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keepsake7 Jul 2022
I’m scared of living to late
That I’ll miss the best chance of feeling alive
Because I can’t take failure
I’m tired of spending days trying to feel okay again
And one day I know I will need to fail
To go through the feelings of being alive
I don’t know if I can handle that
Stress got to me today and I just feel extremely anxious that I’m doing everything wrong
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I’m walking through fog
The future Blurry and Unknown
I wish I could say I like surprises
That I look forward to where I end up
I’m terrified
I’ll make one mistake and there’s no retry
No quick fix and I’ll end up walking miles to nothing
keepsake7 Jul 2022
Love yourself more
Love yourself enough that when you meet someone you do not cry when they leave because you were enough
Love yourself until the heartbreak no longer feels like pain and you can love someone else with as much love as you give yourself
Love yourself More
keepsake7 Jul 2022
You told me you liked me but then we continue like friends I don’t know why you act as it never happened if only you had asked I would’ve said yes
He said I “liked” you because we were sacred but if he had asked me out then it would be different now
keepsake7 Jul 2022
I still see you in my living room but you no longer sit on the couch
I see you in the backyard smiling into the sun but whenever I get closer you fade away I hope we will meet again and my heart can bare this pain until then
I had to put my dog down due to old age and I just keep missing him thinking his here but then I see his urn and feel this sadness all over again I’m glad I could say goodbye but I wish there was just a little more time
keepsake7 Jul 2022
One day you will not be on my mind
And when I no longer think of you
I hope I am happier than right now
keepsake7 Nov 2021
I’m drowning and my only lifeline left me
Throwing the rope to someone else
I wish I learned to swim
Because I can only save myself
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