
"Love Strong"
Kenny Whiting Apr 2017
It may be odd to some out there,
   to be this much in love;
But when your time is right you'll know,
   'cause words won't seem enough.

It sneaks in small, the quiet type,
    then rips your world apart;
Yet only in the best of ways,
    will true love leave its mark.

You'll find it best when in those times,
   you seem so unaware;
Just try to turn away from it
   or fight it if you dare.

It may seem weak to fall in love,
   such myths have proven wrong;
'Cause never once 'til I found you
   I've ever been this strong!
To be in love with someone gives you more than a good feeling, it gives you strength like you've never known...strength to battle whatever it is that life brings your way!
Apr 2017 · 307
"Long Days End"
Kenny Whiting Apr 2017
There's times in life that seem so hard,
   those days and weeks that never end;
So few of us can stand the torture,
   not to break but only bend.

We fight the wars among few others,
    stand alone in times we're tried;
To find the strength, to win each battle,
    stand for peace we've been denied.

We don't lose hope, keep pressing on,
   for those few things we know are right;
Keep truly focused on the future,
   forging on to win this fight.

Now as we lay our body down,
   find our self as though it seems;
Finally find that piece we longed for,
   restful sleep and peaceful dreams.
Apr 2017 · 165
"Loving Memories"
Kenny Whiting Apr 2017
Since now your gone, you're Home Sweet Home,
   your body's laid to rest;
I see the truth more clearly now,
   God only takes the best!

You made your mark before you left,
   you changed so many lives;
Just showing us what real love is,
   not living life a lie.

A smile each day, my hand in yours,
   big hugs when times got tough;
The simple truth, 'til I met you,
   I'd never known true love.

Now as our time has come and gone,
   I'll kept your memory safe;
In spot that ONLY you could fill,
   my heart, your sacred place.
Many times now I have been asked to pen words for many different people and all different occasions. Just yesterday I was contacted by a grieving man who just lost his wife of 36yrs. My heart goes out to him...
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