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Deep Ponderer Apr 2019
Not being attractive outwardly opened my eyes
into seeing more than beautiful sights.
It delivered me from preconceptions
of perceiving the world through vanity lenses.
It tore down walls of misconceptions
that appearances are the only reflections.
Appearances aren't everything. Everyone has been created for more :)
Deep Ponderer Mar 2019
I hope that you stay
And wait till the end.
You don't look into my eyes
The way you did when it began.
Why do I still feel the same;
A feeling that remains,
Or  is it all just in my brain
This hope  untamed.
Do you feel like someone is about to leave you, But you keep crazy hoping that the person would stay? My current state:(
Deep Ponderer Mar 2019
I no longer mourn the dead
I mourn the living,
For they build thick walls
From their past hurting.
they say they deserve love
Yet feel they are never enough.
They put on a stoic face,
And freeze their veins
To avoid any kind of feelings.
'The walking dead' living as though
they have but one last breath.
It's ok to not be strong. There is someone out there who will care for you and love you the way you have always wanted. Believe :)
Deep Ponderer Jan 2019
How can it be a habit
For someone to be forgotten
Like a shadow who follows
And requires no attention.?
Unless, you were never in their hearts
To be reminisce about from the start.
You were just a moment's delight.
But never a keeper for long nights.
To some you may not be important. So stick to the few that knows your worth.
Deep Ponderer Nov 2018
Why is it so hard for you to break free?
Am I a friend or an enemy?
Your walls are not bricks but steel.
I can't stop but think I am at fault!
Would you lie to please?
I prefer you breaking me with honesty,
Waiting for you to express
sometimes leaves me lifeless.
Deep Ponderer Sep 2018
They say you should surround yourself
with positive people.
But everyone changes
A season to bloom,
A season of storm,
A season of harvest
A season to wither.
So are we suppose to leave
if they are not in their season of positivity?
Well I say patience is the reason
to love in all seasons.
So will you leave or stay when a friend goes through the season of change
Deep Ponderer Aug 2018
She tried to give
the door a knock,
She took a chance
to see if it would unlock.
Turns out,
she didn't​ have the key
to set him free.
Sometimes you have to set yourself free.
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