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keepsake7 Oct 2020
This chess game of ours will end in a draw  Neither a win nor a loss just a game with no outcome
Even the right moves will not always end in checkmate
But with you I’m stuck in place
keepsake7 Oct 2020
We tiptop around our feelings in hopes the other will say it first but I’m to untrusting and you’re worried about change
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I want to live well but I don’t think it’ll happen where I am and who I am can’t change in a day I want to get a job but there are non around me so I’m making it by off government money and my father tells me I can stay but I don’t want to live this life staying forever out of fear nothing can change
It’s real hard to want to live when I have no way of moving forward maybe it’s just I’m comfortable here so I stay because I’m stuck
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I hope you live well
That you are loved and happy
And one day when you miss me
I hope I’m somewhere there
keepsake7 Oct 2020
She was beautiful
I couldn’t even look at her eyes afraid I’d stare forever if I did
I don’t know what it was that made her amazing
Plain and boring a normal person you’d never think twice about but
She was beautiful
And that was suffocating
I hate attractive people because most don’t realise and I could see them in a crowd and fall in love
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I’m choking on my existence
Didn’t even want it in the first place
Now I’m struggling
Dealing with the consequences of being born
I just want to live
But surviving seems to be my way of life
Just let me disappear or let someone else live my life because I don’t deserve to
keepsake7 Oct 2020
I feel like a ghost in my own home I keep to myself even though I live here I feel out of place like I’m visiting someone for the first time
That weird thing you do on the couch were you try to not take up to much room were if your offered food you politely declined feeling like a nuisance to get the food they paid for trying to not touch anything but also clean up because even though it’s not your mess your a guest so it fine but this is my home I walk so quietly like I’d disturb the dead I know this is home so why do I feel like a stranger when it’s all I know
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