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I keep lighting up this green,
So to induce the serene.
I keep using others,
What some might call lovers.
I do what I need,
when I don't want to plead.
'Cause doing these things,
Just to please myself,
Even stroke these strings,
Keep me away from the topmost shelf.
I live my life high,
Until my eyes run dry.
What's in my grasp, I still can't reach,
Cause even if I touch it, it'll just be bleached.
Like black in my veins,
Like death is my blood.
I'm unnaturally blind,
with my face in the mud.
And who am I to know what happens then?
Hell, I don't give a ****, I don't have any friends.
You're not making me happy like you used to anymore.
Things don't seem the same as they were before.
I don't want to give up because I know this can work,
But it seems like my mind is regressing to the dark.
You've been quite a wonderful person to me,
And I can't comprehend why now it seems to be
That you have lost interest and now just conform,
Like you're just playing along, just riding out a storm.
If you're tired, please say so, 'cause I don't want to weigh,
You need not be so kind, every single day.
Don't pretend that you're here when you've already left,
And me keeping you near is little less than theft.
I can't read your mind and I can't feel your soul,
But I'm not one that you should have to console.
If you want to, stay with me, and please don't leave,
But if this is pity, then don't stay, I won't grieve.
For clearly what I saw may very well not exist,
But I won't just automatically mark myself off your list.
I want you to be you, and to speak only truth,
Because that's how I am with you, I can give you proof.
But this isn't an argument, I just want to know,
Wether you really want to stay, or would rather just go.
At first things were great, but I'm not sure how she feels about me now. She's kind, but it doesn't feel like her heart is there. It's almost like I'm talking to a computer, that gives programmed responses after everything I say.
Fey Torres Sep 2014
If the time wouldn't have been now
maybe to me he'd be different
I might believe that he and I were meant to be
my blood might pump a little faster and my knees would most likely get weak
If the time wouldn't have been now
id be blind to see
the desperate need of love from me
id be obsessed with what he could do to me
  Sep 2014 Fey Torres
She puts her mind
Into a state of independence
Never needing anything
From no one

Above the cloud She soars
And took the hearts of many,
Carrying the weight
Of the uneven

Stars have fallen on this love
Reasons to leave is all you have.
But never you forget,
The same, reasons why you've stayed.

The secret recipe
She makes for life is worth it
She never wore her make up
For her sadness.

A sudden glimpse of all the shadows
You are burdened
As she brushed her hair
Away from her shoulders

*The sun have shined on this love
Reasons to leave is all you have.
One thing you should know.
Everything must come to an end.
(c) jcjuatco 9.24.14

— The End —