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Deep Ponderer Sep 2018
They say you should surround yourself
with positive people.
But everyone changes
A season to bloom,
A season of storm,
A season of harvest
A season to wither.
So are we suppose to leave
if they are not in their season of positivity?
Well I say patience is the reason
to love in all seasons.
So will you leave or stay when a friend goes through the season of change
Deep Ponderer Aug 2018
She tried to give
the door a knock,
She took a chance
to see if it would unlock.
Turns out,
she didn't​ have the key
to set him free.
Sometimes you have to set yourself free.
Deep Ponderer Jul 2018
I'm no happy go lucky
I think too much.
I look up stuck,
searching in the constellations​
for answers about luck.
It doesn't inspire me.
Hence there is a reason
for my 'meant to be',
because you are
no longer a dream.
I'm blessed :)
Deep Ponderer Jul 2018
My words no longer compile sentences.
They act as antagonist,
preventing my every move.
I'm left with nothing but a blank page.
I'm having the worse kind of block lately. Hope someday I get back on track. :(
Deep Ponderer Jun 2018
The people that make You believe
The sky is in your reach
Are the people you ought to keep.
people in your life that give you hope and believe in you are the people you must treasure because they themselves are the believers
Deep Ponderer Jun 2018
You are not cursed
For better or worse.
To be able to feel every
Emotional outbursts
Is rather a gift not a flaw.
Feeling every pain,
agony and sorrow
Points you and
In turn, you lead others
In the direction of
The only way, truth and life
That sheds light
in every dark corner,
Delivering all from
The thought of no tomorrow.
Earlier I use to think that being deep in emotional aspect was a curse and sometimes I couldn't handle it, but now I think of it as a gift from God that leads me closer to Him and helps me understanding each individual better.
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