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Dec 2021 · 974
Story of Love
Jen Dec 2021
Never seen
Eyes more true,
Until one day
I rested mine on you.

Knew your smile,
Your voice,
Your touch...
Before I met you
That faithful day.

If this is love,
Then I never
Knew what it was

If this isn't right,
I don't care,
I never
Wish it to end,
Only for it to

To pretend tonight
That you think of me too,
And trust deep down
In a story of love.
The pain of love and wishing for it in reality
Dec 2021 · 158
Verge (Of something new)
Jen Dec 2021
Heard a familiar song,
As sleep beckoned once more
Only to close the door
At the the crossing
Where I find you,

Drifted away to sleep...

As it fell upon me,
I heard your voice so clearly,
Looked at your face,
But there isn't a trace
To be found,
Familiar sound,
Something isn't clear.
Something doesn't compute.

A new day beckons,
Rise up,
Live it.

A sound in the crowd,
A face takes hold,
Merely a figment
Of my daydreams and worst dreams,
Come back to this life.

I could hold your hand,
If only I could find it,
Finding you lost,
On the Verge
Of something new...
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Dec 2021 · 133
Jen Dec 2021
The ocean casts cerulean
Its eyes a fatigued gaze
Paralyzed in your presence
Concealed and unscathed

On the surface...

All the while,
My feelings drown in
Your waves,
Reaching out to touch you...
Realizing I'm powerless...
Staring up at your slate sun.

You've been there by my side
This whole time.

I pray only that you do not
Leave me to catch
Your falling embers
When you're gone.

I pray that one day
We'll be with each other always.

I pray that I don't have to wait
Any more months or years
To kiss you,
And for it to be real.

I ask God why tonight,
And tomorrow I'll sit by your side
As if nothing ever changed.

Long-suffering in this hidden truth,
Powerless to say a word.
The reality is my soul is saddened
That you are not here with me now,
All I can do is dream of you,
A smile on your face.
I'll see you tomorrow,
And you might never
Know what I feel for you.
This poem is about loving someone that you might never be able to have

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Nov 2021 · 84
Forever Love
Jen Nov 2021
He wondered what it would be like
To be water,
Flowing through the rocks and reefs,
Nothing could bind him,
Nothing to harm him underneath, within,
the soul weeps.

There was once a civil war,
And he was a soldier
Barely hanging on to life,
Kept going through the smoke-fire-pain
Love lost, lost his love in the rain.

Dropped to his knees and asked God why,
He would take away the one thing he was living for.

His dear love was the only reason he'd
Awaken each day and dream each night-
Picturing how happy they would be
Kept him moving still.

God looked down on the man and said,
"None of us get to choose when or how,
or what we lose."

The soldier placed one foot in front of the other
On solid ground
And found the strength to stand,
Until one day he'd rest his head
In a place where angels sing
And see his true love's face
And feel her in his embrace.

Now all that's left on this earth
Tells just a piece of their story,
Found one day buried deep
In the ground,
A wedding ring engraved with the words,
"Forever Love..."
Nov 2021 · 90
Heart of my heart.
Jen Nov 2021
I hear you...

Voice in the dark
Heart of my heart.
Settle in this fold.
Out of the cold,
One day we'll be old.
Comforting warmth,
Out of the rain,
Listening to it again.
Your arms surround
All of me in your hold.
Something tells me,
You'd never
Heart of my heart.
Settle in this fold.
Never to grow cold.
Nov 2021 · 129
Jen Nov 2021
It's the time of year
That tears can
Make a stream
Under your left eye,
Counting the minutes,
haunting memories
Visit like drafts
Coming from the edges
Of a window when
October smiles its
Wide grin of
Oranges and lemons
And laughs while
You shiver
And now I sit and wonder
Solemnly to myself
What it would be like
In (your) arms one day...
Would long-past memories
Be erased?
To greet us with a warm embrace?
I sit here and wonder
About you
Jan 2021 · 209
Jen Jan 2021
I was walking in opaque
In a mist of blurred lines,
On the trail
Of something
Of someone not meant to find.

In that moment,
I stood on the dirt,
And looked up through the fog
To see through the clues
That led me to resolve,
Then to you.

I was lost in a maze
with no exit.

Now I'm face to face
With another,
Never meant to uncover.
From day one
We were never meant
To know each other.

Standing on the abstract
Verge of something...

Colors merge in my mind,
All was obscured
And now I can see
But not feel.

And all along
I was never meant to
Uncover you.

So many colors blend,
Blurring the truth
And I'll never
See through to you.
Dec 2020 · 188
Outside of Truth
Jen Dec 2020
Cold can be so warm,
On the outside of truth

Crashed below the water
Heavy and sunk
To the bottom
so far, so far
From where
The edge scrapes life
Underneath disguise

Took hold
Of temporary
Reflection holds the truth

It is so cold,
In open air
Above the pool
Where bodies swim
Say hello
Meet and embrace
In the blue

There is love, up high
What you believe
Love under the surface,
Scratched away
To find proof
On the outside of truth
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Dec 2020 · 146
Jen Dec 2020
It's hard to let go and hold on

Let go for a little while...

Dangling from a star
In ebony space

Hanging on to how it feels
Drowned in incandescence

Lost in the void
Lost in the void

Touched your fingertip
Before floating away

Oh no
Where did you go
Oh no
Found yourself,
The tip of where
You can't see
Or ever go

Lost in the void
Lost in the void

Always dangling there
Waiting for a glimpse
Of something far off,

Still hanging on,
Crystalline trellis
Covered head to toe
With heavenly glow
Danced in Jupiter's rain  
Under Callisto's light
And nothing could compare
Shining with a million colors
The whole time

Lost in the void
Lost in the void
Dec 2020 · 288
Starfish Wonders
Jen Dec 2020
So, clear to see
Who you want to be,
It can all be seen

Take a breath
Don't forget
Not to swallow
Salt water,
When you're
On the surface

Everything is washed over,
Bones are hollow,
Made of starfish
Also known as
Their radiating arms
Fill colorless depths with
Magnificent sights.

Everything eventually fades,
To grow anew
In an endless cycle,
Seaweed holds fast
To rusty anchors
Buried and sunken
In desolate places.

A final resting place for saints,
And sinners...
They once sat on a ship and
Ate mackerel for dinner.

Fish now rise up to
The surface of a vessel
Alive on tranquil seas,
And life continues
On as it does naturally,
With starfish wonders
And miracles,
Ships sail and sink
Just as we do.
Dec 2020 · 98
The Feed
Jen Dec 2020
Let go and release,
Yourself from the feed.

They can no longer reach you
In a place you feel safe.

That's when you are freed,
That's when you finally see,
What you are meant to be.

Maybe just a whisper
Compared to vast mountains
They climb oh so high.

Maybe just a speck
Of glimmering light
Next to their spotlights.

It doesn't matter
How big or small

Just remember
Your heart.

Never give in
To the fall

Let go, and release
Yourself from
The feed

No longer haunted,
Let your spirit
Be freed

Just listen for a whisper,
A speck of glimmering light.
Haven't been online as much due to the real life hustle but was inspired tonight when relaxing and listening to music. Peace and love ♥
Nov 2020 · 91
Jen Nov 2020
Butterflies travel hundreds of miles,
Give new life
then die with the day

A short ride takes us and then erases us,
They converge on a painted tomb
Of frozen colors
Purpose and orange and purples,
Among others
All connected in the dusty wind.

All fades with fall to bring new life
In warmer weather.

Next to the butterfly,
Our lives seem so long.

Perhaps we are butterflies
To some...
Giants in the sky
Look down on us
In a drop of water
Floating by.

Lights flickering in and out-
Fast as light.
Listening to:
Oct 2020 · 92
Jen Oct 2020
You don't know
What you have forsaken,
Until it is taken
Away (before your eyes).

Day is breaking,
Twinkles off
In the distance
Await dark bliss
When they can
Shine through
All of this.

Time traveling,
We do it every day.
Take a step,
Dance and traipse,
It's survival
You know,
It's all time
and space.

Some days you come
To find you're in
A new life,
The old no
longer yours
To hold.

Why don't we
Live again,
In this life,
Don't think twice,
Just this once.

Sunsets pass us by,
Sunrise blesses us,
Before our eyes.

Before our eyes,
Blesses us.
Listening to:
Oct 2020 · 49
Jen Oct 2020
If you look
To the other
Side of
See that you aren't
Who you used
To be

Do you feel me?

Maybe you aren't proud
Of who you were
Or maybe you wish
You were still that
Of your soul...

If you look
To the other end
See that you are
Now who you
Are meant to be
In this moment...

Who you
Want to be

Do you feel me?

Sep 2020 · 58
Jen Sep 2020
It's so dark tonight.
Turn your light on,
I can see it shining
All the way
On the other side.
It's so bright.
When this life,
Is over
All that was once
Will reunite again
In Quantum

Come back now...
Come down
To Earth,

One day,
When this
Is all over
You'll find
Your way
To where
You want
To go...

Just look up
For now
And listen
Only to
Be led
Back to
Or never
Sep 2020 · 44
Jen Sep 2020
You said you want to see this soul
I said
Open your eyes,
Turn out the lights
And hold on
Until eternity
Bends unending
Just don't let go
Of this hold
And if you do
Close your eyes
Take in this breath
In all of me
There was never
Anything to fear
Here in the dark
Just don't let go
Share your light
For eternity and then some more
An endless kind
It's what everyone wants
To find
In the daylight or night
Close your eyes
See me
Seeing you
Hold on until
Can you hear
Your echo there
Where statues and stones
Remain still
Your voice is now
An echo
In their halls
Sep 2020 · 67
Jen Sep 2020
Take it now
And fold it over
Toss it in the water
This is healing
Growing in an
Ever expanding
If you look out
To the ocean
What do you see?
Maybe you
Can go there
Once more
Finally (Feel free)
The moment
Your toes touched
The sand on the shore
Maybe you
Can heal
Some more
Folding over
In emotion
Left it there
For a little while
It's ever expanding
I remember
That time...
I can reach
And touch it
Once more
Sep 2020 · 46
Jen Sep 2020
All of them
Just want to break
You down
Is there even one
That would want
To lift you
Not see you crawl
Beg and claw
Your way back
To where
You were
Before you
Met them
When you
Had yourself
And knew
Who you were
Staring at a picture
Face void of who
I was before...
Until one day
I got a little
Piece back
It's nice to smile
Once in a while
It's nice to know
I got her back
To recognize
Your own face
And the eyes
That reflect that

Today was a sad day
Reminded of defeat
And how it has
Hit again and again
Mourned some
Cried a little
At how our
World can be
So cold
How humans
Can hurt
One another
**I looked up to a clear dark blue sky tonight to see a moon burning bright near a planet aligned and tried to reach you**
Sep 2020 · 59
At Last
Jen Sep 2020
Until you find
The end of time
Don’t look back

Flowing through
To where it all began
In the soul you knew...
Until you found
Your way to peace
At last
Then you knew
And trusted as you
Rested your weary
Head down

At last, at last

You’ll love
You’ll love
At last

Oh don’t look back
Nothing remains
In that

Until you find
The end of time
You’ll keep
Moving forward
Just like the wind
Like the sand
Finding inner peace
And love
At last
*Was listening to the song below which inspired the lyrics above...started to sing along with the piano*
Sep 2020 · 52
Jumping Fences
Jen Sep 2020
She was jumping fences
Getting nowhere
A filly
Chased the wild horses
To the limit
Reached the finish
Soon they disappeared
Never to be seen
Into the dark wood
Into the dark
Skins shed on a path
Into what was never
Tethered there
Unbridled fury
Flocks raced to the field
In final glory
Vultures on the move
Consumed in flesh
In fury
Fed their hunger

She was jumping fences
Can't you see
"Can't see you"
It was all for you
Until there was nothing
Left in her that she knew

Tied to the rail
Sunk in the sand
Reached for a hand
Only one was there,
"God, is that you?"

So run, run, run
And don't look back
She was jumping fences
Don't look back
She left something
Nothing to come back to

When it's right
It won't be
You'll be lifted
With lightness
Unbridled and flying
No longer
Jumping fences
Sep 2020 · 47
Out of Sight (Wonders)
Jen Sep 2020
That night
Deep purple--
Ounce in amethyst
As dragons danced
On cloudy scraped
And fireworks dripped
Inch as they
bled down
Drew in on the soul
With sunless sails
Cast out
To Catch
A sullen breeze
A firefly kite to catch
What was left
Of what can
Be seen
Of the night
Thinking on
What was out--
Of sight
Sep 2020 · 48
Sing the Blues No More
Jen Sep 2020
We were swimming
In vintage
Left those blue suede
Shoes at the door
She don't want to
Sing the blues no more
She don't want to sing
The blues no more
Picked up her feet
And danced to the beat
On an empty ballroom floor
Dust and moonlight filled
All corners
Specters watched as
Music filled the air
Cold static
Lifted hairs on her neck,
Only ghosts were left
Dared to take her breath
Only ghosts were left
As she levitated
Off an empty ballroom floor
Closed her eyes
And blinked them fast
She don't want to sing
The blues no more
Comfort in knowing
She wasn't alone
Any longer
As she levitated
Above an empty ballroom floor
And' she don't sing the blues no more...
This poem just came to mind as I was thinking of Halloween mixed with a thought of a person I met who said she likes to sing the blues at times.
Aug 2020 · 69
Universe (Of you)
Jen Aug 2020
Some day you’ll be
At piercing globes
Lost for words
And entranced
Until you near
The peak
Of what
You thought
Was unreachable
Of what one can see
In the immenseness  
That is
The universe
Of you.
Aug 2020 · 45
Left (Blue Dress)
Jen Aug 2020
I left my blue, cotton tee dress
On your floor, and I...
Didn't come back for more;

You kept calling every night
Not sure why you put up
Such a fight
To take over my mind
When I told you we
Should end it,
See other people,
Move on,
Avoid the hurt
And the pain.
Everything was
Silly string animal puppet silhouettes
On your wall danced
Of something insincere
Like black magic trickery
And licorice idiocies
Mirrors cast in open flames
Meant to fuel a clever game.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring...
Pick up the phone
"Pick up, I know you're home..."
Ring, ring, ring...
I shut off my phone,
Not listening.

"Please call me back. I just wanted to let you know that you left your blue dress here."

"It's okay.  It's just a dress.  I'll buy another.  It's not worth going back to blue."
Aug 2020 · 66
I Am
Jen Aug 2020
I am free!
I am happy,
I am enough.
I am beautiful,
I am me,
No apologies.
This poem is for anyone out there that might think that they are not enough... you are!  In the past couple of weeks I have been doubting myself... last night these few words came to me.  This is the only way I want to see now.
Aug 2020 · 53
Jen Aug 2020
See more than
What is said

See within

To what
Is shown

From inside-
Out in emotion.
Aug 2020 · 43
Muse Chapter
Jen Aug 2020
"How do you get
To 'Happily Ever After?'"

It's time for
The next chapter
No use hiding
It anymore,
What I'm after...
And want to capture...

In the next pages
There will be
New muses
For my heart
To fly after
Because it's time
For the next chapter

Time to put myself
Out there
And live
With no regrets
Because no one
Ever found
A love
Without moving,
Guarded guise,
And closed eyes

It's time for
The next chapter
No use hiding
What it is
I'm after,
What I want
To capture
In the next chapter

Is there ever
Such a thing...
As Happily Ever After?
Aug 2020 · 80
Jen Aug 2020
Breathing in and out—
Collapsed in soul gaps
Face brushed against
The edge of emptiness
In this dead lapse
Where the soul gasps
Breathing in and out—
No one can hear
Your cries
In the unknown
Expanse of just you
And yourself,
Breathing in and out—
In an expanse
Where the soul gasps,
Is it only you
There by yourself,
Or someone else?
Aug 2020 · 50
Jen Aug 2020
Class clown, joking-around
Teacher's pet and a little shy
500 kisses might never be enough
Recess is over and the time flew by
They look up from under
The slide where they hid away
We made it to 1000 today
Until we meet tomorrow
At the Jungle Gym
Aug 2020 · 74
Jen Aug 2020
Heart racing
Didn't want
This night to end
So many tears
In the past
Were full of pain
Closed my eyes
As a single drop
Released from
Sunsets & Waterfalls & Rush
From the right eye,
The first one
Of joy
I had felt
In a long time
Came streaming down in
Sunsets & Waterfalls & Rush
If this is love
Then let me drown
In your
Sunsets & Waterfalls & Rush
Can only guess
At what it must be
To feel your touch...
Sunsets & Waterfalls & Rush
Jul 2020 · 64
Jen Jul 2020
Took a jar and reached out
To infinity's vacuum
If only to capture this
And hold onto
Something (sparkling grey)
That one should never,
Hold on to.
Set it free
What's not meant
To be,
Once you swallow
Your lost hopes
Maybe you'll see
The brightest
Spots were never lost.
Jul 2020 · 66
Touched (Your World)
Jen Jul 2020
For a split second
Touched your world-
Just grazed the surface
A glimpse into you--
Just a glance.
Hearing so many projections
Meant to falsely ******,
Meant to make you lose
Who is who
Who are you?
Just grazed it,
The surface
For a split second
Touched your world,
But couldn't hold it
As it slipped through
My helpless fingers,
Voiceless in your
Unholy eyes
Unholy light,
Outer sacred views,
Touched your world,
Couldn't hold it,
Released it back
To you,
For a split second,
Touched your world
Only to let it go
Jul 2020 · 52
Jen Jul 2020
There lies a barrier here
An invisible line in the air
Go there,
Anywhere you go
Just go

I know heaven is breaking
The seal
Can feel it revealed

Will you make it through.
In some spaces
I know a light is not far

It is the only way to make
It beyond
To each new day.

A warrior, until you’re not.

Then the question becomes,
“What happens if you give
Up the battle?"

I can hear an empty echo.
You live to see another day
And trust to leave behind

You live to try once more.
There lies a barrier
I know heaven is breaking.

Hasn't broken through
To you yet.

An invisible line in the air
Elapsed fear.
Jul 2020 · 53
Jen Jul 2020
If I put my hand
On the fogged glass
Will it erase words
So crass
Will it uncover
Where there once
Was a strange menagerie
Over the lake's horizon
In a fuscia-water coloured vision
Waking in the early morning
To this realness
Come to life
Had to escape it
And face what
Has passed
Leave it all behind
If I place my sight
In the right place
These fears might slip away
But my dear
Our world is-
A gray-washed haze
My hand releases
From the mirror's grasp
My eyes see through
To what it was at last
Jul 2020 · 55
Jen Jul 2020
You don't need someone
To show you the way
You just need some strength
To find your own way
Worlds can collide
In this one
Nothing stands still
For anyone
So, find your own way
And maybe someday
You will be free
To find your love
Because worlds can collide
In this one
And nothing stands still
For anyone
Move closer to the truth
You seek
Closer to the heart
In everything
Follow your way
Closer to free
It's inside
Of you
A strength

And sometimes
It's so quiet
Awake in the dark
And sometimes
It's only the presence
Of something
So, find your own way
At last.
Jun 2020 · 76
Jen Jun 2020
I listened to this
Song last night.

Its message so simple
But deep.

It basically said
Something along the lines of...

What would it be like to
Live in a dream but never
Have been to sleep
And that my friend
Was the moment
Of your birth
Jun 2020 · 54
Jen Jun 2020
Held on to a hand
Glanced up with a smile
Breathed a breath
Of the past
All moves forward
Until all is no more
Nothing is ever meant
To last in this life
I know this for sure
You thought you
Could have the best
Of both worlds
Kept me around
To help fit the bill
While you found
Other thrills
And your long lost
Lover soon returned
Sometime in early March
Or before,
If you were a real man,
You would have told
Me this before...
Now I breathe a breath
Of the future
It's all I have left
And here and now
Breathe into me
A future breath
It's sometimes
All that is left
Jun 2020 · 37
New Day
Jen Jun 2020
I lie here on the water
Day turns
To burning crimson
A darkened sky
Moves in with it
A single shooting star
Flies by
Disappears into thinness
Sky drowns out
Clouds blanket
Ground catches
Night ends to
To welcome
A new day
Jun 2020 · 43
Jen Jun 2020
For the first time in a while
Took some moments
To live in here and now
Everything so bright
Turned to dim
Worlds can turn
It's like sand running
Down the spaces
A mourning feeling
Forever faces
To fight it
Found the light in it
A shower pauses
Stillness invades
Moving spaces
The human races
To keep up with it

We swim in the deep
Drown in the times
Float on hopeful moments
Feel so many emotions

A roller coaster's peak
Stands waiting for those
Who want to ride it
Until descent

Flooding gates open
Then close with changing
Move in, move out
Caught by rocks
In the calm after
A storm
Warmth and chills
Jun 2020 · 61
Jen Jun 2020
Suddenly so suddenly
Earth’s ground is falling
You reach out to touch
The hand of one
You can’t see
They can’t hear you
Scream any more
Dry your tears
Off the floor
That doesn’t exist in
Space because-
In space
There is no floor
So wipe them up
Find your way
For all of time
But you can’t see them
Any longer
All this distance
Makes you pour
Out an empty glass
Hold your own hand
Dance on your two feet
All this distance
In space
It's all inside of you
Jun 2020 · 95
See Inside
Jen Jun 2020
Can you see inside
To the souls within this
Cataclysm longing
To be set free
Set aflame
In peace
And new sight
To see within
And released to
Believe and love
Once more in
The storm that
Rains heavy
To stand or
Be defeated
Once more
Change a constant
Reminder of
Where we've gone
Before and where
We're headed
Once more to
Hold on
Don't let go
All that's asked
Is to take a side
Be an ally
To know that
Even though
You'll never
Know another's
Life that you'll
And speak out
This time...
Jun 2020 · 33
Jen Jun 2020
Neon Ferris wheel flickers in the distance
Over the hollow waters that bind us
Sometimes only to blind us

Pitch black night swallows
What hides beneath
A smile's surface
Can't help it
Varicose covers
The reality
Of it all
Of it all

The ferry flies onward holding
Heavy passengers in its arms
In its arms so tight

Liquid amethyst
Stains a
Darkened sky
Cold as winter
Surrenders her heart
To it all
In surrender

Distant pillars paint
With bare fingers
In pictures past and
Some were never meant
To last
As they beckon
Call out
Cry loud

Sunset blasts moonbeams
In beautiful scenes
Underlying secrets meld
Into the sea

In the
End game
Colors mesh
With grays and
Waves crash
To touch open air

Faded carousels
For the last time

The lights go down
And everything dims
To quickly fade
To the next place and time
And the lights go away

The lights go away...
May 2020 · 74
Jen May 2020
All is for the best she says
Heart upon the ground
Each day the sun sets
Once more
Tomorrow brings hope
Somewhere to be found
It's something to hold on
With each breath
She takes
The idea of a whisper
Lost for all the time
It takes
A notion of a smile
Found somewhere in belief
Buried and covered
Beneath the lies you told her
Some she believed
She slowly picks up a piece
To place it back together
Another missing
Each day the sun rises
Once more to welcome
Her home
With open arms
And a spirit that
Might one day
Be whole
May 2020 · 75
N. Lights
Jen May 2020
Northern lights
Scrape the edge
In planetary surrender
Hold on if you dare

It's a magnificent globe
It spins and dances
Streaked in glimpses
Of burning light

Atmosphere's emeralds
Bloom in radiance
It's a moving painting
Frozen images remain

Pure radiance can only
Be dreamt up
In day dreams
And warmth and
Colors that surround
May 2020 · 59
Jen May 2020
no, can't stop it
no way, no way out
blink and open
them, your
eyes to reveal
a world now turned
reveal it, to close it, shut it
down down down
find comfort
don't drown
too far for the distance
here in open spaces
carry forth, yes, carry forth
your burdens
one day they will erase
for all time
let them drown
free at last
free yourself
it passes so fast
nothing ever lasts
one minute
holding a hand
the next you drown
in realistic tides
to surface once more
to catch a glance
efface the feelings
reaching out so far
soaked in emotion
caught in
Apr 2020 · 65
Jen Apr 2020
Eyes barely open
Sun breaks through
The blinds
It’s time to wake up
Mend your broken wings
Don't give up
You still have a purpose
To fulfill before it's your
Time to fly up
Up to aurora's heights 
Take this needle and thread
Sew them back
It’s time to mend
It’s time to heal
Your body
Your mind
Your soul
And take some time
To find your spirit
and become whole
Smile and don’t let go
Let it in and hold it close
Never let it fade away
It's time to have
Some faith
We are all
Human after all
Sometimes we fall
Only to fly again
Apr 2020 · 52
City Lights
Jen Apr 2020
Fell asleep to sun drops rising
Flashbacks were raining
Of comforting pain
Something was missing
Why were the blinds closed
All the way down that day
Lost sight of reality
In the labyrinth
Mind maze
Lost there

City lights used to shine
Now all they do is blind
Broken windows stuck in time
Not easy to ride-or-die
Looked out as they emitted
Scattered out in all directions
Unparallel visions
Forever searched for the next
(Nothing was ever enough)
City Lights
Glow all the time
Fluorescence kept tripping
City Lights
Used to shine
All the time
Now the streets
Lay mostly empty
City Lights
Shine on still
Apr 2020 · 59
Cloud Squares
Jen Apr 2020
Clouds became squares
and filled in the spaces
The open air
Consumed and
the wind rearranged it
and quickly the storms rolled in
After they slowly taunted in the Distance
Squares were replaced with different Shapes
Triangles and so many circles
and sugar so tasteless
Cloud squared secrets left no traces
Soon it all faded
Always looked for
Anything to fill those
Empty spaces
Soft edges were sharpened
And all was shapeless
In those cloud square spaces
and all was face less
Apr 2020 · 55
Jen Apr 2020
I must confess that there is no feeling like it—then when
           You wake up
to recognize a place within
your sleeping soul
at rest

sinking low
in deep hues
choose any color
one more
or another

how about
how about

inside you,
is sweetness
life is lived
crawl out of
some how

you've ever
reveals itself

some are sweet
oh so clear
others are nightmares
soon to disappear

oh the fears
take me there to
where they linger
letting go to
slip through fingers

awake now
caught on a
sparkling web
and alone
and all I see

and I confess
there is no
feeling like it
Apr 2020 · 46
Jen Apr 2020
Control takes hold
           and sometimes it doesn’t let you go
So you escape
          in chains, still hanging, holding you down
It's human nature
                 can’t help it
And there are disorders
                               there is chaos
Constant, stirring up tornadoes
                    with dust and destruction and we are
           Peaceful One, don’t you love us
              Say it is so
                 Some given grace and others no place
                     And some want all the control
                           and all the power and when others fight it
             all access is
                          How would they feel in our shoes
                                        Dirt under nails on the floor
                                            And the devil crawling under the door
          One of Light,
                         We will never know and it’s not our place
                      A thing called faith filling in a blank void
               When times are trying
We’re finding
                                            And finding and finding and finding
                                                                ­ You must still be here
                                                            ­ Trying
                                                                 ­         Don’t give up on us
             These times can make you grow distant
                       Because of our nature
                                 And it grows harder for us to
                                             See you in all that we’ve become
Here in purgatory and ploys
                  Brainwashed by toys and shiny lights
                When beauty surrounds us
                          If only we could finally see it
                                                        Magnif­icent One,
                                                         When times are trying
                                                                ­      Don’t give up on us
                                                         Because of our nature
                                                 Drifting, you'll be there
      in the afterglow
             all, so easily taken away
Song that inspired this write (Stumbled upon this Barbara Streisand classic from the muscial Yentl)
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