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Jessica B Dec 2021
This kind of love
seems to be dying…

All around us,
Can’t you see?

You said I’d find it again.
As We sat and spoke about its rarity.

There can’t be anything more powerful than this.

More perfect than this.

More Magical than this.

There is no one else that fits the way that you do.

And Now I wonder
if you can see……..….

That rarity…we once spoke about.
Jessica B Dec 2021
There is a lot of beauty in magic
that exudes from you.
Jessica B Dec 2021
I believe in many realms.
Many galaxies and other things that may contain them.
Many Worlds.
After all,
What would ours be.
What would time look like in a frame?
Captured in a single moment,
held in stasis by the apathy that exists.
As The world spins to our chosen reality.
Within every beauty that captivates us.
A smile exists in a fiction we learned from a fantasy.
Jessica B Oct 2021
Always carry that power with you.
Protect it.
And remember that it’s yours.
The Light is a powerful energy you can use to defeat your enemies.
The Light of Love.
And Love is and will always be the most powerful.
Jessica B Oct 2021
I know what Real feels like.
When it’s real there are no games.
No shame to be ourselves.
No limits to our desires and dreams, not even our own self-destruction.
I see you…
Your eyes tell me everything I need to know.
Yah…..That fall looks pretty steep.
As I Inch closer to the edge every time we meet.
Adrenaline exceeds.
So I step back about 10 feet.
Yah….That fear, it gets me too.
Losing myself for a moment, as I dance in the darkness of my own shame.
Becoming Self-destructive in my own way.
But I’ve played this game before.
As I convince myself that this can only be fleeting.

Bc….if you have lost a love….
a love so deep that the world stopped spinning.

I guess,
The game can seem tolerable for a while.
But only for a while.

And when I’m ready….

I’ll jump, if you jump….

Hoping that it’s you….on the Edge….
waiting for me.
Jessica B Sep 2021
Don’t let your anger defeat you.

You’re better than that.

Jessica B Jul 2021
I’m everywhere, can’t you see.
In every light that surrounds you.
Even the night’s sky has stars.
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