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Feb 2020
Life’s a battlefield
its a game with one life
the main goal is to
give it your best shot
lucky if you were given another chance
to enter this battlefield
where money and power are your weapons
love and care is your only protection
and family is your safezone
In this battlefield your enemies
are your weaknesses,insecurities and poverty
as I grew up i realized
i was on my own
no allies or cheats needed
the government you once thought was your ally
was nothing but a facade,because the only ally you need is yourself
a battle against life is hard
no cheats or armors to be used
its a man vs. self battle
surrounded by money and power hungry people
where crab mentality is prominent.
you will be surrounded by temptation
that will test your morals and values
But my dear lord like the camel that passes through the needle’s eye,
I’ll live humbly for you
for your whole existence is my sliver linning in this world full of pain and regret  between your arms is where I should be
Being with you is my home for eternity.
unlike the rich young man I’ll give everything up for you but
I won’t give up on you because its you and I till infinity
Now all I ask is for you to stay with me and love me with all your heart
for I’m willing to give you everything you deserve and all I own
Take me as I am for I’m perfectly imperfect but I’m perfectly perfect for you
Written by
J  19/F
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