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Jun 23 · 78
KillerKhooler Jun 23
No longer will you keep me in chains
No longer will you suppress me and my nature
I am a part of you as you are a part of me
I am the creature that perch on your shoulder
I am the creature that lay both hands on you and whisper in your ear
I am the creature that can foreshadow you
The same that allow you to enjoy all your sins and bad intention
The same creature live deep in you
Once all of the white winged creature has forsaken you
I'll be their with you but not for you
It started as a line from a comic I'm writing. I liked it so I turn it into a poem
Jun 22 · 34
KillerKhooler Jun 22
Night like this I'm sitting at the table writing again
Slowly drinking but not yet drunk
This the only time I'm not fun to be around
The only time I'm not laughing or smiling while alcohol in my system
All I write are thing that a little dark or depressing
I've even wrote one were I compare myself to the moon
I was introduce to so much in a young age
I have some happy moments but not enough to counteract the negativity
Writing is the best way we all can express ourself
It's the least dangerous way I can alleviate myself
Hopefully for the ones they call broken writing can help fix themself
Jun 9 · 10
Today is a good day today it's bright.
My demons aren't whispering in my ears.
Nor are they placing their hand on my shoulder.
They're not even reflecting back at me in the mirror.
Not a single episode.
I think I've finally regain control.
No voices, no lies, no laughter, no possession
They all are unrelenting and have a lot to say, so after awhile I fall for their prevarication
Nothing is pulling or compelling me to feel down
As I enjoy this day and not consume in melancholy
And balance myself with joy
I'll leave the door unlock and wait for their arrival
Cause everything is temporary
Jun 3 · 21
Not a poem
We all have something that make us happy or bring us up. Some people think that what make me happy is dangerous or will **** me and I tell them at least I'll die happy
May 19 · 60
KillerKhooler May 19
In silence I hear voices
My anger keeps me up at night
Turn me into something that I fear
With your words I put up a fight
With every threat
Vicious things you've said and done
With every attack you've always won
No salvation or anyone to my aide
Things in my mind becomes dark
I patiently wait to lose my mind
Might be a part two to this poem I wanted to add more
Mar 31 · 32
KillerKhooler Mar 31
I have a friend she’s long and Slim.
She loves to wrap herself only around my neck.

I have another friend who's cold to the touch.
He like to get in your head when you're weak and alone.

This one friend who have other friends, to many to count.
All they want to do is party until you are blue.
They'll put you to rest before they are gone.

My other friend she's transparent and childish.
She like play this game with the doors lock and windows rolled up then she wait until you close your eyes.

My other guy he have these intension.
He'll rob you of your oxygen and make you panic. The whole process is way over you head

My last friend is very tall and stands so high
He'll carry you on his shoulders then drop you to the ground.
Before you make contact you will regret ever doing it
Nov 2018 · 32
KillerKhooler Nov 2018
Everyone is infected their is no doubt.
If you are human you have no immunity against it.
It always the same virus but always a different process.
The host's heart is attack first.
After that works it's way to the brain.
Then the rest of the body just fall victim.
The virus symptoms cloud you thought and impair your decision.
Once you acknowledge these signs let everyone know, it is contagious.
It also fill you with ecstasy or anger.
In the end it just going to hurt.
The virus can cause death but only to those who are to deep.
Or to those who feel like living is not worth it anymore.
If you are human you have no immunity against it.
The only cure is a close heart.
Nov 2018 · 69
KillerKhooler Nov 2018
I don't want to keep you against you're will.
At the same time I want to keep you a little longer.
You're not obligated to spend another second with me.
Another second without aggression, show me that you care.
You are not the only one who can help but be the one who stay with me.
I hate when I have to try my best to persuade someone.
I hate after I've tried, it's all in vain and I fall into the dark
I tend to do some unnecessary thing when  I'm alone.
Every minute you linger will compel my dark thoughts away.
Your company will keep me from making contact with the surrounding walls.
Your presence will negate the curse but only for tonight.
This is something you may never know but you might save a life at this moment.
I **** at endings
Oct 2018 · 136
KillerKhooler Oct 2018
I don't need drugs to help me cope
I drink out of affinity not out of sorrow
All I have are my fist and a obstacle
As my sorrow fights my happiness
Same time I'm fighting a nonliving enemy
At same time I'm fighting bad memories
I make the mistake of letting it get to me
Nothing wrong with blood on the walls
To the sane something not right with me
Replace one pain with another
It reset me or put me back in place
Crash my fist til it hurt then get numb
Pent the animosity in my mind
Physical wounds I incessantly reopen
Emotion always scar me both ways
I'll pray and do thing to lead me away
I'll fake a smile surround myself with good
It a battle with no end or liberation
It give me little rest and very little peace
Sep 2018 · 42
KillerKhooler Sep 2018
Don't stop showing up
Don't slow down the pace
Don't relent your attention
Don't cheat on me
Don't expect much from me
Don't hurt me
Don't take this for granted
Don't think I want one thing
Don't leave me
I will die if had to look for another
Don't exaggerate
Don't expect the worse
Don't think I won't commit
Don't think I can stop loving you
Don't stop committing to me
Don't get loud with me
Don't be surprise
Don't hurt me please
Don't expect much from me
Don't touch me
Don't hide
Don't block or fight back
It will only get worse
Don't let anyone know
Don't let them see the bruises
Don't run from me
Don't think you can do better
Don't think I don't love you
Sep 2018 · 48
KillerKhooler Sep 2018
Another transaction
One more fix
Get my mind correct
Get my head on right
Can't remember how it begins
But lately it been getting out of control
Adding to the mixture unsafe experiments
And nonconventional method
When it happens or take effect
I want to do as much as possible
Then nothing at all when it's done
Powerful enough to overcome the day
Desperate enough to do anything for more
If I'm offered I will not refuse
Their for the taking it mines I don't care  
Addiction isn't the word for this
Caught in a trap I don't want to escape
Caught in a loop am I in hell or heaven
If I'm in hell this punishment I deserve
If in heaven then paradise is just a release
It's not about drugs
Aug 2018 · 46
KillerKhooler Aug 2018
Waiting for me at night
Keep stalking me in the dark
Always catch you in the corner of my eye

Disappear so fast
Faster than I can turn my head
Years have past still can't understand your intension

Ready to have you expose
No more wondering tired of guessing
Never was afraid just need to know what is hiding from me

Silent and covered in black
Delusional but not out of my mind
You run from eyes and leave me in doubt but I feel your presence so I don't need my sight

Maybe I will or will not have my answers
Or you'll never be reveal to the light and haunt in the shadows some more
Just know I'm not the one hiding and  watching awhile they're asleep but
I will be the one that's up
I will be the one to face
Jul 2018 · 158
KillerKhooler Jul 2018
Always waiting for the sun to rise.
Constantly waiting to know what the night have in store for me.
Only at night the days become wicked.
When it's dark out they start to haunt.
A blank paper on the table, a pen somewhere near by, and open bottles to help convince myself.
The day is always promise.
The night is full of uncertainty.
My thoughts are unstable and my soul wants to escape.
My hands wants to write another poetry to express my deepest desire.
If I fail again, in the future I may have to spin the revolver around.
Or my friend who's only warm to me when she's in use.
But right now the sun is coming up and this sad night is finally over.
I have to live another day.
Jun 2018 · 99
KillerKhooler Jun 2018
Just want to let you know.
You will suffer from depression.
You can't always be happy.
Life can balance or unbalance you out.
The first time will be hard.
It will drain you, it will put you into dark places, you will lose faith and wonder if you'll return to normal.
Count it as a phase once it evanesce.
If your anything like me it will come back and this one will be the worst.
It will do things to you and make you do thing to yourself.
You may shed tears or blood.
You may lose your love or life.
You will disconnect and lose your mind.
The best thing you can do is suffer through It.
Yes you will be alone, people say they care but they don't.
They'll never understand your burdens and what drove you to this state.
Just pray 'til it thoroughly goes away.
Fake being happy and smile until it becomes genuine again.
The light is out but the belief in you isn't.
It will be frequent in your memories but no worries tell yourself it's over with.
Just remember it's part of life, part of you, then you'll truly realize what happiness really is.
Jun 2018 · 81
KillerKhooler Jun 2018
Can't feel anything when I roll
Can't feel nothing when I drink
Can't feel when I'm asleep

I feel power when I roll
I feel invincible when I drink
I feel almighty when I dream
May 2018 · 92
KillerKhooler May 2018
I look up to the moon every single night
I've notice we have a lot in common
It's goes through phases some months out of the year
Some days it’s incomplete and take time to be whole again
People may notice it sometimes at night but barely get attention during the day
Certain nights It will be big, bright and almost smiling
Later in the night it'll be small, dim, and it's crescent turn to a frown
I look up and notice the trait we share but it won't look down and wonder the same notion
Mar 2018 · 283
KillerKhooler Mar 2018
I don’t get angry easily
I don’t explode in rage
I do keep it pent up
Forgive me if I lose myself

I don’t dislike anyone
I don’t have bad intention
I do feel animosity in me
Forgive me if I hurt you or myself
Mar 2018 · 92
KillerKhooler Mar 2018
I have will
I have sins
I have thoughts
Both good and bad
I have humanity

I have needs
I have desires
I have wishes
Give me attention
I have wants

I have a short life
I have lived long
It all lead the same path
I have to pay for my faults

I have horns
I have halos
Neither angel or demon
I have fallen

I have sanity
I have insanity
Trouble make it's way
I haven't had a piece of mind
The last four lines will always haunt me
Mar 2018 · 48
KillerKhooler Mar 2018
Sometimes when your will is weak or not enough. When your alone or don't want to be surrounded. All the thing in life making you feel low or not so tough. Close your eyes fold your hands and pray, take 2,4,6 or 20 shots get comfortable and lay but please don't take your life away
Mar 2018 · 70
KillerKhooler Mar 2018
Come and get it
Come and let it take control
Don't worry about the world this is your top priority
I want you to know I don't go slow
Please keep the pace and match my speed
I like the taste of pineapple, honey, and pink roses
She like the taste of lollipop, dark chocolate, and a pair of dark passion fruit
We'll both take turn to get to the top
We'll both take turn to pin each other at the bottom
Ride the wave, rock the boat, I'll lift y over my head before your done
Heat and friction, motion in oceans, give me more pain for every stroke
Catch my breath, heavy sweat, just want to squeeze you tighter and tighter
Too good to quit. Too numb to feel sore
Let’s go round for round until we’re no more
Feb 2018 · 67
KillerKhooler Feb 2018
Adulterer, fornicator, cheater its all in me
These sins keep me alone in life
I don't keep it a secret I always tell them about myself when I'm at this point

It's never my intentions but it's always my fault
I make sure to let them know I'll never initiate but I'll pursue
Pursue them cause they show me attention

Years of rejection and disappointment has alter my ways
Dark desires and the need of the opposite *** will always run through my mind

Animalistic personality strong endurance I have a drive that last for hours
Strong needs and taste for skin I want to claim more bodies as I can

Not asking for you to give me chances after chances nor am I asking you to stay
Just don't discriminate me and my raw behavior

I just need time and a able body to get this out my system
I need reliability and affection
A daily dose of my medicine

You'll find me unworthy and worthless of you
I am **** I've been told
But before I lose my worth I think it's worth for you to know
Dec 2017 · 83
KillerKhooler Dec 2017
I want priorities
I want to care
Give me a place in this world
No more disappearing
No more going unnoticed
Anchor me I want to stay
Fill my heart
Fill my soul
Help me dispose of my awful ways
Conquer my fears
Fear nothing else
I no longer have to do this by myself
Dec 2017 · 340
Over Power
KillerKhooler Dec 2017
What do you use to help you cope?
What means of happiness help you escape from this world or this reality?
You use it so much does it still feel the same?
You feel relief but do you feel content?
Can it be something conventional like ***, extravagance, drugs, alcohol?
Or can it be something unusual like self harm, blades, toxic thinking, or blood running down your skin?
Does it help to get rid of it or block what bother you?
Or does it hurt and over power whatever is making you feel bad?
Maybe it just make you numb?
Sometimes it's temporary but is it wrong or misuse?
A lot of the times it's permanent but if it keep your demons at bay does it count as abuse?
We all need something to help us cope with this life
We all need something to make us feel right
Dec 2017 · 86
KillerKhooler Dec 2017
Love have holes it have flaws. Love isn’t the greatest thing. It will keep you waiting and it never stay. It come in many forms. It keep you strong then make you weak. It take you in, it take you for granted, it take your breath and it might even take your life. It can be shared and it spread but it bring out the worst out of you. It make you jealous, it makes you insane, good or bad intention you will still cause pain. Even if you don’t care for other you still have love for yourself but If you don’t someone will offer false love so you can stay a little longer. Love for one, love yours, or love for everyone just know it will end and take a another form again
Still working on the title
Aug 2016 · 281
KillerKhooler Aug 2016
When all is wrong and nothing feels right. You don't have to be nice but make sure to put up a fight.

When your defenses are up and your guard is a must.
In this world theirs no one you can trust.

If they don't like nothing about you and your personality is to raw.
Make them understand it's who you are and its your law.

You don't waste time, redirect pain and avoid mistakes.
No more second chances, you pre judge and stay away from the fake.

If those who don't deserve you can't wait for your decision.
Continue living for yourself will be your only mission.
Aug 2016 · 154
KillerKhooler Aug 2016
You promise you'll hurt me bad but keep me in your arms.
I accept the pain and being a ******* I return it in pleasure.
Being with you I pretty much sold my soul.
A bargain that make no sense but I can see myself with you.
You can't return love properly but you can make me feel so good.
I have many reasons not to stay and many reasons to have you sent away.
My heart and mind are tightly chained so I can't leave.
I never react or get tired of the thing you do to me but sometimes I do get scared.
Can I just wrap my arms around you and make you become sane for a minute?
Can this be the day you realize that I'm not against you?
Your condition won't allow you to be happy and your anger is always taken out on me.
Just know that I'm hurting but not the one suffering.
Just know that I will die for you and because of you.
May 2016 · 106
KillerKhooler May 2016
Its easy to seek help and comfort when your in need but it is hard to ask someone if they need the same thing.

Its easy to numb ourselves with drugs and alcohol but it is hard for us to be delivered from our pain.

Its easy to be lonely and keep to ourselves but it is hard to find love especially when we deserve it.

Its easy to have a bunch of people in your circle but it is hard to trust them and it is hard to keep them in your life

Its easy to forgive those who have done us harm but it is hard to get rid of those awful memories

It easy for all of us to die but it is hard for all of us to really live our lives.
Apr 2016 · 291
Words You Need To Hear
KillerKhooler Apr 2016
You are an awesome person.
You came a long way you face a lot of obstacle.
The people you love and hate have mold you to this person that you never thought you'll ever become.

The hurtful words they use that suppose to cut and rip you apart have instead shape you into a goddess of beauty, intelligence, maternity, and consideration.

Don't ever discontinue your way don't ever let that one person rob you of who you are.
You strength will be put to the test, your intelligence and integrity will always be tried.

Acknowledge who you are, remember how far you come.
Make sure the love you receive is reciprocate by 2 fold, even to those who are unfamiliar.
This poem is for someone who helped me and now I'm sharing it for those who feel like they need to hear this
Nov 2015 · 571
KillerKhooler Nov 2015
Not all wars are fought in other worlds
       Some are fought at home, in relation, even within ourselves
              We carry weapons but they’re not man made
            neither are they visible nor physical
Instead of bullets we shoot words. Instead of knives we stab with betrayal
Instead of dropping bombs we exploit secrets. Instead of bullet proof jackets we build walls but those walls tend to fall.
The depressed are the wounded, the heartbroken are the casualties and those who shed tears are defeated in battle.
We’re not fully armored, we’re not prepared for this. In the front lines we must stand. Forgiveness can’t win this war
We may fight these battles alone but we fight our wars together
Oct 2015 · 200
Believe In Something
KillerKhooler Oct 2015
Not sure what religion really is and what is the true religion.
The key to all religion is faith and to have faith is to believe. When you believe you draw strength. Believe in yourself and draw strength to continue in life. If you can't draw strength within yourself then draw strength from good friends, family, or even your children find a reason to live. Some people will believe in a better afterlife and they do good in this world and hold their smile. You don't have to believe in a god and worship an omnipotent being just believe in yourself, just believe in something, just believe in someone more than yourself.
Its not a poem just something I want to put out
Aug 2015 · 245
KillerKhooler Aug 2015
You have no power here
Your false words we don't believe in anymore
You hurt us day by day you always win
Your hands doesn't have an ounce of strength
You stand over there looking at us while you sit and we clean
Your eyes don't carry the intensity it once had
You can't scare us with empty threats
Your alone and you can no longer claim a victim
We have over power you
Drinking again
Aug 2015 · 689
I'm just human (sometimes)
KillerKhooler Aug 2015
Losing, torture, death, these thing I’m afraid of
Power, strength, ecstasy, I try to attain
Love, ***, pleasure, I always look for it
Jealousy, people, life, I just can’t take it
Family, friends, partners, I lost so many
Trust, secrets, affinity, I will take it for granted
I go through all these emotion. I sometime feel so weak.
I sometimes feel so strong. Being human is sometimes hard but what else can I be?
usually when I drink I write better poem then this but I'll post it any ways. just like or heart  it.# captain morgan coconut ain't cutting it# why didn't you buy jack dummy!
KillerKhooler Aug 2015
Hanging out with a female is more exciting than with a guy.

It’s nice for a change a girl approach you and look into your eyes.

You hit my arm as you laugh at my joke, you play with my hands and hair and test my strength.
I never understood your intention and why you pick me over everyone else
I never understand why you ask how many woman I been with

I’m so stupid I thought you meant at school or at home

I never lay with a woman before, the thought of it never come to mind

This was something my teacher never prepared me for, this was something you experience after high school.
I was scared at first but you hold my hand and guide me through

As I catch the rhythm my body and spirit went with the flow  

I grab the concept on how to perform and got better I felt like a pro

Thing was getting good but I too cocky and too slow

After every session you remind me this not a relationship
After every relationship I try to avoid another you
Jul 2015 · 224
KillerKhooler Jul 2015
I don't think I can ever wipe my mind clean of you. I don't feel as powerful cause I felt so used.
why have you left my arms for another. I don't know who took you away from this world I just stare and wonder.
I have no problem getting girl but I'm looking for the right women. I'm so depress in this world from the light I have fallen. Can't get second a chance just want the feelings to remain. If I join you in the next life will you come to my arms again.
KillerKhooler Jul 2015
Here's to my father who I never met
Never met his other sons or his daughters

The only way to see you, I'll have to be underground and buried
Why the other half of my family feel like they don't care

Sometime I think I long for you, so such things are missing in my life
I think I'm better off without you but I'm so confuse in this world

Sometimes I fear you may hurt me like my mother or even worse
I don't know if you'll understand my pain and hold me in your arms

All I ever heard is that your my father and I remind them of you
I don't know who you are not sure if I want to know

If we do meet just remind me what I'm missing and show me what it like to have a father
Jul 2015 · 375
Nothing in this world
KillerKhooler Jul 2015
My father where are you when I need you the most. Please forgive me for I am about to lose myself. I'm afraid my other side is winning and I will be lost forever. Without you by my side I will loses all sense of discrimination. Friend, family, and the innocent I will tear them apart all the same. Your words keep me in place and your presence help me hold on to my sanity but now you are gone I have nothing to restrain me. I will break all that is peaceful and bring pain to this world
Jun 2015 · 329
Sometimes We All Need It
KillerKhooler Jun 2015
Women get support and complement from both men and other women but we guys don't get nothing.
For every men working one, two or even three jobs, supporting their families, feeding mouths, taking care of one or more people, exhausting themselves, get no sleep, studying their *** off, who got lock up, that struggle to work, struggle to get hired, that have mental or physical disabilities,grinding any way possible, if you got a girl, if you don't got a girl, if they're ***, if you do or don't got someone in your life. It doesn't matter. I support you. You look good doing the thing you do best. If people say ****, stupid, don't like your skin color, or reject you for something dumb, **** those people cause your not and they have nothing on.
Apr 2015 · 195
These feelings
KillerKhooler Apr 2015






Apr 2015 · 145
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
I ask question that no one care to ask
I will answer those question you’re so curious to know

Instead of reaching to the star I will actually touch them.
Instead of keeping my head up I will use my last ounce of strength to lift the heads of others

I express what I say without words and hope many will follow my actions.
I retrace my steps of the times when I was moving forward.

My only weakness is you not allowing me to help
The only thing I do wrong to you is not showing you enough

If its life that you’re afraid of then why don't you jump in fear?
To face your fear I'm not the one to talk just turn to a mirror and tell that person everything that they want to hear.

Now close your eyes and let what I whisper go through your ear get process in your brain, get tangled with your soul, then bond with your spirit and shatter your thoughts. After that give it some time.

Now open your eyes and tell everyone you what you saw?
Apr 2015 · 275
The Presence
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
When I pray I make sure to keep you in mind.
Every time I get hurt I think of you so my soul can leave my body.

What power you have to slay that demon I’m becoming?
And that so called sword of yours is not only a weapon but an extension of your heart.

I fall deep into yours words and get caught up in your thoughts.
And I become paralyze whenever you touch me then my heart begin to shutdown.

Your warm breath chills when it reaches my cold skin.
And my tears steams before it hits you.

It hurts my eyes to stare at you directly, I guess because of my dark ways.
Sometimes I have to sip my drinks or else I drown in it because I feel overwhelm when I’m near you.

I promise not to let you down in what you work so hard making what we are now
As long you promise not to let me down in what I am trying to become.
Apr 2015 · 217
The Light
KillerKhooler Apr 2015




my first poem
Apr 2015 · 192
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
If I am winter than you are summer, You warm up the heart of everyone while I make them cold and I bring depression.

If I'm the moon then you are the sun, I darken everyone day while you bighten theirs. I make them crazy and you make them sane.

Why are we so opposite what do we have in common, What can you see that I can't see

You stare into the eyes of everyone you talk to while I look away

You open your arms to everyone that need it and I keep mines close and keep my distances

Even though the street may look gray but every step you take the colors from underneath your shoes pave the street

We may be different but we still manage to stay together what can really separate us

Will I exist if I didn't have you or will you exist if you didn't have me

With every existent their an equal opposite
Apr 2015 · 552
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
I strain my eyes wide open while your deep in sleep
I stay awake for your nightmare I will keep

Pulling a world of pain away from you is my intent
I have to serve my time to keep you content

As you live on and I get stronger day by day.
Your selfish and petty battles I will risk my life away.

Whatever my body can take and whatever I can prevent.
I always lift my head and the negative thoughts I pent.

Never ask why try not to make sense of your demand  
I only accept your words and do as I’m command

Never be a night never day will your body hit the ground
For this promise I am still bound

I use metaphors and action to explain what I am in the light
Until time is done with us and death swing his blade, only I can do you right
I don't really make my poem rhyme but it was flowing to my head like crazy
Apr 2015 · 145
No Attention
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
You swear you can see my halo under the sun light.

But I believe it hang on my horn.

Your presence doesn't have any influence over my will.

My feelings for you doesn't equal to the way your is for me.

Your touch are soft and gentle but doesn't mean much to me.

Your love embrace me in every way but I don't deserve it.

I waste my time on giving you something so false because I devour attention without considering you.

When you stare into my eyes you see my soul.

When I stare into yours I see right through you.

I can no longer watch as you take in something that not real and I can no longer watch myself as I continue my guilty ways.

I wonder if I told you the truth who would suffer more me or you?
Apr 2015 · 161
next day better
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
Sometimes I wonder why my head keep positive but the negative take hold of my body
My heart in the right place but I’m in hell

Doing what benefit her I have to drag this situation
Taking this medication to sacrifice my nature

Short fights, great ***, and some sleep make the next day better

Thing are getting better for her and worse for me
She doesn’t have any worries and I’m so focus on the consequence
Apr 2015 · 2.1k
Moving on
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
You said you can read my soul so tell me what words do you see
Why are you the first to see it when everyone else had to listen for it?

Navigate into my eyes and let me see what you see
I help you aim your hand to reach out so you can connect

Don’t get to close and don’t be afraid I want you to be ready by time not by force
I want you to see me under the right light but I fear that light is dimming

Not knowing if you’re doing too much or too little is never good for the mind
The effects of this situation is working its way from my head to the rest of my system

I’ll sell my soul but I did it in the past I’ll rip out my heart but who would I give it to after you
Moving on would be easy to do too bad moving on would lead me to another you
Apr 2015 · 153
love uncertainty
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
I understand how it feels to have love in my life
I even accept what it turn me into after all the fights
Start of so well in the beginning that how it get you then put you in a test in the end
My head can never make sense of it, my heart just keep getting scars, and my body walk when thing start to get intense
I can never hate the person that’s involve but just the action between us
After a curtain amount of time another victim I fall in love with and it feels better then what you have
So I can never settle for one person not even two
Past relationships haunts my mind and make me reconsider some future one
but thinking of what wait for me in the future make me want to pursue it more
Apr 2015 · 159
love uncertainty (opposite)
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
What you want isn’t the same as what I’m looking for
I push your love aside and go straight to what I desire
I look into my own eyes to seek for something deeper
Also try to abandon my hunger for lust but nothing can stop the real me  
Agreeing to my will give me so much pleasure it feed my pride
So much company the thought of loneliness never come to mind
Don’t blame me for hurting you it just my instincts
If you don’t like the way I treat you why come back for more
Apr 2015 · 140
Fate Made It Clear
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
You tell me all of your secret, I know everything about you
My horrible habit forcing me to move on

I no longer pay attention to you, their nothing new about you
I’ve done my time with you and it time to let you go

Letting you go made you want me even more
The more of me you want the more intense the rejection

All I do is avoid my eyes when you in sight
The memories sometimes take over and I end up talking to you

I bet you wish for me to crawl on my knees and ask for you back
Reality and fantasy can happened but cannot be mix

Fate had made it clear to me and now your in the list of what I miss
You and I move from one to the next to the next

All I can say is some of them don’t compare
Apr 2015 · 154
KillerKhooler Apr 2015
Trying to make this work is sending me to a different direction

When I call your name I usually have someone else in mind.
Every time I come home I aim my frustration and wait for you to start.
I know it wrong of me to move on and desire you for my own selfish needs.
And I focus my love to someone else so my lust for you tends to fall back.

When I see the signs of us going at it I feel so pressured to leave.
When I sense the glass of your sanity cracking I only fear that you’re turning back.

I never notice the time and I forget the days when I’m with you.
The days that we are having problems it slow down.
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