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FrankieM Feb 28
I‘m feeling homesick
But it’s not my bed I seek
Not my four walls or floorboards
I need you tangled into me
FrankieM Feb 24
She loves so wholly
But even god himself knows
She can’t be fulfilled
FrankieM Feb 21
You keep coming over
And sleeping and sleeping
Every next morning
You’re leaving you’re leaving

Our little cycle we don’t want to break
Doesn’t bother me when I’m not awake

Keep coming over
Keep sleeping keep sleeping
If you don’t wake up
Then you won’t have to leave me

You don’t have to go and I won’t ask that you stay
Just let me feel you longer- time seems to escape
FrankieM Feb 18
You’re a bird I can’t bring myself to cage
So I’ll sing to you in the morning
And hope you don’t fly away
FrankieM Feb 16
He’s on his own planet
I’m content just floating in his atmosphere
FrankieM Feb 14
I’ll keep daydreaming about your eyes
Just to feel the butterflies
Migrate from my chest to my spine

I’ll keep daydreaming about your lips
A taste I can barely resist
And my fingertips flowing down your hips

I’ll keep daydreaming about your fingers
How they seem to linger
Keeping the birds in my head singing all night
FrankieM Jan 12
Push me down
                              ­    p
                          ­            r
                                          with your words

             I’ll take anything you offer me
                  Any adjectives or verbs
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