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Jessica Dec 2018
Behold as a new chapter unfolds,
With stories left untold.
A new beginning starts
With a fully healed heart.

He left me without a fight.
knowing he was my kryptonite.
I was nothing but a waste of his precious time.
how foolish of me to think I was special

A facade of a happy relationship,
Ended unexpectedly
With nothing but bittersweet memories
Both back to square one where it all started

But the relationship left me speechless.
getting rid of it was nothing but useless.
A person I thought was worth the fight.
who throughout would hold me tight

Here I am convincing myself with lies “don’t worry, I’m okay”
But once I hear his name, another episode begins
Once I see his face flashbacks occurs
Guess I’m not that strong after all

Strangers with same memories but different feelings.
Pretending as if it never existed.
A risk I thought I was willing to take,
was nothing but a beautiful mistake.

I’m sorry for the damage I’ve caused
I’m perfectly imperfect
I’m not the girl you were expecting
I’m just somebody you used to know
Jessica Dec 2018
Pinas na minamahal
Lugar na aking sinilangan
Bansang kayraming yaman
Ngunit buhay ang kapalit
Nang sumigaw upang marinig
Pagkat nanlaban kaya dugo ang kapalit
Laban nga ba sa droga o laban sa bayan?
Ang tanging tanong na binabatid
Ang tanong na di mawala sa isip.
Ang yaman ng bayan naglalahong parang bula
Sa bulsa ng pamahalaan makikita
Bilihin na nagmamahal
Sa bibig na lang ng presidente ang mura
Sa atin pa ba ang bayan?
O kabilang na sa mga estado ng tsina at amerika
Mga kababayan na lumuluwas sa bayan
Makamit lamang ang kaginhawaan
Dugo, pawis at buhay ang naging kapalit
Ang kabataan nga ba ang pag-asa ng bayan?
Pagkat sila’y sa selda makikita imbis na sa paaralan
Sambit nila’y kulang daw sa disiplina at pagsisikap
Habang sila’y nagbubulag bulagan at nag-bibingi-bingibingian
Ano na nga ba ang katotohanan?
Saan na nga ba nakabase ang tama at mali?
Susunod ba sa pamahalaan o sumigaw para sa ating kinabukasan?
Jessica Dec 2018
It was one Shakespeare afternoon,
To be, or not to be that is the question,
Should I be a reckless lover or a coward admirer?
But, I chose to be the reckless one.

With all of my courage, I typed in the words “I like you”.
You casually replied “thanks”
It broke my heart as anxiety attacks.
But then I nonchalantly replied “welcome”.
After that you chose to change the topic.

As days pass by, communication starts to fade.
I then realized you weren’t oblivious but a coward instead.
You chose to listen to the circulating rumors,
Avoid issues as if it never existed.

How foolish of me to like someone like you—
A person who points out the fault of anyone and thinks highly of himself;
A person who does nothing but complain;
And a person who never thinks of anyone.

Well now, I think you’re a pathetic excuse of a man—
Who never has the guts to do anything at all;
Who thinks he’s superior;
And who everyone thinks is a
“boyfriend material” when he’s actually not.

— The End —