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Jan 14 · 84
Forgot today
Gulishta Jan 14
      Futuristic mind set..
      Planning the next step.
In living inside tomorrow...
    Our today needs some help.
Dec 2020 · 78
Reason is me
Gulishta Dec 2020
       A mirage of an existence
       Mediocrity being persistent.
      Crash landing on a pile of disappointment.

The walls built to protect,
The walls of sand castle.
The walls keep closing,
The walls becomes the world,

Putting up with empty values,
Dictation on every step.
The Barriers built to teach,
The Barriers meet amends.

Should've tried harder
Should've work for my existence
Should've told to mind their business
Should've built my own castle.

Cause the reason..
The reason I couldn't find myself
The reason I lost my breath
The reason concrete cemented
And castle turned to cage..

The reason my wings broke
The reason I forget to fly
The reason there's no ground beneath my feet...
And the reason is me.
Dec 2020 · 46
Set me free.
Gulishta Dec 2020
With the verses
of muted songs
Grasping as you
Struggle to control.

Hold on tight
To your sanity
Working through
Your magic.

Wordly meaning
When the doubts
Starts creeping
The shadow among
Your light
You taught to let go.

Capture inside
let the scream out
Within the world
Or despair
You set me free.
Dec 2020 · 259
Beloved prey.
Gulishta Dec 2020
It's crazy attractive to get away
                         With a perfect crime.
Slicing one's heart    
                         With a cold butter knife.

Frown or hide away
                        Behind a sinister smile.
Lure the prey with warmth
                       End it...with a perfect strike.
Dec 2020 · 40
Gulishta Dec 2020
Only missing you
When the lights are out.

That kinda relation
Have you ever thought about?

One moment ....
       After another.
In this toxic.....
       Chemical reaction.

A constant...
        Tug of war
Is that what...
  You called a solution?

A memory lost...
    On an empty emotion.
A scar left behind...
     A serious need to question.

To hear the unsung...
    On the wavy flow of motion.
Struggle to contain within...
    Go ahead ...have a conversation.
Dec 2020 · 41
Gulishta Dec 2020
An ugly descriptive hole
        People call them doors
I'll keep it wide open
    But won't ever cross the threshold.
Dec 2020 · 36
Cash on emotions
Gulishta Dec 2020
Been a while
     Since my last write
           You moved me a little again
                  So let's give it another try!.

What a burden
        To uphold
              It's a door
                      We should just close.

On your way
      Back home
           Don't turn back
                  Please don't knock.
Sep 2020 · 68
Gulishta Sep 2020
The aim was to move on,
To leave everything behind.
To stop looking forever,
For the things I couldn't find.

One moment.. only one,
With some peace within my mind.
To live a life with love,
With respect and dreams ..but nevermind.

Holding onto something,
I was sure to be mine.
Reflecting on my heart,
As it made my eyes shine.

To lose the rest,
I started to despise.
Be the work in progress,
Where I taught to hide.

A drink of my fears,
To understanding in disguise.
To feel free of burden,
While emotions gathered in a pile.
Sep 2020 · 81
Gulishta Sep 2020
My eyes saw...
     But my heart believed.
With my battered heart,
    And an insignificant mind.
With some empty threats,
     I chose to live.

With a broken trust,
      And some deceptive truth.
A lie concealed quietly,
      With the help of my trust.

The boundaries set,
     Then the boundaries broken.
My earnings of lifetime,
      Somehow got stolen.

But my eyes saw...
Heart didn't believe.
My mind could tell..
But the heart didn't see.

With some broken bones,
      I mend my soul...
Been choosing to free,
      With a permit to steal.

With that insignificant mind,
      I learned to seal.
And with my battered heart,
      I choose to live.
Sep 2020 · 72
Gulishta Sep 2020
I made a mistake
By filling up the space
The space that'd
Keep me wanting
To bridge
This gaping hole
Between us...

Now...there's nowhere to go.
Sep 2020 · 69
Gulishta Sep 2020
Just a matter of time
Everything holding
A power over you
Is going to demolish
And turn into nothingness.
Sep 2020 · 106
Stretched thin.
Gulishta Sep 2020
The moment stretched thin,
    Within your eyes lies..
The fate of your despair,
     As you face your desire.

Lonely nights caused,
     As your bleeding heart flies.
The leaving of your soul,
      Within the moment lies.

The eyes tell the story,
     The one your smile hides.
You let yourself fall,
     As the time flies by.

The moment stretched thin,
     When you live behind the words.
The expected memories feels,
      Within your soul it cries.

And the moment stretched thin,
     Within the moment lies.
The fate of your desire,
      As you face your despair.
Aug 2020 · 77
Gulishta Aug 2020
A reason unknown to me,
I see love when you look at me.
Your eyes messy and murky,
But there's no place I'd rather be.
Aug 2020 · 96
Gulishta Aug 2020
I put my heart on a line,
Found a friend to confine.
In a conversation about struggle,
And the identity of mine.

Words spoken out of misery,
I catch them in my throat.
Made it crystal in the end,
Breath started with a jolt.

Faith and confidence,
With my hand on my heart.
I made a fool of myself,
A fool out of my want.

But let the ball keep rolling,
Let the bridge keep us apart.
A misplaced walk of desire, shards.
Aug 2020 · 125
3 different sides.
Gulishta Aug 2020
A long route taken
To make sense of an emotion
A war wedged inside...
If it does or doesn't matter?

To see three different sides
The sides of an action
Hurt and heartache aside
Just find a conclusion.

Gathering the pieces
Work towards conviction
The Judge and jury assigned
To work through confession.

See three different sides
The sides of an action
To overcome and make sense
The sense of an emotion.
Jul 2020 · 1.2k
Gulishta Jul 2020
In this constant state
Of hollow emptiness
I long.....
For a messy chaos.
Jul 2020 · 86
Gulishta Jul 2020
Trapped within the definition
You lost your only way out
Somewhat dignified response
As you refuse to scream out loud.

The wind beneath your wings
The urge to fly high
The clouds under your feet
And the birds passes by.

But the fear holds you dear
Within your heart die
The meaning fell on earth
While you converse with the sky.
Jul 2020 · 87
Gulishta Jul 2020
To wield a power
You always need a weapon
A weapon of your choice
Words...the words of treason.

A perfect answer
For an imperfect question
A civil moment of truth
The truth of your salvation.

Hard earned trust
Memories to make amends
A broken soul untrapped
As the last straw snapped.

A virtual reality
The memory of it all
A direct shot to heart
The blood turning cold.

A mental illusion
Suppressed expression
The love out of hand
While you wait for perfection.
May 2020 · 91
Gulishta May 2020
Express the desire
Of what you're afraid to feel
Keep that considered
As you put it in a seal.

Hold your secrets
keep you at your best
Live what you love
Then go on a quest.

The journey you'll live
As you chase away your ghosts
The house of cards upturned.

You'll learn to stare down...
The haunted.

The love of insomnia
The lust for the night
You'll learn to face the demon
You've been trying to hide.

The face of the truth
The face of your dark side
Just a step ahead
As you open your mind.

The journey you'll live
As you chase away your ghosts
The house of cards shattered.
As you win ....
The stare down.
May 2020 · 87
Dark times
Gulishta May 2020
Days and nights
All mend together
Live inside your brain
Free for the moment.

Bleak midwinter
Angry coloured sky
The Sun's constant struggle
How'd the day goes by.

Far beyond the view
A hope or a mirage
A fight against invisible
Hang in there...
We will see the sunshine.
May 2020 · 185
Gulishta May 2020
I wrote ...I erased...
I refined it....then wrote it again.

The words....of the memories....
Writing the soul....with different stories.

Calmed breathing...finally controlled...
Pulse under normal...then.... I let go.
Apr 2020 · 69
I ask no more
Gulishta Apr 2020
In the little things
I learn to ignore
All the words kept inside
Can't hold them anymore.

An image starts to form
A scene full of life
The pain buried deep
At the back of my mind.

Every step further
I'm losing hold on real life
A world form with words
An escape ..from the madness insight.

I'm surrounded in chaos
Tangled in told lies
But the beautiful picture behold
The beauty of outside.

I asked to look
Been always ignored
Now hidden in a cloak
I ask no more.

Been told to give
Didn't mention the take
An empty shell left
the pearl on the neck.

Standing my ground
Losing everything on it's wake
The truth of the beauty
When ugly comes on surface.

The image tainted
A scene with another take
The eyes showing emotions
The heart left taped.

I asked to look
Been always ignored
Now I demand to be seen
And I ask no more.
Apr 2020 · 327
Gulishta Apr 2020
As the doubt about
the worthiness
Of my own mind
starts to creep in
And I starts to
Judge my own blunt
When the only thing
Holding me back
From shattering
Into tiny little pieces
Is the small voice
In the back of my mind
Sounding awful
Similar to the words
Already spoken...
And the direct connect
That voice have
From my faith
To my soul
Is the thing
That helps me
Keep Finding
Something within me
To love again.
Apr 2020 · 89
Changing faces...
Gulishta Apr 2020
On the sidewalk
As we bumped into each other
I saw a familiar face
In the face of a stranger.

The look of surprise
As we found a kindred spirit
A fleeting recognition left
Left me quiet reeling.

A face emerged
A face of my dreams
A trick of the light maybe
But the face I kept seeing.

A face with a secret smile
A face holding a joke inside
A face full of longing
A face as dear as mine.

But the time passed
Made a few mistakes
Then the face unveiled
A stranger... wearing the familiar face.

A face of a storm
A face I couldn't blame
A face filled with ugly
But ugly was on surface.

I stare for few minutes
In the hope of a recognition
I wanted to peel the mask
To see.. the face of my dreams again.

Instead I find
Few more of little surprise
The face I become afraid of
The face I no longer recognise.
Apr 2020 · 422
Music of visual serenity.
Gulishta Apr 2020
Smooth lines
       Expressive eyes
             Innocent wide smile
An honest to god lie.

Fate intertwined
       Within a bracket hide
              Need something exceptional
A dread forming inside.

The want within reach
        Every sense override
               Worded desire hypnotise
Turned euphoric high.

Burned through the night
         Clothed in warm light
                 Pieces falls in places
Shines brighter than starlight.

Twinkling amidst the dark
         Showering in scattered fireflies
               Music in the visual serenity
And the promise to be mine.
Apr 2020 · 531
Gulishta Apr 2020
I tried to walk slow
To always look for you
To take the life in pieces
But I can't anymore...

To hold inside my heart
Your pains your secrets
To look the other way
When you broke me to pieces.

To love you with all of me
To be your only constant
To be the love you hate
To let you be my only mistake.

I was struggling to find
The love I hoped for myself
But the dreams I lived
The dreams of your eyes..

The light was yours
While I burn like a candle
There was only a spark
But we made the fire.

A star shine in the sky
You made me the night
I hold on to your darkness
Onto the hope to be alright.

But the harder I hold
The faster you slipped
The dreams of us forgotten
I'll let you live in your bliss.

Maybe it's worth saving
But I can't save it anymore
Maybe it's my destiny
But maybe.... it's not.
Mar 2020 · 64
I see you
Gulishta Mar 2020
If I could...
I would capture you inside my words weave a poem through you
I'll put some melody
A little bit of rhyme
A little bit of rhythm
Maybe I'll compose one tune too.

Then I'll present it
On the day without an occasion
While sitting idly on the bench
Of our favourite garden.
We'll listen to the song of us together.

When your spirit is high
I'll show you ...
What you really look like.
Then ...You'll see what I see
When I see you.
Mar 2020 · 421
Straight up good.
Gulishta Mar 2020
Trapped within itself
A silent cry ...
of an abandoned soul.
Hold me upright,
Cause I can't anymore.

With my wings tied tight
I'm learning to fly
All around and above
I'm seeing myself
With your eyes..

The faith I see
The picture you paint
A lone lost star
In search of its moon..

you came
You made me believe
I see.....I smile...
I stop....I sigh...
I creat...I heal...
I learn...I fly...
For the trapped the one who freed ..
This world with you ...
....straight up good..

A stranger unknown
Make believe the fact
The search came fruitful
Then I met myself.

The limits I see no more...
Maybe it's an illusion...
Maybe it's not.

You came along..
The star ain't alone anymore..
My own little constellation...
I can fly towards horizon.

You made me believe..
I see.....I smile...
I stop....I sigh...
I creat...I heal...
I learn...I fly...
For the trapped the one who freed ..
This world with you ...
....straight up good.
This one's for you!!!!
Mar 2020 · 55
Dream catcher.
Gulishta Mar 2020
Close your eyes...
Think about the things you want,
Let it shine...
Even if there's darkness of the night.
Brought back the light..
It's been hiding in you inside.

The path ain't easy...
Take a break...take it easy.
Shadows above the shoulders...
A journey amidst the rest...
Meaning hidden among...
Every unturned stone's side.

A story of a dream catcher...
A tale forgotten with time...
A dance of night and starsign...
A sole source of virtual reality...
Tell it..... with a smile.

Deep rooted longing...
A master in disguise...
Bleeding through the pores...
A passion to achieve or
A passion to realise.
Mar 2020 · 74
Gulishta Mar 2020
The conversations
we had with our past
Urges us to creat
A better present
But the work load of today
Come on ...
Let's talk our future.
Mar 2020 · 56
Gulishta Mar 2020
Sometimes it hurts to let go
But it's the best thing you
Could do for yourself
And for the other person as well.
Cause there's nothing
Left to say anymore...
Without reason you're
Stretching it...
Without reason you're
Bothering an innocent...
Without reason you're
Holding onto the straws...
Baby ...I know it's hurt
But it's time to really let go.
Hanging onto something's
Corps is just wrong...
The relationship has
Died it's natural death
It's time to let it be buried too...

I'm not saying don't mourn it
Please do ..take your time.
But know that when you can
You have to move on.
Mar 2020 · 57
Gulishta Mar 2020
For the new beginning
       For a do over
To find a hope somewhere
       Cause life isn't over.

To fly under the weather
     Above the scorching sun
To stare at the icey moon
     Cause the world is still open.

To leave behind the mistakes
    To learn a better lesson.
To hold the head high
     And to heal what's broken.

To smile for the emotions
      To accept the short comings
To love yourself first
       Cause it's the start of the beginning.

To survive within the night
     To cherish the light
Dark or bright...

      Cause it's life.
Mar 2020 · 230
Mere andar.
Gulishta Mar 2020
Mere andar...
      Mujhse zyada...
             Tu basta hai.

Mere rago me behta lahu,
Mere seene Ka Dil,
Mere saanso ki garmi,
Meri aankho ki chamak.

Mere andar...
      Mujhse zyada...
               Tu basta hai.

Meri Soch ki gehrai,
Mere ehsas se lekar parchhai,
Mere haatho ki lakeerein,
Mere peshani ki taqdeerein.

Mere andar...
       Mujhse zyada...
              Tu basta hai.

Meri namazo ki dua,
Mere ishq ki ibadat,
Meri khamoshi ke shiqve,
Meri na chhutne vali adat.

Mere andar...
       Mujhse zyada...
              Tu basta hai.

Mere dil ki dhadkan,
Meri khwahishein meri tadpan,
Mere raato ko jaagte khwab,
Mujhme thehra ye sailaab.

Mere andar...
      Mujhse zyada...
              Tu basta hai.
Mar 2020 · 67
Gulishta Mar 2020
Dept of your darkened mind
    Lures the darkness of mine
To consume the shadows
   And the last glimmer of light.

In the moment of lust
In the passion for thirst
    They dance around in open
     On the music of our hurt.

A call strong enough to break
    A soul that's what on the stake
With the flames of burning desire
    A death of light ....with a red hot fire.
Mar 2020 · 55
Gulishta Mar 2020
The maniac ...
Deserve to be parted
From the love he thought
Will never demolish ...
To realise that the thing
He thought he can't
survive without
Was just that...a thought.
Mar 2020 · 56
Gulishta Mar 2020
The love you feel....
How do you cherish it
When it turns into
A bleeding wound.
How do you accept
That the thing that gives
You immense joy
Will eventually turn into
Something painful
Something that hurt to even look at..
Mar 2020 · 158
Been a while.
Gulishta Mar 2020
It's been a while,
      But I still got time.
Still fighting the night,
      Still reviving the light.

The journey goes on,
      And the life keeps moving.
Weight on the wings increased,
      Still flopping them for flight.

It's been a while,
     Still trying to write.
The same old pain,
     With some different lines.

Nice to see you around,
      Oh yeah...I'm also fine.
Still hoping for better,
       And I still got time.

It's been a while,
     Still keeping us aside.
The chaos keep erupting,
     But I find it alright.

The labyrinth we called life,
     The way I'm trying to find.
The Blood went icy,
      Then the fire you ignite.

It's been a while,
      Prayers keep us live,
Buried under the mud,
      Still wish to survive.

It's been a while,
     I'll see you again sometime.
Without the pins and needles,
    Then it will be alright.
Feb 2020 · 114
Gulishta Feb 2020
I know....
    You are totally rooting for my short-comings.
I'm sure....
     You'd love to tell me all about it.
I hope you know...
     There's nothing you can say to surprise me.
I wonder. ..
      If you're aware's impossible to break me.
Feb 2020 · 191
Save me
Gulishta Feb 2020
The beat recede
with the final
Touch of humanity,
The death of the soul
accomplished by the dark
corner exceeding it's boundary,
Lurking just underneath
The dying breath
of this society. ..
Screaming to be heard....
The final plea ....of save me.
Jan 2020 · 223
Gulishta Jan 2020
It's the easiest thing in the world
To fall in love...
But keep being in it
It's the toughest of them at all.
Jan 2020 · 60
Gulishta Jan 2020
Is it possible to be able to live with a constant ache that starts to feel like it's  the only thing that's keeping you alive?

Is it possible to somehow be able to live with a hole shape of your heart in your chest?

Is it possible to become one with ones deepest darkest pain as if that's the only significant thing left?

Is it the brain or the heart that's need to shut up for one to completely lose themselves?
Jan 2020 · 47
Gulishta Jan 2020
Can't see
Beyond the fog
Of this helplessness.
      Prayers are
      Not enough to
      Sanctify this darkness.

            The urge
            To bleed within
            Fighting this hopelessness.

                   Fleeting moments
                   Piercing through
                   This bond of deception.

                           Lies among the truth
                           Fate of my destiny
                           Wait enough to hold
                           A stand for confession.

Help held inside
This mind of mine
Fight against myself
Burn. ...
Or hurt to Sanctify.
Jan 2020 · 139
Gulishta Jan 2020
Deep enough to hurt,
You crawled under my skin.
Cut through my veins,
You bleed like a sin.
A face of ***** desire,
Bonded on dark kinship.
Dec 2019 · 264
Unwelcome goodbye.
Gulishta Dec 2019
Dreams I see
Dreams of you .....with me
Dreams I live
Dreams of us....I see.

Wrapped around my heart
I feel your fingers
Bleeding through
The warmth ....icy.

Deceptive real
Virtual perception
The truth I see
The truth of reality.
Dec 2019 · 65
Beautiful ugly.
Gulishta Dec 2019
Maybe the thing you always thought that was right for you ...was always has been the wrong thing...
Maybe the one thing you thought would complete you...was the thing that made you feel hallow...
Maybe the beautiful illusion was just that an illusion... hiding the one beautiful ugly from your wretched heart.
Dec 2019 · 562
Gulishta Dec 2019
Tired enough to let go
I've learned to breath
Under the water
Accepting that drowning
From this overwhelming
Unrequited desire
Is what meant to be
The thing people called
Dec 2019 · 82
Gulishta Dec 2019
A rhythm goes on
With the sound effect
Of your laugh.

A beat beating
with the beat
Of your heart.

Forming music
The instrument
You played every part.

Spotlight smile  
Full of life
Like a shining star.

Magic words
Making verse
On a merry world.

Dance of souls
On a song of love
That goes on and on.
Dec 2019 · 320
Gulishta Dec 2019
Picked up my pen
And thought about the things
I wanna write about.

Closed my eyes
For inspiration
You are still the only thing
I could think about.
Dec 2019 · 142
Tears dry.
Gulishta Dec 2019
                      And burning eyes.
                         And despise.
                        And smile.
                           In disguise.
Tears left,
                   And Tears dry.
Dec 2019 · 210
Just this day
Gulishta Dec 2019
As we walk over the lawn
     Facing the wrath of the crashing waves
    Feeling the dew beneath the sole of our foot
     As the grass tickles on every footstep

As the sun rises up with all of it's technicolour glory
    Bathing the sky with golden glitter
         Burning the water in it's yellow liquid rage.

As the wind chilled our bones
      But the beauty keep us warm
As the birds take flight
      To keep the young one fed
As the smell of the ocean
       Nurture wounds as a balm
As Foam form ashore
        Wet sand on our toes
As the day embrace the light
        The promise kept by the night
As a new hope emerges
         Just this day we'll keep up the fight.
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