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Jungdok Mar 2021
Writing kept me sane.

What do I do now when there's nothing worth sharing—no writing left in me anymore?
Jungdok Oct 2020
There’s nothing more painful than holding unto something so valuable, only to be taken away from me in a blink of an eye.
Jungdok Jun 2020
one bullet to the head
two pills to ingest
three knife stabs to the heart
four steps to the railroad crossing
five cuts in the wrists

feet off the ground
Jungdok Feb 2020
Your feelings are like the flowers that you gave me. Fragrant and ethereal,

But wilts, but wilted.

And just like your love, it was only momentary.
Jungdok Jul 2019
You are the creamer to my tea and the sugar that sweetens the bitter parts of me.
Jungdok Jul 2019
I am sad and disappointed
On how my life turned out
I had big dreams
And I had those visions
But now it all turned into dusts
That pricked my eyes
And I am crying
For it hurt
To witness
My dreams
Shatter and break
Before me.
Life is so ******* frustrating.
Jungdok May 2019
Breathe through the numbers
Cease through the smoke
Drink another liquor
Or chug another canned coke

An immature irrational being
Turned 18 this year
Don't you dare go clubbing
Just sleep off all your fears

You are growing old
Should let all the insecurities go
Hope you become brave and bold
Fly high and soar like an arrow!

I don't know if this makes sense, wrote it randomly kanina. But anyway, happy birthday!
Happy 18th Birthday!
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