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1d · 68
It’s funny.
I still feel like a little girl.
I’m still looking around and checking to see what other people are doing to make sure I’m not completely different.
I’m still looking around for help
Hoping for a quick nudge
Or a whisper of advice
But I can’t seem to catch anybody’s eye.
Nobody else around me seems to be looking around and wondering why to do.
Why does it seem like I’m the only one who’s confused?
Why does it seem like I’m the only one concerned about the choices I’ve made or where I’m headed?
Something I wrote 2 years ago.
I was 14 so it isn’t that great.
Jun 15 · 104
New beginnings
Mykenzie Jun 15
We say goodbye
Just to say hello again
May 2 · 38
Mykenzie May 2
14 days
336 hours
16 years
140,160 hours
of life
I'm officially 16 in 14 days
Apr 21 · 560
Mykenzie Apr 21
You weren't my first
but I sure do hope that you're my last
Apr 19 · 51
Mykenzie Apr 19
First loves are important

They show you what you want,
and they serve as your guide post.

You compare every love to that first one,
and you'll never forget it.
Apr 18 · 123
Mykenzie Apr 18
Birthdays are happy days,
untill they fall on the sad days.

Easter this year is my moms 35
Middle age,
grey hair,
wisdom beyond years.

easter this year is my nanas second.
57 years,
6 feet under,
Counting my tears.
Apr 9 · 107
Mykenzie Apr 9
When I think of you,
I think of perfection.

When I see you,
I see perfection.

I see toned body,
pretty eyes.

I think caring,
smart mind, understanding,
loving, funny,

See, darling,
you are not just your body,
but your mind as well.
both working in perfect harmony
to make you, well, you.
Apr 4 · 50
Mykenzie Apr 4
Maybe the sand loved the waves
because everytime they left,
they always cam eback.
Apr 2 · 581
Mykenzie Apr 2
are simply that..

are daydreams

can be reality,

are unlikely
Apr 1 · 62
Mykenzie Apr 1
Pain is a strife
With strife,
I write.
Mar 29 · 86
Self love
Mykenzie Mar 29
Self love
is not measuring yourself
to other people.

Self love
is not measuring your worth
depending on how others see you.

Self love
isn't spa days and ignoring the world.

Self love
is facing your problems.
It's getting out of bed and being productive.

Self love
is cleaning your house, and going out.
It's talking to someone.

Self love
is looking in the mirror and being able to say
"I'm not perfect, but I am enough"
Self love is definitely something I need to work on. :|
Mykenzie Mar 29
I really, really like your hugs....
Can I have more?
Mar 29 · 217
Mykenzie Mar 29
I think about all the things
that I could've done differently.

My mind wonders back to you,
to me, to us.

All the time,
I think about why we ended
and how I could've stopped it.
Mar 27 · 49
Carry on
Mykenzie Mar 27
All good things must come to an end..
That being said,
family don't end in blood.
Mar 25 · 47
Love will remember
Mykenzie Mar 25
Love will remember
From start to finish,
beginning to end
Mar 25 · 46
Mykenzie Mar 25
Poetry scares me sometimes

It can make anyone feel things that are so sudden
and unwanted...

Poetry scares me sometimes,
because it doesn't have a particular form.

Poetry can be found in the sky, or the oceans.
Poetry can be found in your eyes, and in your smile.

Poetry scares me sometimes,
because it reminds me of you,
in almost every.

And that scares the living daylights out of me
Mykenzie Mar 25
I know you're gonna leave me eventually...
but I'm going to try to postpone it for as long as possible
Mykenzie Mar 25
You mean everything to me
Mar 22 · 656
This guy....
Mykenzie Mar 22
He likes me,
He likes me not...
He likes me
Mar 20 · 330
Mykenzie Mar 20
Diamonds dont turn to dust
or fade away..

you say I am your diamiond,
yet I am fading.

I miss you.
Mar 19 · 319
Mykenzie Mar 19
You ask for one more chance, a redo,
a do-over...

All I want to say is yes, a million time over.

Instead, I say no.
I can't
Mar 7 · 183
Is it?
Mykenzie Mar 7
When you google 'What is family'
You get the following description:
"a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household."

But is it really?
Can you really be family if you never talk,
even when living under the same roof?

Can you really not be family,
when you talk 24/7 and help each other with everything,
but you're not living under the same roof,
so you're really not family.
Feb 21 · 294
A poem about winter
Mykenzie Feb 21
It’s cold

The end
Feb 15 · 56
Mykenzie Feb 15
I've been talking to the moon,
hoping you were talking to him too...

I asked of you,
and hoped you had asked of me too...

I told him how much you meant to me,
and hoped he told you.
Feb 12 · 2.3k
Mykenzie Feb 12
So many poems
and stories
have gone unwritten
due to fear of not being good enough
Feb 12 · 61
Mykenzie Feb 12
So many unsaid words
hang in the silence
between us
Feb 11 · 63
Not a poet
Mykenzie Feb 11
She says she's not a poet,
but she puts all her emotions
into her poems.

She says she's not a true poet,
but everytime I read one of her poems,
I feel the emotions that she put behind it.

She writes what she feels,
and that make her a true, real, unadulterated,
Feb 10 · 154
Not really a poem #2
Mykenzie Feb 10
I feel happy...

Right now, It's because I can talk to him
Feb 8 · 47
Will it?
Mykenzie Feb 8
"This too shall pass"

But will it?

Will the pain of losing a loved one
really ever truly pass?

Will it go away just like a scraped knee,
or a broken heart.

I think not..
Feb 1 · 63
Mykenzie Feb 1
Why is self harm romanticized?
It's an awful thing,
and can lead to so much more.
It's a window to something happening
inside the mind.
These people need to get help,
they shoudn't be held up for all to follow suit.

Why is suicide romanticized?
It's an awful thing that hurts so many.
There are more options that one.
If someone is contemplating,
help them. Don't joke, don't fool.
These people need to get help,
they shouldn't be held up for all to follow suit.

Crisis Call: 800-273-8255
Suicide Prevention: 630-482-9696
Honestly, don't know if I spelled the title correct
PLEASE use those hotlines. Those are all that IK of at the moment.

Feb 1 · 223
1 year
Mykenzie Feb 1
1 year can change alot
about me, and you,
and just stuuf in general
I just realized I've been on HP for over a year.
I joined in October of 2017
Feb 1 · 938
Mykenzie Feb 1
Jan 31 · 51
Mykenzie Jan 31
They say
Life is a gift
That you should cherish it
Because you only get one life
One chance
Life will give you gifts
Like a family
But not all gifts are good
Life will throw curves at you
Like school
Broken promises
With each person
Is a life
With different thoughts
Different beliefs
Different families
Different feelings
A different way to view things
Like challenges
And life
Some might love life
They see the good in life
They see it as a gift
They love others
They love the journey
They smile
They laugh
Their sweet
Their kind
These people are on a boat
Floating ahead to see where they will go
But where they are now
They celebrate
That’s how to view their life
Then you have the others
They see life as a curse
They see the bad in life
They don’t talk to others
They hate the journey
They cry
They scream
They’re shy
They’re broken
These people are in the water
Drowning in their sadness
The water in their tears
No matter how hard they try to swim up for air
A wave of their guilt
Brings them back down
But isn't that just life?
Jan 22 · 39
Mykenzie Jan 22
Why are titles
so important?

Can't we all just be nameless?
Jan 18 · 77
Boys VS Friends
Mykenzie Jan 18
Boys will come and go
but friends are forever.
Thats why friends and forever both start with 'F'

So when given the chance,
make sure you don't lose the forever.
Jan 15 · 73
Bad for me
Mykenzie Jan 15
You were sweet
Something changed. You changed.

Now you're cold
I don't know
what to do now.
Because you're not
who I thought you were.
Jan 14 · 54
Mykenzie Jan 14
I saw a poem
a few moments ago

asking people to pray for her death.

I have come to say, that I will not.

I will pray that she finds someone
who loves her, adn cares for her, and
prays that she gets better, as will I.

To that poet: I hope you are better, as it has been a while.

We all love you here at HP.
We are here for you to talk to, as we all have our own struggles.
The poem was on the featured page and had a filter of some sort over it where it was almost unreadable. Lucky for me, someone had deciphered it in the comments
Jan 10 · 72
Mykenzie Jan 10

The clock tells me it's past midnight
when I first realize the feeling
of unspoken sentences itching beneath my skin,
prickling up my arms like goosebumps;
it's just past midnight when
the dams burst behind my eyes, unexpectedly;
it's just past midnight when I begin to think of
all the sunrises I've slept through
all the highways my tires may never travel,
just past midnight when I realize
our concept of "love" is caused by chemicals
in our brains,
that my existence might never have happened,
except it did.

I begin to smile
at half past midnight -
I have come into this world
riding the high of my forefathers' hopes and dreams,
I have bled for this life;
I am the thunder that splits your eardrums
right before the rain -
I am the flash right before you realize
We are all birthed in the light of impermanence,
and my life is just a flicker in the dark
next to yours,
And we are beautiful.
Jan 8 · 57
What should have been
Mykenzie Jan 8
The love that should've been,
was actually the opposite.

Never destined to work out,
never destined to last.
Jan 2 · 279
Mykenzie Jan 2
Its just not to be.
Like you and me...

And that hurt more than words could ever describe
Dec 2018 · 47
Mykenzie Dec 2018
Do you know why she picked you?
It's because you make her smile on days she is convinced she will never smile again, it's because when she wants to hate the world, she loves you--   it's because when she's lost, the first she always looks for is you.
Did you ever realise that?
When she fights for you, why do you think she does it? Is it because of your eyes or the way you walk?
It's because she sees something in you that's worth fighting for.
When she constantly asks how she can change your sour mood, do you think it's because you're pretty?
•Not at all•
She does it so you know-- understand-- realise-- that no matter what state you're in, she'll be there to hold your hand whether you laugh, cry or feel helpless.
If she says she loves you, do you think it's to make you laugh?
It's because she will only say this to you when she has no doubt that it will not hurt so much that it will not be real.
Dec 2018 · 86
Mykenzie Dec 2018
First are the most important,
because they are the most memorable.
Nov 2018 · 138
**My favorite color**
Mykenzie Nov 2018
I would tell you my favorite color
but it's not like it would matter
My favorite shade of green won't take away your pain
My preferred blue isn't going to change the past

The red that spills from your wrists is the only color you can see
or think about.
The way it feels as it empties you.

I would tell you my favorite color,
but I know it's not important.
You don't care if I dream about your dark eyes
or your ebony hair
or the soft pink of your lips.
Because you're too caught up in your own head
to think about what you're doing to me.
Nov 2018 · 38
Mykenzie Nov 2018
i like to think about
the time before
my life was familiar to me.
remember when the tiles of this
hallway had never
seen my footsteps?
remember when the buttons of this
elevator had never
felt my fingertips?
remember when the music that
filled this hall had never
been made by me?
my memory of the flags in the windows
and the trees breaking up
the pavement in the parking lot
and the glass doors made of
piano keys
it never meant anything then.
i only thought i understood
what i was seeing
when i thought i’d never
see it again.
the painting in front of me
has changed me as much
as i changed it.
just think
if i saw the same things a year ago
as what i’m seeing today
and nothing seems the same
how different will everything be
Nov 2018 · 187
Man on the Moon
Mykenzie Nov 2018
Neil Armstrong
Niel A.

Did we send him to the moon, or back to the moon?
Mykenzie Nov 2018
Insert 'Only' at any place in the sentence:
"She told him that she loved him"
Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought though.
If 'womb' is pronounced 'woom' and 'tomb' is pronounced 'toom', shouldn't 'bomb' be pronoused 'boom'?
Australia has 3 'A's.. each pronounced differently.
In every other language (Other than English), pineapples are called ananas
The following sentence has 7 different meaning based on the stressed word:
"I never said she stole my money"
Cough, Rough, Though, Through. Why don't these words rhyme, but for some god forsaken reason, Pony and Bologna do?!
Word: Queue
Pronunciation: Kyoo
Write down 5 letter. Only pronouce the first.
Laid is pronounced like paid, but not said. Said is pronounced like bread, but not bead. Bead is pronounced like lead, but not lead.
Nov 2018 · 67
I wish...
Mykenzie Nov 2018
I wish I could see myself through your eyes
and convince myself I'm beautiful
He always calls me beautiful and gets mad when I say that I don't think I am.
I wish I could see what he sees.
Nov 2018 · 50
Mykenzie Nov 2018
what if i died in my sleep?
what if i died weeks from now? months?
have i seen all i was ever going to see?
do i know all i was ever going to know?
have i dreamt all i was ever going to dream?
have i lived all i was ever going to live?

maybe i was never fated to eat breakfast tomorrow morning
maybe i was never fated to read the questions on my test tomorrow
maybe i was never fated to hear the cheers of my classmates at our graduation
maybe i was never fated to walk the halls of a college campus
maybe i was never fated to meet the one person I could spend my life with
maybe i was never fated to hold my child in my arms
maybe i was never fated to see the top of mount everest
maybe i was never fated to witness the death of stars
maybe i was never fated to dive the depths of the ocean
maybe i was never fated to watch the sun rise a thousand times

but maybe i was
Nov 2018 · 597
Mykenzie Nov 2018
I fell in love with you
like the sun sets or rises,
like someone falls asleep.
then all at once.

And before I realized it,
you were my world,
while I was nothing but a speck to you.
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