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Jack Harrell Jul 2019
Somethings I do
Just for me
Paint this picture under my tree
Pull out all my drawers to find one tee

Drive the hammer
to hit the nail
Swing my car  
to set sail

Hit cruise control from my chair
Stare off until I get a cramp
Lay in by bed and make basecamp
Randomly run my fingers through my hair

But that’s fine for me
It’s not all for you
Some parts are lies
Some are true

I can’t have everything I want
So I’ll imagine the rest
Even when I drift off
I’m never at my best

I’ve never fully realized my
Never completely fulfilled my

If life is a game
Forfeit and forgive
Jack Harrell Jul 2019
Big, sad eyes and heartless lies
Sitting alone she wants to cry
Making claims he wants to keep
Holding fast, we’re loosing sleep

We skate by time,
Were jumbled garbage
The Price of Love,
Is negative yardage
Jack Harrell Jul 2019
A jack of all trades
But a master of none
How many can I claim
Before I’m done?

Titular titles tumble from my tongue
Mumbling by mere menageries
Of often overlooked and occult occupations
Professional practices performed profusely

Waiting out the rain
Slumping through the pain
Perfecting nothing but aversion
New things tempt me like a ******

— The End —