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Jessica B Jul 2021
I was always so sure of a pure Soul.
But we’re all tainted in some way.
Born sinners.
Our Shadows linger In the dark.
Close your eyes;
Getting Lost in this paradox.
As we Learn to live
Live In the freedom of all things.
All things Loved and created. 🖤
Jessica B Jul 2021
There is beauty in it.
I promise.
You don’t have to seek it out or search for it.
For it lies in the simplicity of things.
It Lives in Love.
And it breathes in you. 🖤
Jessica B Jun 2021
Dear Daughter,

Always be Weird and eccentric.
Always be unique and different.

Light up the world with all your greatest passions.
And understand that relationships Are sacred.

For your signature is forever written.
In the sands of time
this world has given.

Always reminding you.
That there’s no one else like you.

Understand that,
You can change things.
Things bigger than ourselves.


Be in the moment.
As it is.

And listen for the answers.

God will give.

Embrace it.
Live it.
Love it.

- Mom
Jessica B May 2021
This line states nothing.
This statement says nothing.
To feel nothing.
Lost in no thought
No time
No worries.
Just this peaceful sound
Of Silence.
Among These Melancholy Trees
that speak nothing.
Because the wind speaks whispers and my heart feels empty.
But these trees stand sturdy and that’s why I sit with them.
Jessica B Apr 2021
It’s when we get lost in it.

The Silence.

Together 🖤 As our eyes converse.

What words can not express.
Jessica B Feb 2021
I feel like I fit there,

That place in time.

Jessica B Jan 2021

Love just changes

Like Time
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