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Fynta Sidime Nov 2020
For me today was supposed to be like
Any other day
Friday the 13th
Perhaps payday
Last two classes then
Begins the weekends
Today is just any other day
Cold weather
In the wind city and then I remembered you
How can I have forgotten about you
Forgotten that it’s your birthday
Today is not like every other day
Today is your day
And how could I forget that
The 13th that marks the celebration of your life
And I every year treated it like a national holiday but today felt different.
Fynta Sidime Oct 2020
I see you when you don’t see me
I cheer for you when you don’t know I’m there
I crush on you when you don’t even notice me
I guess you can say that I am just stupid
Or that rejection suits me well
But the thing is
I can’t just put my heart on an airplane mode
I can’t pretend that my feelings weren’t real
Trust me when I say this
I’d give anything to erase this hopeless feelings I have developed for you
Know that it wouldn’t be out of spit but out of respect for myself.
Fynta Sidime Jun 2020
Have you ever seen a bird trapped in a nest of yards?
        It feet’s tangled up with threads
  Lot and lot of them
Then the bird tries to walk when it can fly
          The bird struggles to walk forgetting that it has wings
              You see this bird lost and you want to free this bird
  But it runs from you because it doesn’t trust you
    I mean, why would it?
You may wonder how the bird got trapped in the first place
      Has it forgotten how to fly?
  Why walk like a chicken when it can fly.
           When it can see everything from above.
Why not slip away and move on?
Fynta Sidime Jun 2020
I see you
  I see you
I feel you
   I live for you
I am you
   And you are me
In my heart I hold you
  Cause you are loved

  I see you
And you matter ✊🏾
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”
Fynta Sidime Jun 2020
I am a black man.
Not just any black man.
I am an African man.
This is the trajectory of my existence.
I was once chosen; I am a descendant of the chosen.
I am the original.
I come from chiefs and kings.
My skin is the essence of god.
I am from a sacred land.
My body and soul are universal.
I am that essence you hate.
I was once a king.
I am a black man.
Not just any black man.
I am an African man…
Borne in America.
I am a free man.
Now you wish to make me your slave.
You have written me in your books as a salve.
You came to my kingdom and dethroned me.
I sat on my throne but you lead my people through me.
But they resisted. We resisted.
You stole my people.
You trade my people.
You enslaved my people.
You lynched my people for just existing.
I am my people you tried to break.
You tried to make peasant out of my image.
You dissected my land.
You invaded my people.
You violated my mothers and sisters.
You brainwashed my chiefs.
You rewrote my existence.
I remain a black man.
Not just any black man.
I am an African man.
Of the Caribbean.
I am the essence you keep burying.
I do not rise for you to reshape my existence.
I remain the original.
I have survived your torment.
And I thrive in my blackness.
I live a free man.
I walk a free man.
You still try to cage me.
You have systematically built prisons around me.
But I remain a black man.
You made my continent your exploitation ground.
And I still remain a black man.
You play with my intelligence.
You bring me a bible and preach forgiveness and obedience.
You take and take.
You take and I give.
You take and ****.
You turned me against myself.
Just like you turned my ancestors against their gods.
I am the reflection you hate.
The shadow you fear.
You are the reincarnation of the devil itself.
Wherever there has been chaos, your kind has been found.
I am a black man.
A black man.
Yo soy ***** de la isla.
***** de la diaspora.
I am the future.
The original.
I am still chosen.
#blacklivesmatter #stopkillingus #stoptheviolence
Fynta Sidime May 2020
She’s my black unicorn
The only unicorn on the island
She’s my honey badger
The wildest and smartest creature in my forest
She’s the honey in my tea
The reason I keep sipping
She’s who she said she is
The magnitude of magnificent
That’s right
She’s the daughter of the universe
That’s why the stars in the galaxy
Glows brighter each time she smile.
Fynta Sidime Oct 2019
Let’s elope!
Think about it
Me you against all odds
Forgive me if I am being too gullible
Let’s forget about what is at stake
And perhaps even a moment of iceberg
Think about the tiniest little joy...
The fire that gear me to you
Being around you give me so much delight

He glared deep into my eyes
And for a moment I thought he could see
Through my soul
Then he says let’s elope
Sounded foreign to my ears
But if loving him wasn’t forbidden
I’d take that first class on a train tomorrow
If I wasn’t so Succumb to my shadow
Perhaps I’d have say **** it all
Take me with you
It will be like those romantic movies
Take me to the astronaut
To the moon
Let’s elope far away from this realm
Into another dimension
Instead I pushed him away
I didn’t have to say anything to make him go
As far as space could permit
I just turned cold
Like ice cold from dead winter night
It was scary to give a taste Of...
And then ****** it back like death
Thieve of light

Let’s elope and I promise this time
Well that is if you actually come back
I mean think about it
For a moment the joy will come
From the magic we’d create

Little darling I’d go as far as Mars
If time could permit me
And if feelings were tangible
We’d spend the night dangling to sweet melodies of our heart beats in the silence night of spring.
Or blissful night of summer
I’d show you how Profound my love
For you is
My beloved Tata, know that my love as no season no dates
The world is mad at it is
Little darling
I say don’t let your lack of conviction wither away your spring.
Think about it

I responded to his sweet Dazzling words
Indeed I was intrigued by the picture I imagine from his words

But I chose to stay back for I am a free bird
I like to fly whenever I want to and wherever I want to
If loving him meant I had to lose that
Then I don’t want to
I found myself silently drawn to his offering
But I choose to rather not indulge.
Experimenting with ghazal style.
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