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KillerKhooler Jun 23
No longer will you keep me in chains
No longer will you suppress me and my nature
I am a part of you as you are a part of me
I am the creature that perch on your shoulder
I am the creature that lay both hands on you and whisper in your ear
I am the creature that can foreshadow you
The same that allow you to enjoy all your sins and bad intention
The same creature live deep in you
Once all of the white winged creature has forsaken you
I'll be their with you but not for you
It started as a line from a comic I'm writing. I liked it so I turn it into a poem
KillerKhooler Jun 22
Night like this I'm sitting at the table writing again
Slowly drinking but not yet drunk
This the only time I'm not fun to be around
The only time I'm not laughing or smiling while alcohol in my system
All I write are thing that a little dark or depressing
I've even wrote one were I compare myself to the moon
I was introduce to so much in a young age
I have some happy moments but not enough to counteract the negativity
Writing is the best way we all can express ourself
It's the least dangerous way I can alleviate myself
Hopefully for the ones they call broken writing can help fix themself
Today is a good day today it's bright.
My demons aren't whispering in my ears.
Nor are they placing their hand on my shoulder.
They're not even reflecting back at me in the mirror.
Not a single episode.
I think I've finally regain control.
No voices, no lies, no laughter, no possession
They all are unrelenting and have a lot to say, so after awhile I fall for their prevarication
Nothing is pulling or compelling me to feel down
As I enjoy this day and not consume in melancholy
And balance myself with joy
I'll leave the door unlock and wait for their arrival
Cause everything is temporary
We all have something that make us happy or bring us up. Some people think that what make me happy is dangerous or will **** me and I tell them at least I'll die happy
KillerKhooler May 19
In silence I hear voices
My anger keeps me up at night
Turn me into something that I fear
With your words I put up a fight
With every threat
Vicious things you've said and done
With every attack you've always won
No salvation or anyone to my aide
Things in my mind becomes dark
I patiently wait to lose my mind
Might be a part two to this poem I wanted to add more
KillerKhooler Mar 31
I have a friend she’s long and Slim.
She loves to wrap herself only around my neck.

I have another friend who's cold to the touch.
He like to get in your head when you're weak and alone.

This one friend who have other friends, to many to count.
All they want to do is party until you are blue.
They'll put you to rest before they are gone.

My other friend she's transparent and childish.
She like play this game with the doors lock and windows rolled up then she wait until you close your eyes.

My other guy he have these intension.
He'll rob you of your oxygen and make you panic. The whole process is way over you head

My last friend is very tall and stands so high
He'll carry you on his shoulders then drop you to the ground.
Before you make contact you will regret ever doing it
KillerKhooler Nov 2018
Everyone is infected their is no doubt.
If you are human you have no immunity against it.
It always the same virus but always a different process.
The host's heart is attack first.
After that works it's way to the brain.
Then the rest of the body just fall victim.
The virus symptoms cloud you thought and impair your decision.
Once you acknowledge these signs let everyone know, it is contagious.
It also fill you with ecstasy or anger.
In the end it just going to hurt.
The virus can cause death but only to those who are to deep.
Or to those who feel like living is not worth it anymore.
If you are human you have no immunity against it.
The only cure is a close heart.
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