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Dec 2018
Behold as a new chapter unfolds,
With stories left untold.
A new beginning starts
With a fully healed heart.

He left me without a fight.
knowing he was my kryptonite.
I was nothing but a waste of his precious time.
how foolish of me to think I was special

A facade of a happy relationship,
Ended unexpectedly
With nothing but bittersweet memories
Both back to square one where it all started

But the relationship left me speechless.
getting rid of it was nothing but useless.
A person I thought was worth the fight.
who throughout would hold me tight

Here I am convincing myself with lies “don’t worry, I’m okay”
But once I hear his name, another episode begins
Once I see his face flashbacks occurs
Guess I’m not that strong after all

Strangers with same memories but different feelings.
Pretending as if it never existed.
A risk I thought I was willing to take,
was nothing but a beautiful mistake.

I’m sorry for the damage I’ve caused
I’m perfectly imperfect
I’m not the girl you were expecting
I’m just somebody you used to know
Written by
J  19/F
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