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Jack May 2020
Compassion decomposing,
As if we were all just posing.
What was. What’s there but lost.
Clouded lenses looking through blinded loss.
I must connect mind over matter.
Or is mind just consistent of matter?
Reasoning lost.
On my death bed is when I’ll feel the cost.
I’m lost,
Please dear moon, give me meaning for my dreaming no longer has meaning.
I’m seething, it’s nothing but deceiving.
Oh moon, I’m singing, please give me meaning on this oh so cold night so I can feel as if I have some sense of being.
Jack Sep 2019
So the story goes
A happy family
With the blinds closed
A charming father
One who touched his own daughter
Alongside her mother
One who bruised her own step daughter
A man with charm and an obsession to appear opulent
He sang of broken rage
Masked over by a steady beat
Disguising the way he’d take a seat
Taking everything, leaving you beat
Conceited and consumed within himself
He had no time for anybody else
My dear step mom
She appeared so sweet
She was a cheat, she never loved me
She like to drink, get aggressive
I’d get beat, watching those gritted teeth
It took me awhile to see what’s beneath
Accepting life is not always as should be
I am not a victim but a learner in this society
Jack Aug 2019
Beating myself
Casting constant bleeding from self inflicted wounds
My bleating soul cries out
I have no way to bleed out
I need a way out
I gotta lot of self doubt
Don’t wanna deal with this ****
Take a pill n pass out
Stuck in my self drowning blackout
I walk around
Head bent down
Drowning all sound
I’m letting myself drown
Bein beat down by the vicious sound of the stormy clouds
Gotta get outta this crowd
Where it’s sad an loud
Where I can breath and let myself bleed
Surrounded by the cool breeze
I can think
Be who I wanna be
See through clear skies
The clouds fallen behind me
I can see
The girl I wanna be
Give me some time n all make her mine
Just give me some time and she’ll be mine
The girl I wanna be
I will be
When she beats through by beating the bleeding
Her self inflicted wounds
All be a warrior soon
Just Give me some time to patch up these wounds
Jack Apr 2019
Down the block
You coerced with sweet talk
Steady like a hawk
Taking your time as you walk
It’s past 1 on the clock
You knock
Wish I could say I’m shocked
My hearts blocked
Lost somewhere along the boardwalk
I’d jaywalk but I see the night hawk
It creates a road block
I’m stuck on the sidewalk

Jack Apr 2019
Sunshine beside my twilight
Always thinkin bout you near midnight
Gotta sit tight
And make sure you don’t fall out of sight
waiting for your call
propped up against the wall
I wish to sing and have a ball
Having you catch me when I fall
You stole my glance
It happened by fortunate chance
You intoxicate and inhance
My forever romance

Jack Apr 2019
A pack a day
Smoked away
I was provoked
And ended up soaked
Cloaked in smoke
Rolling up all the dope
Tryna compensate and cope
I looked through the telescope
And saw death written in my horoscope

Jack Apr 2019
*** is no sweet gum, but it makes you a wholesome *** who pours out all their income
Acting like a ****
Is this what you wanna become
Always glum
Balancing your hum that lost it’s silver tongue
A slow beating drum
Don’t let that be your sum
Put both hands on the drum and chew some ******* bubblegum.

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