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354 · Jan 2019
If only....
Khayr souf Jan 2019
If only
The sky was gray
Earth was square
Stars were scars
Man won't swear.

If only
Streams were milk
Sky was silk
Stars were cars
Man won't pray

If only
land was bed
leaves were cash
pain was trash
Man won't be dead.

If only
Eyes could speak
Heart could cry
Soul could leave
Man won't lie.

© KhayrSouf|viabeneathherwords
If only....if only
318 · Jul 2019
A place called my head
Khayr souf Jul 2019
There is a place
It is heaven and it is hell
The place inside my head
Where no one can reach me there

I can imagine butterflies
I can imagine dragons
I can see me as the princess of Albion
Or see me fed to the Lions

With books, in my head I imagine
A world with fairies and armors
Garden with daisies and arbors

With pain, in my head I imagine
A world with cries and tears
Rivers of lies and fears

If I find myself sliding into my head
With a frown on my face, and a heart that aches
Do pull me back
As the dangerous den to be
Is a place, called my head

135 · Feb 2019
Khayr souf Feb 2019
And tho you thought when,
You hurt me I became a  P
But if your actions had cut deep,
I would have done psychiat-------    R
121 · Jan 2019
Don't ask when
Khayr souf Jan 2019
Don't ask when,
The sky will open.
      Don't ask when,
The mountains will crumble.
       Don't ask when,
The land will tear.
       Don't ask when,
Man will fear .

Time is going
Tik-Tok, is moving
Trees are drying
Man is dying
Clouds are fading
Life is not ever
Don't wait forever
It's now or never .

Don't ask when . Don't wait for opportunities, time is going and so are you !
118 · Apr 2019
Khayr souf Apr 2019

she is powerful
When viewed, powerless

She is colourful
When hurt, colourless

She is merciful
When betrayed, merciless

She is bountiful
When deprived, bountiless

She is heart full
When broken, heartless

She is thoughtful
when disregarded, thoughtless

She is careful
When ignored, careless

She is faithful
When hurt, faithless

She is hopeful
When shattered, hopeless.

When seen as a gem, she is full

When seen as a pebble, She is less.
78 · Jan 2019
Khayr souf Jan 2019
I watch the sky set
Yet the cloud was there
The sea was red
And the trees were still

I can't describe the feeling
But I know is there
The feeling of longing
Of lips to call me dear

So I decided to sketch
Since you are far
Your beautiful brows I will etch
And your dazzling smile like a star

A day without you is hard
I can't wait to have you back
Now I say it in my card
I miss you MAMA

Dedicated to my mama
© Khayr_souf
Like it ... If you love your momma
57 · Jun 2019
Khayr souf Jun 2019
If happiness had birthed me
From the womb called freedom
And the placenta called joy,
Would she have recognize heartbreak
As it bend down on one knee
Or shoo away away pain
As it takes my hand in it's?

What if there was a fairy
Who will take my hand
And guide me away from the kingdom
Of chaos as it sat on it's throne
Or guide me to the kingdom
Of love, as it stands tall in the gates of it's home

What if this is what I hope
For every person's character
To be imprinted on his face
So as even without happiness as my mother
Or a fairy emerging from the gardens
My heart would guide me .
51 · Feb 2019
Khayr souf Feb 2019
As my smile is the rarest of them
It holds the Galaxy of stars
The bouquet of roses
And much lightening.
Yes I have stars but I also have scars.
Yes I have roses but I also have thorns.
Yes I have lightening but I also have thunderstorms.
Am a wild bird in the Sahara.
The only shark in the lake.
The only cat in the forest.
Yet I appear much than you see.
The trees bow when I walk,
Gracefully scraping the earth surface.
The sun smile when it sees the dimple,
Slowly crafted by the most high.
He who saw the best in me.
He who gave me reason to be me.
With the heart of a Painite and
Face of a diamond,
I shine deep within the sea.
Or high from above the cloud.
I have enough to be proud
You might take some if you want.
You can stop me for smiling.
But you can never take my smile.

47 · Jun 2019
Eid Mubarak
Khayr souf Jun 2019
Just like a wanderer
In the Sahara
We are stuck
With you as the only water.

And tho you come once a year
we still wish you never disappear
And even when the hush whispers of the stars
Invade the peaceful serene moment of the sky
The moon still shine up high
Even if it's for a little while
it still shows your beginning of blessings.

And now as you are leaving
And as the heart erupt from Joy of celebration,
The same heart squeezes for the soon separation.
Now we whisper in our hearts
May we live to see your next visit
And shout amongst our selves
Eid Mubarak
46 · Jun 2019
Khayr souf Jun 2019
I once experienced love....
It came to me with wide hefty hands.
And thundering frightening sound.
As it knocks heavily on my door .
With no caution, I opened the door to my destruction.

And then I thought I won't love
It daggers went straight tearing my soul
My happiness secured in it's control
The gloomy days that I lost count of
The smiles, the hugs now all gone.

But then you came along
And then I experienced love again
It came to me with feathery soft hands
And melodic mellifluous sound
As it knocks lightly on my door
With slight caution, I opened the door to my construction.

And then i began to love
letting it's footsteps echo
Along the valleys of my heart
And it's affection calm
The once wild wave of my soul.
45 · Jan 2019
Free world
Khayr souf Jan 2019
A girl of young age she was
Free spirited and out of pain
Life was cotton candy , with rivers of milk
Not until the monster of night peek
Along with him, Strings of destruction
***** intentions, aura filled with tensions
Lucifer came as a saint
And the image of "Her" he taint

All I ever wanted was a world
filled with roses, having no thorns
Respect of a woman hold
Adorned on my neck, like gold
Walking with no fear
And no more rivers of tear
Or lonely deserts of echoed cries
Just happiness that says no goodbyes

Her cries are muffled
Her tears soaking
The comfy bag underneath her head
With fearful eyes and beating heart
She look back at her once perfect life
How incident of a minute changes that
How once she is the peak.
Not until the monster of night peek .

© Khayr Souf|viabeneathherwords
44 · Apr 2019
Papa's pride
Khayr souf Apr 2019
Using a canvas and a brush,
I paint the face that is posh.
with a swift of the brush,
His sharp eyes came to view.

Using a pencil and a pad,
I draw the body that is never fat.
With a swipe of the pencil,
The body appears ever graceful.

Using a stick on the seashore,
I had still draw my role model.
With the waves singing to my ears,
And the sun reflecting it's light .

Using a pebble on a hard rock,
I had still craft my papa.
With the peak of the mountains as my seat,
And the whole world as the audience.

KhayrSouf |papaspride
via| beneatherwords
43 · Apr 2019
When you see my dead
Khayr souf Apr 2019
When you see my dead
Avoid the flash and the shots
When you see my dead
instead pray for my soul.

If I hurt you here
Please do revenge here
But when you see my dead
Don't say foul on the being.

When you see my dead
Don't keep shedding tears
when you see my dead
Instead do pray for my rest

When you see my dead
Don't be shocked and ask "Why?
As when you see my dead
Is a warning, as you will also be there.

Khayrsouf | whenyouseemydead
via| beneatherwords
39 · Feb 2019
Thousand Faces
Khayr souf Feb 2019
I have not one
Not two or three
I rather stick with none
Than make you agree

The face you once saw,
The face you see now,
And the face you see later
Each is a different amphitheatre.

When you judge me,
On the face you saw before,
I won't make you understand
For the face you will see later
As I hold many...just like a curator.

When the first one compliment me
And the second vilifies me
Do not find their fault in it
As the face I chose for them to see
Is the surface of the thousands that lays beneath.

© KhayrSouf
This is a poem I made yesterday when I came across a picture of many faces. So I tried to bring them to life
36 · Jun 2019
Two sides
Khayr souf Jun 2019
When the stars twinkle for the person in front of you,
Look behind you, they maybe invisible to the next person
And then you appreciate the sight of them.

If the oxygen you take in
is being paid for, would you have been here?
If nature was a tourist center, where golds and diamonds are the gate pass
Would you see them often?
What if the skies are the roofs for the blessed
And the ground only holds the purest of hearts
Would life be beautiful to imagine?

You never look at the diamonds in the other person's hand
And compare it with the pebbles in yours
You don't look at the beauty in the other person's face
You look at the beauty in your eyes
And then you appreciate you

As It is war between the two sides of you
The one who regard you and the one who doesn't
Each fighting to be the ruler of your soul

So sharpen your sword and put on your armours
Guide your horse and glide through the valleys
After all it's not a war happening anywhere
It's a war happening within you.
And you choose the one with the Victory

— The End —