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Jun 2019
When the stars twinkle for the person in front of you,
Look behind you, they maybe invisible to the next person
And then you appreciate the sight of them.

If the oxygen you take in
is being paid for, would you have been here?
If nature was a tourist center, where golds and diamonds are the gate pass
Would you see them often?
What if the skies are the roofs for the blessed
And the ground only holds the purest of hearts
Would life be beautiful to imagine?

You never look at the diamonds in the other person's hand
And compare it with the pebbles in yours
You don't look at the beauty in the other person's face
You look at the beauty in your eyes
And then you appreciate you

As It is war between the two sides of you
The one who regard you and the one who doesn't
Each fighting to be the ruler of your soul

So sharpen your sword and put on your armours
Guide your horse and glide through the valleys
After all it's not a war happening anywhere
It's a war happening within you.
And you choose the one with the Victory
Written by
Khayr souf
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