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Aug 2015
Hanging out with a female is more exciting than with a guy.

It’s nice for a change a girl approach you and look into your eyes.

You hit my arm as you laugh at my joke, you play with my hands and hair and test my strength.
I never understood your intention and why you pick me over everyone else
I never understand why you ask how many woman I been with

I’m so stupid I thought you meant at school or at home

I never lay with a woman before, the thought of it never come to mind

This was something my teacher never prepared me for, this was something you experience after high school.
I was scared at first but you hold my hand and guide me through

As I catch the rhythm my body and spirit went with the flow  

I grab the concept on how to perform and got better I felt like a pro

Thing was getting good but I too cocky and too slow

After every session you remind me this not a relationship
After every relationship I try to avoid another you
Written by
KillerKhooler  M/orlando,fl
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