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Mia Vacarelli Nov 2019
My therapist asked me who am I?
I am a piece of trash that you throw in a can. You know someone that doesn’t have a label of existence because that person is useless.
I looked to my dad and
asked him what he wanted me to be.
He said someone you want to be.
haha I know that’s a joke dad.
Come on be honest tell me who you really want me to be.
because honestly if mom was alive she would flat out and say it.
“All right,all right I’ll say it ”
“I want you to believe in god again.”
“Me and your mom raised you to be a Christian ;now look at you so depressed
And you make me so dizzy. “
“When you talk so negatively.”
Now dad let me stop your right there.
Woo you had me for a Second.
did you forget how my mom died last year.
and how we weren’t prepared.
And did you forget what happened before that month.
And let’s go back to my childhood where it all started.
Now dad I see tears in your eyes but, I’ll say the same thing
Mother used to say to me.
**** it up hold those tears. it just makes you look weak.
But I love you of course sweetie...
Do you feel better now dad.
Oh you most feel GREAT....
Mia Vacarelli Jun 2019
Someone help I have piles of homework and I don’t know what to do
Someone help I have thoughts in my head driving me insane
Someone help no one understand that I feel alone in this world
Someone help...
I’ve been just so stressed out I have no one to talk to and my life feels like a mess. If anyone is good at narrative stories please message me because I’m working on one and I’m not sure if it’s good
Mia Vacarelli Jun 2019
Dear fake smile you have been great.
Nobody could see that you are fake and what was straight
I mean they all thought I was happy
And that is honestly funny to me
I’ve never been happy since the day I was born
I feel lost in this line
You been here for me for years now
every time those tears came you were there
My fake smile that is always here has made me look normal
I took a deep breath and smiled
I said I'm ok but I lied
Over and over again
Because I’m dying inside everyday
And I'm becoming worse all the way but it’s ok , I’m ok I’m doing just fine
because I always had you in my life
I need someone to save me
But how ?
I don’t know if someone could help when they can't see what is real and what is not
Cause my fake smile hides all this pain
I'm really starting to be insane
Cause I'm hurt very much in pain but yet I'm trying to be strong
I can't hold on for too long but it’s ok because I have you
My fake smile who protects me
Mia Vacarelli Jun 2019
My baby girl mia
I wish I could be there to hug you at night
To say that I’m proud of you
I know you are doing just fine but please smile more please be happy more for me
I know you are sad
I know you feel like giving up so badly but it was my time to go
I did my best to raise you
to always put a smile on your face
It was just my time I’m really sorry that I couldn’t say good bye my precious little angel
Let the good memories be within you
Let the bad ones go away because I know it’s killing you inside that you couldn’t save me
I know every day you blame your self
You let the demons come alive in your head and it brings you so much pain
Let go of all your guilt
It was never your fault in the first place
Be happy for a change I raised for you to be happy I am always going to be inside your head please listen to me Mia
Please listen  to what I have to say
I am never going to leave you I am always here
I am the wind the sky and rain I may not be there but look up at the sky at night and just talk to me.
This poem is written to me as a  perspective  Of my mom writing this letter. My mom last year two months before my birthday so I wrote a letter to myself that it wasn’t my fault my mom died.

— The End —