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Jessica B Jan 2021

Love just changes

Like Time
Jessica B Jan 2020
I will never forget him.
Painted in my mind.
Our story was written in permanent ink.
His soul left a mark on mine.
Showed me what love is
And what it could be.

I never believed; in a love this deep.

I will never forget him.
True love,
I did grieve.
Jessica B Dec 2021
There is a lot of beauty in magic
that exudes from you.
Jessica B Oct 15
74 degrees,
Conversing only with the deep,
The ones that know.
Living each and every moment,
Dancing to the synchronized music.
Every blossom blooms with integrity.
And The rose pedals dance from the raindrops in the sky.
Jessica B Apr 2019
This world,
It doesn’t fit with you
Jessica B Jul 2021
There is beauty in it.
I promise.
You don’t have to seek it out or search for it.
For it lies in the simplicity of things.
It Lives in Love.
And it breathes in you. 🖤
Jessica B Jun 2018
How I feel timeless in the present, wreckless in the past and consistent in the future may never compromise my free spirit.
For I have no control,
only thoughts and they soar high above the universe as they reflect off the ocean with a single glimpse of our souls.
And the stars spoke
For I have touched them with untold stories.
And we speak to them unconsciously and unaware of our entire selves. ❤️
Jessica B Sep 2019
An artist’s mind is a paradox.
Don’t think too much they said
Or you’ll get lost in it.
Blurring the lines between reality and madness.
Imagination as we create it.
Jessica B Jun 2019
Id felt drawn to the stars
Just as I do the universe
Put here, perfectly in place
Drawn to the earth as my hands trace each constellation that made me
Another life to live and read over
Then the sky turns black
The stars no longer to be seen
And so it begins
Jessica B Jan 2019
You are not the love of my life,
You are the life of my love ❤️
Jessica B Feb 22
As more than one person in this world, carries that same crazy as you do.
Crazy is a reflection of what we see in one another.
Crazy is nothing more than the perception of the perceiving.
Our darkest selves in the face of the other.
Co-existing with our brightest lights.
As we Try to balance it out just right.
That Beautiful, emotional, cunning Crazy.
Crazy is our indifference.
Crazy is our same.
Crazy is You
Crazy is Me
Jessica B Nov 2019
And What if we were all just a part of something bigger.
Bigger than the existence of the universe.
Only emotions can connect to it.
Our purpose in this world.
They say faith is felt.
The one true gift given to us.
I look to the sky this time,
Watching the stars,
As they hold all our darkest secrets.
Jessica B Jun 2018
Do you know now?
Do you know that you’re perfect?
Do you know that the beauty I see within you is the magical kind
Do you know now?
Do you know that I am in love you as you are with me?
For it is real this time.
This love we both endlessly thought could never be found
But you had found me
You sought me out with no hesitation
No restriction
That gravity pull you once explained to me that couldn’t be explained
it was This kind of love that created the mountains we seek.
And Even all the colors of the rainbow couldn’t be enough you know
For we are a color all it’s own
Created between us
For These colors,
god gave us
Do you know now?
Can you see now?
These colors of our own serenity ❤️
Jessica B Oct 2018
Ego is evil
Ego is shallow
Ego is society’s self image
Ego is a false sense of self worth
It demeans others
Ego thinks he’s better
A false sense of perception
Ego only masks our insecurities
Ego strips us from love and light
It is transparent
Ego is evil
Ego is a gift from the devil
It consumes us with darkness
Jessica B Oct 2020
It happened again.
The thought of you.
Fading out with every visit.
Soft and easy.
Always flowing,
Always free.
Jessica B Aug 2019
The wind blows softly against my skin,
As my hand flows with the music it makes.
But these treetops You see,
They stifle against them.
These treetops,
So busy they seem.
As they fight To stay in one place.
Ironically so.
That their leaves;
they carry & let go.
They Fly without remorse or reason.
As they travel without trying.
Without telling.
Without fighting.
Jessica B May 2018
Love is complete freedom.
The freedom to be yourself, to be free of all worries and doubts.
To understand you without thought.
We’ve met once before.
To feel your entire existence as
My hands become your hands and your hands become mine.
And In that moment I fall away with freedom.
Jessica B Jun 2018
And I sit and wait
Wait for your letter
Of unknown words of love and wisdom
Have you found it yet
What you’ve been searching for?
Have you climbed mountains yet?
Have you ran for miles and miles across the open fields of glorious unanswered questions?
Have you traveled to every star?Have you seen the eyes of every soul? the ones that behold the look of true magic?
Have you found it yet,
Have you found what you’ve been searching for?
Have you found you?
#army #faith #survivorsoflove #patience # serenity
Jessica B Jun 2018
When these buried emotions come to surface, they’re unexplained, unrecognizable. They can sometimes be Overwhelming. So much so that I’ve lost control of them, I don’t know what to do or where to go, or how to direct them. They explode like a million fireworks that fly in all different directions. How beautiful they are yet intriguingly unorthodox.
Each one a different color that represent every part of me and they blend together almost like a picture.
But then the picture fades and that’s when reality is no longer valid, without a picture there can be no reality. Just a blur of lost thoughts with no direction.
My sense of self has yet been lost again, so let me swim in this blur for just a moment without judgement and I promise you that reality will return as it always does.
And in that one moment that comes to pass ever so often, it can be unique, undeniably intriguing, yet hard to understand. It’s okay to let go of reality sometimes, for these brilliant colors can not be suppressed forever, and as time comes to an end, your artwork will be finished and the picture you have unwillingly painted will be clear to see.
Jessica B Jun 2019
What is time if it not wasted,
As it stands with our lives given,
Souls unstable ,
As the world keeps spinning
Is it not enough?
Is this not enough?
Enough love given? pain felt, as we re-live
the same, yet not so similar stories.
Re-playing each one with the sound of our own music.
My favorite record on repeat.
Love sings to me, As i touch it and feel it with every part of who I am.
Im in love with love.
Who wouldn’t be?
It’s beauty of an indescribable existence.
It’s mystery of a perfect yet unorthodox connection.
The connection of freedom and all its gifts given.
I’m in love with love.
Who wouldn’t be? ❤️
Jessica B Jul 2018
A constant is control
Your every surrounding contains a constant
Constantly ever changing
in what ways are we shaped by our own constant?
Our society?
How does it mold our perception?
it is but a constant
I am who I am
I can only hope that
creativity defines me
As my flaws weave through each definitive line of my life
And My colors define me with each shade of its own
It was once spoken that
“Imagination was greater than knowledge”
Because It is all its own.
Creativity is freedom ❤️
Jessica B Sep 2020
I’m no poet.
I just write thoughts.
Thoughts created by emotion.
It feels right to write.
No hesitations, nor restrictions.
Words that just flow through me.

Easy and free.

like the sound of music.

I’m no poet.
Just the creator of my own imagination.
Jessica B Dec 2021
Your Darkness doesn’t like my Light
Bc it gets too close to your own.
Jessica B Jan 2020
I know what it’s like.
I’ve felt it.
Love in its purest form.
Jessica B Jul 2021
I was always so sure of a pure Soul.
But we’re all tainted in some way.
Born sinners.
Our Shadows linger In the dark.
Close your eyes;
Getting Lost in this paradox.
As we Learn to live
Live In the freedom of all things.
All things Loved and created. 🖤
Jessica B Feb 2019
For now I will let you go
I still feel you
I always will
But this is me
And it is time
For i will Kiss you goodbye
For every nights sky has its last star
Jessica B Jan 2021
We learn that one day,

you speak into existence.
Jessica B Oct 2020
I see you.
I can feel you staring.
Getting lost in that familiar feeling.

I can hear the distant whispers of the universe;
Understanding its confessions.
I had never been in love.

I see you.
I can feel you staring.
Jessica B May 2021
This line states nothing.
This statement says nothing.
To feel nothing.
Lost in no thought
No time
No worries.
Just this peaceful sound
Of Silence.
Among These Melancholy Trees
that speak nothing.
Because the wind speaks whispers and my heart feels empty.
But these trees stand sturdy and that’s why I sit with them.
Jessica B Apr 2020
You don’t have to be perfect.
Character is what makes it the most beautiful. 💛
Jessica B Feb 2019
I am content with every move that I make
I can float as high as the universe controls me
Even gravity couldnt hold me down
I float Higher than the brightest sky’s could even see it’s own shadows
And then i fall like the rain as it hits my windshield
I’m content
I’m content with this motionless feeling
Jessica B Jul 2021
I’m everywhere, can’t you see.
In every light that surrounds you.
Even the night’s sky has stars.
Jessica B Apr 2021
It’s when we get lost in it.

The Silence.

Together 🖤 As our eyes converse.

What words can not express.
Jessica B Dec 2021
I believe in many realms.
Many galaxies and other things that may contain them.
Many Worlds.
After all,
What would ours be.
What would time look like in a frame?
Captured in a single moment,
held in stasis by the apathy that exists.
As The world spins to our chosen reality.
Within every beauty that captivates us.
A smile exists in a fiction we learned from a fantasy.
Jessica B Jun 2020
Love is a knowing. ❤️
Taking my every breathe away.
Jessica B Oct 2021
Always carry that power with you.
Protect it.
And remember that it’s yours.
The Light is a powerful energy you can use to defeat your enemies.
The Light of Love.
And Love is and will always be the most powerful.
Jessica B Oct 2020
Take me there.
Take me To the place where you get lost.
Lost in your thoughts of love and reason.
Take me to the place where you surrender to freedom.
That part of you that No one else belongs to.
I’d like to see that beautiful place of loneliness;
where the spirit flys freely.
And magic exists.
Take me there.
Jessica B Sep 2020
And she whispers,
That’s the beauty in it.
There are no boundaries.

Jessica B Apr 2020
Only emotions could create it.
I guess that can describe it.
Authentic in the slightest.
That mystery expression?
Yah, I’ve seen it before.
It can strip away all what ego stands for. Leaving only to see Beauty in its highest.
Artistry at its finest.
I guess that can describe it.

The artist turns away leaving all of his treasures behind him. Wandering the world with an open change that is no longer feared or beside him. 🖤
Jessica B Aug 18
We are a Direct Reflection of the

Fallen stars of the collective.

We are the past,
the present,
and the future.

For There is no time where we come from.

Who’s to say…
That Time means nothing without limits.  No purpose, nor value,
no meaning behind it’s existence.

What is time if not wasted,  
As we measure each & every limitation.    

Time is a gift..

A gift given
To the stars…

The stars of the collective.
Jessica B Jan 2019
This color is primary
Solid and definite
It’s an original piece of art
Created from the beginning of time
It belongs to the rainbows and indefinite skys
And it shines within the oceans and paints the days with it’s reflection
its the best I can describe
There are a few of us that possess this color
As it lives within our eyes
This color is primary,
Definite and never forgotten
Jessica B Oct 2021
I know what Real feels like.
When it’s real there are no games.
No shame to be ourselves.
No limits to our desires and dreams, not even our own self-destruction.
I see you…
Your eyes tell me everything I need to know.
Yah…..That fall looks pretty steep.
As I Inch closer to the edge every time we meet.
Adrenaline exceeds.
So I step back about 10 feet.
Yah….That fear, it gets me too.
Losing myself for a moment, as I dance in the darkness of my own shame.
Becoming Self-destructive in my own way.
But I’ve played this game before.
As I convince myself that this can only be fleeting.

Bc….if you have lost a love….
a love so deep that the world stopped spinning.

I guess,
The game can seem tolerable for a while.
But only for a while.

And when I’m ready….

I’ll jump, if you jump….

Hoping that it’s you….on the Edge….
waiting for me.
Jessica B Sep 6
It was nothing but peace and ease in their minds.
A Comfort in their spirits with a light that dances through us..
like a symphony….

Each story written in a poetic unison;
liberating our musical spirits.
The earth turns again,
with every breath that We take.
And The music turns again,  
With every record we put on play,
Dancing through us..
Like a symphony.…
Jessica B May 3
….It was a maze of Beauty and Madness.
Each thought painted with a different color; a different image.
A different kind of Magic.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.

But you see…
Red was never really her color,  
and neither was blue.
Why couldn’t the Violets be violet, and the Roses be too.
F* it.
Let’s paint them yellow and green, orange and pink, even black and white too.

And so….
She left them all blank….
Waiting for the sky to turn green and the grass to turn blue.
Jessica B Nov 25
It was Majestic…

To Live in the Music…

It took me to the Stars.
Jessica B Sep 2020
It was different this time,
Staring back at me with all its mysterious

I swear I saw you in it.
Radiating your color,

Vibrant and glowing.

You must have found me,
In the midst of the

Jessica B Dec 2021
This kind of love
seems to be dying…

All around us,
Can’t you see?

You said I’d find it again.
As We sat and spoke about its rarity.

There can’t be anything more powerful than this.

More perfect than this.

More Magical than this.

There is no one else that fits the way that you do.

And Now I wonder
if you can see……..….

That rarity…we once spoke about.
Jessica B Jun 2020
Eyes closed;
My fingers gently glide across.

These Mountains of records;
Scattered every which way.

Breathe in,
As I browse through every artist...

That has changed the world. ❤️
Jessica B Nov 2019
And she walked away;
Wandering the earth with her bare hands.
Open to the world beside her. ❤️
Jessica B Aug 7
For There is more than what meets the eye✨

To see further than the average….
More than the ignorant…
yet, humble enough to recognize that perfectionism can not be possible in this world.

It’s just….
that light….
that beautiful,
enticing light I feel most attracted to….

Like the wings of a night moth…
As it radiates towards what is familiar.

And yet…

I see the underestimating…
I recognize their energy,
their dark spirit,
Their shadows….
…that linger in the corner
of the enemy’s eye.
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