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GENIE Apr 2021
If your daily bread is greater than your daily goal,
Constant pain tames your wild soul
Some pains are brutal but necessary evil
If you're to conquer the devil
Be careful, be careful still
Some pains are completely avoidable, unnecessary evil
Arising from lack of will
GENIE Apr 2021
Where is it gone
The true world
Where truth is like the sun
Liberal, a formidable lord
I dare not call this world a lie
But as days goes by and by
The fountains of truth dry and dry
The spirits of trust die and die
And I can't help but wonder and ponder?
Where o where, is the true world gone?
It takes unconditional love to make the world true again
GENIE Apr 2021
This could be me
Holding your hands walking naked in eden
This could be me
Kissing you deeply for every step of ten
This could be us
Our love boundless, Our passion bottomless
Turning deserts to Gardens
And Hell to Eden.
Yes it's us, but only in my imagination and pen,
Sure it's us, but only in my poems.
GENIE Apr 2021
Its my life and passion
My dream and nightmare
Its my storm and calm
Its my best and worst
Others may live for love
Or whatever else they want
I live for poetry
And it lives in me
GENIE Apr 2021
The last blow had me sprawling and gasping
The pain seemed drawn from eternity to everlasting
Deep from my soul, it stings
More devastating than any mood swings
Rest brother Rest The ground says
Rise brother rise the air says
Fly brother fly the sky says
Any last words life says
Before the next wave of uncertain days
I would've listened to the ground
But that's against my adventurer's ways
I've come too far for any restful stays
Any last words, life again says
As I rise from the ashes of the fiery days
Bring it on my soul says
You can't stop me from seeing the brighter days
Which lays beyond the sky
The fiery days shed my excesses
Stripped my excuses.
Bring it on my body says
You can't stop me from exploring space.
Here's to brighter days ahead
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