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Khayr souf Jul 2019
There is a place
It is heaven and it is hell
The place inside my head
Where no one can reach me there

I can imagine butterflies
I can imagine dragons
I can see me as the princess of Albion
Or see me fed to the Lions

With books, in my head I imagine
A world with fairies and armors
Garden with daisies and arbors

With pain, in my head I imagine
A world with cries and tears
Rivers of lies and fears

If I find myself sliding into my head
With a frown on my face, and a heart that aches
Do pull me back
As the dangerous den to be
Is a place, called my head

Khayr souf Jun 2019
When the stars twinkle for the person in front of you,
Look behind you, they maybe invisible to the next person
And then you appreciate the sight of them.

If the oxygen you take in
is being paid for, would you have been here?
If nature was a tourist center, where golds and diamonds are the gate pass
Would you see them often?
What if the skies are the roofs for the blessed
And the ground only holds the purest of hearts
Would life be beautiful to imagine?

You never look at the diamonds in the other person's hand
And compare it with the pebbles in yours
You don't look at the beauty in the other person's face
You look at the beauty in your eyes
And then you appreciate you

As It is war between the two sides of you
The one who regard you and the one who doesn't
Each fighting to be the ruler of your soul

So sharpen your sword and put on your armours
Guide your horse and glide through the valleys
After all it's not a war happening anywhere
It's a war happening within you.
And you choose the one with the Victory
Khayr souf Jun 2019
I once experienced love....
It came to me with wide hefty hands.
And thundering frightening sound.
As it knocks heavily on my door .
With no caution, I opened the door to my destruction.

And then I thought I won't love
It daggers went straight tearing my soul
My happiness secured in it's control
The gloomy days that I lost count of
The smiles, the hugs now all gone.

But then you came along
And then I experienced love again
It came to me with feathery soft hands
And melodic mellifluous sound
As it knocks lightly on my door
With slight caution, I opened the door to my construction.

And then i began to love
letting it's footsteps echo
Along the valleys of my heart
And it's affection calm
The once wild wave of my soul.
Khayr souf Jun 2019
If happiness had birthed me
From the womb called freedom
And the placenta called joy,
Would she have recognize heartbreak
As it bend down on one knee
Or shoo away away pain
As it takes my hand in it's?

What if there was a fairy
Who will take my hand
And guide me away from the kingdom
Of chaos as it sat on it's throne
Or guide me to the kingdom
Of love, as it stands tall in the gates of it's home

What if this is what I hope
For every person's character
To be imprinted on his face
So as even without happiness as my mother
Or a fairy emerging from the gardens
My heart would guide me .
Khayr souf Jun 2019
Just like a wanderer
In the Sahara
We are stuck
With you as the only water.

And tho you come once a year
we still wish you never disappear
And even when the hush whispers of the stars
Invade the peaceful serene moment of the sky
The moon still shine up high
Even if it's for a little while
it still shows your beginning of blessings.

And now as you are leaving
And as the heart erupt from Joy of celebration,
The same heart squeezes for the soon separation.
Now we whisper in our hearts
May we live to see your next visit
And shout amongst our selves
Eid Mubarak
Khayr souf Apr 2019

she is powerful
When viewed, powerless

She is colourful
When hurt, colourless

She is merciful
When betrayed, merciless

She is bountiful
When deprived, bountiless

She is heart full
When broken, heartless

She is thoughtful
when disregarded, thoughtless

She is careful
When ignored, careless

She is faithful
When hurt, faithless

She is hopeful
When shattered, hopeless.

When seen as a gem, she is full

When seen as a pebble, She is less.
Khayr souf Apr 2019
When you see my dead
Avoid the flash and the shots
When you see my dead
instead pray for my soul.

If I hurt you here
Please do revenge here
But when you see my dead
Don't say foul on the being.

When you see my dead
Don't keep shedding tears
when you see my dead
Instead do pray for my rest

When you see my dead
Don't be shocked and ask "Why?
As when you see my dead
Is a warning, as you will also be there.

Khayrsouf | whenyouseemydead
via| beneatherwords
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