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Tai Jan 2019
Snow comes down
Bombarding, blinding.
Streets bustle.

Love, though beauteous,
May raze one’s sanity and logicality
Plunging them into an epoch
Of incapacity and hysteria.
Time may feel as though it has
Ceased it’s progression.

The depravity eats away at the heart,
Wringing out all hope, all happiness.
Though composure may be maintained.
Or it can be spilt on the hard floor.

The snow stops,
The air becomes crisp and clear.
Time finds its equilibrium

The streets bustle once again.
Tai Jan 2019
Love is a risk-
You risk your time,
You risk your success,
You risk your sanity.

Love can be the greatest adventure
You have ever cherished.
Love can be the worst adventure
You have ever endured.

It creates clouds,
That we float upon like joyous children on soft spring grass
It creates clouds,
That we fall from like helpless young birds from a tree

Love is a path of unknowns,
It can build us, it can break us
Love is an unyielding war of heart and mind
Leaving our sound judgment in the ashes
Logic is a plan-
You ensure your time,
You ensure your success,
You ensure your sanity.

Logic does not waver
It is a straight path-
Beginning to end.
Logic does not yield adventure

Both Love and Logic-
Arguments present supporting support both
Love wins, Love loses.
Logic wins, Logic loses.

Love is the risk that can make or break
Logic is the set path with no opening
Love and Logic are beautiful.
Love and Logic are hideous.

Pick your poison.

— The End —